opening day

Monday, March 31, 2008

hooray for opening day! i so wish i was there to cheer on my tribe, but instead i'll be writing a proposal and prepping for a pitch presentation. obviously equally as fun. duh.

hopefully the tribe will beat those stupid white soxs. go tribe!!! the new progressive field better make us proud!

also on a fun personal note, i just got the new car phone call!!! you are now reading the blog of a proud titanium grey 2008 volvo s40 owner with all the bells and whistles, even leather. niiiiiiiiiiiiiice ride if i do say so myself. i'll post fun pictures when i pick up the car on saturday.

so didn't you guys know that i was a yuppie mom?!?! SIKE! seriously though is my coolness going to go up or down due to my volvo purchase? i'm such my mother's daughter.

yay weekend

Sunday, March 30, 2008

this weekend was jam packed full o' fun and i think that if i even attempt to type it all out it will be stupidly boring so instead here's the weekend in pictures and short snip its.

friday night it was nameless' 27th birthday party and it was so much fun, but one picture in particular pretty sums it all up...

yeah, nameless really likes beer

this one is for aly, who says she checks my blog before perez! gasp!

it wouldn't be a normal night out without a weird picture of donkers with uncle pete

i made it an early night (kind of) because i had to get up to drive to canton to get this annoying car situation taken care of. let's just say that i still don't have a new car. le sigh. hopefully that will be taken care of on monday. y'all will be the first to know.

after the car dealership i had my soon to be cousins bridal shower to attend and although i'm not going to get into it on this blog, let's just say it was an interesting shower. i got quite the lesson on how to write down all of the bride's opened gifts. hands down the best part though besides hanging out with all of my awesome family, was playing with my little cousin zoe. talk about a cutie! seriously she is beautiful, obviously i'm biased.

saturday night i didn't do anything major (much to j-birdie and mishler's dismay), i was exhausted from the work week and going out on friday so i my mom and i ordered pizza from donato's and ordered a movie. we watched "3:10 to Yuma" and i absolutely loved it. christian bale and russell crowe were wonderful in the movie, and i like russell crowe more and more in every movie i see him in. "gladiator" will always be my favorite though.

today after the picture debacle we met the family at glenmoor for brunch to laugh about said picture debacle. then me, my mom, jenna and tia jo went to see "21" which ended up being the number one movie this weekend. it was good, a bit slow through the middle but entertaining. basically what got me through it was jim sturgess. he's pretty dreamy - i would for sure let him sing beatles songs and make out with me.

good times, good weekend.

happy monday kids.

prune of the week 3.24.08

i honestly don't think i even need to explain this prune of the week.

i'm tired of being cold and pale.

it's going to be april on tuesday and i'm totally over wearing my coat, scarf, tights and socks. it sucks! i have already sworn off boots, and i will not put them back on until next fall. it ain't happening.

again - i'm just tired of being cold. this winter has been way too hard and one day i may just have to change the name of this blog to san francisco's a plum. hey, it could happen.


it's been an ongoing joke for a very long time that my younger sister is by far the favorite in my mother's eye. now by no means am i saying that my mother does not love me, that would be a stupid statement, but there is some major favoritism given to my sister.

it's a laughable joke, but with a lot of truth to it.

so i'm in canton right now and upon waking up in my old bedroom this morning i noticed that one of the pictures hanging on my wall was missing. confused i blew it off and started walking towards the bathroom which has a straight view of my sisters room. and right in plain sight guess what is hanging on my sisters wall????


my mother actually took the picture off of my wall and hung it on my sisters wall. to make my sisters room look better. no joke.

i walk into my mom's room and say, "reason #874 why you prefer sissy over me...", she got so mad at me for even thinking that. personally though, i think i hit a nerve. haha. she rationalized to me (herself) why she did it and all i heard was blah blah blah.

i let her know that i wasn't really that upset but actually found it quite hilarious and was going to blog about it - that got her even more mad. i'm sure she will leave quite the rebuttal comment on this post.

although i may be missing a picture from my now barren wall i'll thankfully be able to visit it if i walk by my sissy's room.

mmm, bacon!

Friday, March 28, 2008

last night i went to Dave's in Ohio City to buy all the good for nameless' party tonight. i don't know what it is about going to the grocery store that makes me feel normal. people bitch and bitch about going to the grocery store but it seriously relaxes me. i'm weird i think.

so i carried the 8,000 bags in the pouring down rain from my parking lot to my apartment building. and i pretty much looked like a drowned rat but because i had all the bags lined up on my arms i couldn't move my hair away from hanging all wet in my face. and of course in the elevator i ran into my crush in the building. i don't know him and he doesn't know me, but we are ALWAYS in the elevator together and he is beautiful.

but anyways...

i get home throw some laundry in and make some artichoke dip. simplest recipe ever - 2 cans of artichoke hearts chopped, one 8oz container of parmesan cheese and 2 cups of mayo. mixed altogether and baked for about 25 minutes till golden brown on top (right before you serve it). it is just hot deliciousness.

the next task was making my now famous date appetizer. i made this interesting concoction for a dinner party i had in the fall and it got RAVE reviews. i then made the dates for christmas eve, and they were the hit of the night. everyone was shocked at the flavor combination and how good they actually are. plus my friends call me all the time for the "recipe" but there really isn't anything to it. georgia peach requested the dates for the party tonight so obviously i'm going to make them.

thankfully she helped me.

all to you do to create these tasty appetizers is take a pitted date and cut one side longways. take a cubed piece of asiago cheese and stuff it into the date. take a third of a slice of thick cut bacon and wrap it around the date and cheese. secure the bacon with a tooth pick. these can be prepped over night, which is what we did. to cook them you broil the little devils in the oven on one side for 5 minutes then take them out of the oven flip them over and broil them some more. the crispier the bacon the better in my opinion. ta-dah! served hot they are the most delicious appetizer ever. trust me!

we also made some simple pigs in a blanket. can you sense the theme here? SIMPLE. nothing too crazy and we knew all the boys would just love the meat. ha. hot meat.

i'm so looking forward to the weekend. going out tonight, going to sign the papers on my new car saturday morning, a bridal shower saturday as well and fun time with my mommy on sunday. i'm also sensing a nordstrom's trip.

yay weekends!

busy busy busy

Thursday, March 27, 2008

my blogging has been slacking this week! to say that i'm busy with work would be an understatement. i have two huge pitches within one week and basically i'm stressed and nervous as all hell.

after this week is over it should be back to blogging as usual for me.

i also haven't had a drink since st patrick's day (except for a glass of wine on saturday), and let me tell you, friday can not come soon enough! it is nameless' birthday party, the big 27! and i have a lot of cooking to do tonight to help the georgia peach get ready for the shindig.

while i'm away, i have a new blog that i want you all to check out. it's called a daily trinity of thanks but her url is positively cleveland which is right up this girls alley. i really like the concept. it's based in cleveland and she reads my blog so obviously that makes her awesome.

have a good day my friends xoxo

plum head of the week 3.25.08

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

oh my MOB. she's special, not borderline - special. haha.

i wouldn't have half of my best friends that i have now if it wasn't for MOB. i probably wouldn't even be living in cleveland if it wasn't for MOB. seriously, you all should thank her.

i met MOB the summer in between our sophomore and junior year of college. she was living in the ghetto (at UD) that summer with two of my friends mary jo and beth. i had come to dayton for the long weekend because mary jo and i were going to see two DMB concerts in a row in columbus so obviously i was going to be staying in dayton with the girls. that weekend was when i met my friend MOB and we became instant best friends.

it has always been a very easy friendship - no weird getting to know you phase. i knew from early on this girl was going to be a part of my life for a very long time. MOB apparently did too, moving into 520 junior year MOB knocks on my front door literally as stepho and i are unpacking boxes and is like, "HI! is it time to hangout yet?" it was hilarious.

MOB and i are a lot a like, and having someone in your life that has gone through so many of the same experiences and emotions as you is someone that you automatically have a forever ease with. of course we also can be REALLY bad influences on each other, let's just say we have gotten into a lot of trouble together.

i'll just go ahead and leave it to 5:30am hills - way too many nights in a row, mackinac island and the neck brace. oh lord, don't even get me started on that damn neck brace it should be a post in itself.

from the summer of 2000 MOB has always been there for me and i don't know what i'd do without her. thank you for everything. love you MOB! xoxo

Where are you typing from?
, OH

I work for a non-profit so I am paying them to work - coordinator.

Relationship Status:
Tied down

How do you know me?
It all started the summer of 2000 in Dayton, OH she came down to see one of her favorite bands we met and I looked at her and said to myself I think she is going to be one of my new best friends. We have getting in trouble ever since.

If you had to sell Cleveland to someone, what would you say?
In my opinion it sells itself. Ha Ha.

What’s your favorite part about Cleveland?
Hands down St. Patrick’s Day. The best day of the year.

If you had a last meal on earth what would it be?
I would have what we have on Christmas Eve. Beef Tenderloin and Lobster tails and vegetable stir-fry. SO GOOD I WANT IT NOW.

What’s your signature wedding drink?
I have three or four drinks. If we start drinking early like before the reception it starts with 007's (Stoli Orange, Sprite with splash of OJ), when we get the reception it could go three different ways Captain and Ginger, Vodka Tonic or White Wine.

Favorite Book?
Since I am not a book reader, more of a movie watcher and a magazine reader. I would have to say that the magazine would be People I love it. Movie would be Good Will Hunting I could watch that on repeat. Sorry to be one of your uneducated friends.

Would you rather be the celebrity or in the entourage?

Dream vacation destination?
Sailing around the Greek Isles

Favorite restaurant? (Preferably in Cleveland)
Parallax there scallops YUMMY

What’s your favorite blog (besides cleveland’s a plum)?
I am new to this blog thing so the Plum is it.

Least favorite day of the week?
Monday – I hate Mondays so much.

What’s the oddest thing you have ever publicly witnessed?
The “high speed” chase in the warehouse district 5 years ago but when I say high speed this Volvo pick up truck was probably going 25mph and just was circling the block with 5 cop cars just slowly following him for like 5 minutes. It was the oddest and funniest thing ever.

What’s the next big thing you are looking forward to?
Driving in your new Volvo

What is a juicy bit of information that you think your fellow plum heads should know about me?
Your secrets are safe with me and Spumante.

yay sissy!

today is my sissy's 25th birthday. love you seeeestor! and i also love this dance recital photo to the right.

your present is in the mail. no, i didn't overnight it.

it's also my yiayia's (grandmother) birthday too. yay yiayia!

i love birthdays, i also really like cheese. mmm cheese.


Monday, March 24, 2008

so i'm sitting here watching "paradise hotel 2" because james is a friend of mine from college. and he just gave bird and i our new favorite phrase during the elemination ceremony.


TP will no longer stand for toilet paper in our world, from now on TP will be the "total package"

possible scenario-
bird: that guy is like totally hot
me: for sure, i really like his jeans
bird: check out his shades
me: ooooo and he's getting into a brand new range rover
bird: and he has scrubs in his backseat and no wedding ring
me: yes! and he just helped that old lady walk across the street
bird: dreamy
me: he's such a TP

it's a music kind of monday

hope everyone had a great weekend. as you can tell from my last post. mine was beyond blah. but i'm up and ready for the week ahead because it is going to be a busy one. lots of stuff going on with work, it's a good thing

because of my growing to do list today is going to be a music day for me. one where i zone out the rest of the office with my headphones and listen to my most updated playlist.

i'm gonna go ahead and share with you what i'm listening too. Now this list is REALLY RANDOM and really long playlist. as you'll be able to tell i'm into a little bit of everything. and i also don't listen to the songs in order for the most part because there isn't a real flow to the playlist. i normally just bounce around. i have serious ADD when it comes to listening to a full song all the way through.

so enjoy the tunes, because it is a music kind of monday.

so friends - what's your favorite song on my playlist and why?

boring sunday

Sunday, March 23, 2008

while all of my friends are off celebrating american easter (greek orthodox easter is end of april), with their family i have been having a lazy sunday at home. although i have gotten 9 text messages from friends wishing me happy easter. come on kids, you know me and my greekness - but continue to celebrate your fake easter. kidding.

quite frankly i'm bored today.

so far i have watched "we are marshall", "the last mimzy", too many episodes of "bad girls club" and i am currently watching "roxanne".

i have started to clean my room though obviously it isn't done. i have also started on a power point presentation that i need to put together for work by tomorrow, not done either.

i have also successfully eaten all of birds ice cream. ice cream is never safe when i'm around. yeah, i'm going to have to go an replace that tomorrow.

last night the beav and i went and saw "10,000 b.c". it was seriously laughable. i have no idea why we even paid money to see it, oh wait, i know why. it's because beav has seen EVERY movie already.

i seriously don't think i have ever been this bored/restless before. this staying in all weekend and being good thing is for the birds. never again. i'm going to go take this energy to the gym in my building.

is it friday yet? sigh.

prune of the week 3.17.08

Saturday, March 22, 2008

i'll give ya all one guess what my prune of the week is.

figure it out??


considering i'm still in a sling and i should be going to this party tonight instead of going to see a movie with the beav i'm a bit bitter. (although beav i'm really pumped to hang i swear xoxo)

and i'm gonna go ahead and blame my mood on network parking for never salting their parking lot ever. i have been parking and a paying customer in the same lot downtown for over two years and the only path that gets salted is from the ticket booth to the port-o-potty that the booth attendants work in.

not cool. i tried to call the management office to state my case and i haven't had a single phone call returned. and that's not event counting all the phone calls that i have made over the past two years to try to get this shit to stop as well.

i don't know what it is going to take to get their attention, maybe someone from their offices will read this blog and contact me to say they are sorry, or perhaps give me a few free months of parking?!?!?! mmmk? that would make me much happier for sure.
but until i get a return phone call the hacks at network parking they are the prune of the week. boo to you.

yay friday

Friday, March 21, 2008

i have never been so excited for it to be friday. normally my work day flies by and then suddenly it's time to go home. but not today due to my hot sling and the fall from yesterday.

i'm so sore and uncomfortable today but missing two days of work in a row was not a luxury i could have afforded. so i got a ride to work (thanks berman) and a ride home (thanks wool man) and it is heaven t
o be laying down. when you have a bruise the size of your laptop on your ass and on your shoulder, sitting in a desk all day is hell.

absolute hell.

but speaking of hea
ven, happy easter to you! being greek orthodox my easter isn't until april 27th so i have some time. but basically that just means i get all the easter candy half off. suckas!

so don't be expecting any crazy drinking stories from me this weekend. i'm going to get some well deserved rest. well maybe we'll see how i feel tomorrow night. ha.

here are some funny pics from an email forward that mrs. verdova sent me that i really like and find hilarious for whatever reason. make sure you read the captions.

have a great weekend all!

this is horrible, yet i giggled. lord forgive me.

gross, i hate dudes like this.

creepy and sad at the same time.

this one is hands down my favorite. i love ninjas.

arm slings are the new black

Thursday, March 20, 2008

yes, you read that title right. didn't you hear that slings are the hottest new accessory?

well they are now since i have a hot little black sling currently holding up my right shoulder.

i had a little accident this morning on the ice in my parking lot while cleaning off my car. ironically on the first day of spring, boo. by now you guys are familiar with my parking lot and the crap problems i have there (here and here). but today officially tops the cake.

walking to my car this morning the side walks were a sheet of ice. specifically my parking lot. i almost bit it three times before the "big fall". i was walking around the back of my car on the home stretch of getting in to drive away, when suddenly both of my feet flew out from under me.

i'm not a klutz, i swear.

i feel...


so hard that i completely dislocated my right shoulder.

just imagine how far my feet flew out from under me for me to hit my shoulder instead of my ass. so nuts.

i felt it pop, and though i'm not a doctor, i'm also not an idiot and i just knew it was dislocated. i instantly start sobbing, it was the most excruciating pain that i have ever felt. seriously my arm was being held up by muscles, ligaments and tendons and hanging on the side of my body unable to be moved. my shoulders were lopsided, just like you see in the movies. although i wasn't about to push my arm back in its socket like mel gibson in the lethal weapon movies.

my car was running and i couldn't get to my cellphone that was in my back right jeans pocket. i stopped a nice man in the parking lot and he was lucky enough to fish around in my pockets for my cellphone. he wanted to call 911 for me but my roommate was just around the corner and since she is on a "vacation" she was able to take me to the emergency room.

bird fell twice trying to get to me. seriously thats how bad this parking lot was. there was no salt, no nothing. and there was no excuse for that, people were falling everywhere. it would have been comical if i wasn't in so much pain. i was balling my eyes out, mother f'ing this and mother f'ing that. totally classy.

we made it to the ER and it was awesome because they took me in right away. the staff and doctors at lutheran hospital on west 25th were so awesome to me. the only thing that sucked was that a girl couldn't even get an advil until the doctors checked out my x rays so that meant the longest hour an a half ever full of tears and flat out pain.

when the doctor told me what i already diagnosed myself with the drugs came. thank god. i had visions of doctors pushing and pulling my shoulder till it clicked back in place but it was a total different situation.

they gave me a crap load of muscle relaxers and pain meds so basically i was like a wet noodle. i had to lay on my stomach with my right arm laying off the bed and i had to grip a bag of weights with my hand and basically wait till my arm popped back in socket.

25 minutes later it did just that. nailed it.

i had to wait a bit in recovery till my medicine started to wear off. i kept trying to talk to bird who was so awesome to stay in the room the whole time with me but i was pretty out of it. my mom even drove up from canton to see me. i told her she didn't have to but she didn't listen to me at all. oh well, it ended up be nice that she was there. thanks mommy.

so that was my awesome thursday hope yours was better. i'll be rocking out the sling for a few days but thank god i didn't hurt myself worse.

and by the way, who really dislocates their shoulder other than 80 year old grandparents and football players?


plum head of the week 3.19.08

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

when i read my mom's answers to the plum head questions i started to cry. not sure why, i just did.

my father passed away when i was nine leaving my mother to raise my sissy and i by herself. thankfully we have a very large greek family with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins so she had a great support system but that doesn't mean it was easy.

she did the best she could, spoiled us rotten, gave us great educations and lead by example. the sacrifices this women made for my sister and i, always putting us first, i will never forget. even though at times i can still be such a brat about things, i hope she knows how much i respect her.

we fought A LOT when i was growing up. i was rebelling, didn't care what she said, basically i was naive. i didn't realize how smart and savvy my mommy really is. i get it now, finally after 27 years. as much as she wants me to be happy i just want the same for her.

so my friends all know my mom as stepho. a name that was coined while i was in high school actually visiting cleveland. it stuck and now not only do all of my friends call her stepho, her friends are starting to do the same. hilarious.

also my mom is a freaking nazi for mistakes on my blog. calls me CONSTANTLY like you have a misspelling here, i wish you wouldn't say "booze", i wish you wouldn't curse, blah blah blah. it's like she checks my blog every second of everyday. i think she's obsessed. it's pretty comical. the thing is though, the second she tells me there is a mistake i instantly change it. she's my voice of reason.

mommy, i love you. thank you so much for being there for me, i wouldn't be who i am today without you. now let's go get my new car : )

Where are you typing from?

, Ohio

“Dry Cleaning Queen” of Stark County, Ohio. Trying to redirect that, never thought it would be my career.

Relationship Status:
I have gone the full circle, back to single, for quite awhile now.

How do you know me?
I gave birth to you, so that makes me your Mother. Alexa was in a real hurry to get out too, what a surprise. Her dad and I went to the hospital at midnight and she was born at 1:40 A.M.

If you had to sell Cleveland to someone, what would you say?
Great theater district, museums, the lake, lots of sports, etc. Sissy was right, just ask Alexa, she is a huge fan.

What’s your favorite part about Cleveland?
Alexa, “my baby” of course…and well there is the shopping, the restaurants...

If you had a last meal on earth what would it be?
Sooo easy. Grilled corn on the cob with butter, cheese, chili powder and lime. My mouth is watering, yum. Barbecue baby back ribs, Taggart’s chocolate pecan ice cream (Canton’s finest) and maybe some watermelon. Let’s throw in a Mojito too. It sounds like I am not Caucasian, well Greece is close to Africa, ha.

What’s your signature wedding drink?
Vodka, soda and lots of lemon.

Favorite Book?
Well, I am a bigger magazine reader. I enjoy nonfiction more, like all the Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen (he is from Cleveland) “You” books. What happened to a favorite movie question? But I would have way too many of those.

Would you rather be the celebrity or in the entourage?
I’m not sure, I could do either. It depends on what kind and how big of a celebrity, to make a final decision.

Dream vacation destination?
I have two. I want to go out west to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, etc. with my daughters (on going family thing I ALWAYS wanted to do). Second, charter a private yacht with skipper and staff. Cruise all over the Mediterranean Sea, hitting all the different islands and countries. Stopping and staying, where and when we want, for at least a few months. Alexa and Sissy are invited to come too.

Favorite restaurant? (preferably in Cleveland)
Don’t have one. I have many I like a lot, depending on what food and atmosphere I am in the mood for.

What’s your favorite blog (besides cleveland’s a plum)?
I don’t read any other, on a regular bases. So only this one, of course!

Least favorite day of the week?
Tuesday is it.

What’s the oddest thing you have ever publicly witnessed?
I don’t know how odd… kids actually streaking across campus in the seventies. It was a big thing then. Plus the panty raids, to name just a couple of things from back then.

What’s the next big thing you are looking forward to?
Not much going on, just summer, warm weather, sun. And of course the next time I get to squeeze Sissy’s face.

What is a juicy bit of information that you think your fellow plum heads should know about me?
As many of you know, Alexa and I fought ALL the time. Being her mother and raising her alone, she was ALWAYS a challenge and there was NEVER a dull moment. As I am sure many of you know and can tell from this very entertaining blog. Well, since she has moved to Cleveland we FINALLY get along much better, thank God!! I don’t know how much more stress I could endure. It just took her a bit longer to get it together, but I always had faith it would happen. She is great and I am proud of her. Now this doesn’t mean she still isn’t a pain sometimes. And I did have a few other juicy bits of info, but my better judgment told me to refrain from going public. Lucky for her I love her so much.

she's irish

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

since a commenter (clevelandsngl/prof/greek) stated his/her concern for my drinking in a comment on this post i'm a bit annoyed. this person thinks that all i do is drink and that i should get a hobby.

i have one, it's called this blog.

this blog is about my social life and things that i spend my time doing. i'm single, i don't have any children, i work my butt off monday through friday at work and if i want to go out on the weekend and have a cocktail or two
responsibly that is my choice. i don't have to answer to anyone but myself.

and by the way who wants to read about all of my mundane boring activities. dear blog, today i folded my laundry, i ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, i watched tv, then i scratched my butt.


on to fun things.

yesterday was st patrick's day!!!!!! and thanks to my very generous bosses we had the day off. my company hosted a big party and myself, bird, white and k-fried partook in the festivities before we checked out the parade. we met up with all of our friends throughout the day although the cast of characters is way too long to list. i will say though that hanging out with MOB made my st patrick's day : )

i'm not going to write about everything we did because man o man did we do alot. instead i'll just post some pictures and just say that i had a lot of fun.

but first. check out my roommate bird on you tube. of course i'm filming and making up quite the song for her to dance to. i told you guys i was loud. i'll just go ahead and let you watch the video.

hilarious right? ha.

k-fried really liked the razor scooter

the parade!

he wouldn't let me play the bagpipes


seriously donkers?

yesterday was SO much fun! the bars were packed but nothing like last year when it was so obnoxious that you couldn't move. good times had by all and i can't wait till next year.

tag me

my blogger friend over at chef's widow tagged me! i've never been tagged before, how fun is that?!?!

so the tag called for me to write my own six word memoir. yeah that's easy, not.

you can't get rid of me

yeah i'm pretty much like a stick booger, in the best way possible. i've been told i'm intoxicating. i'm also humble. ha

i'm supposed to tag other bloggers but i'm going to pass on that part. but feel free to write your own six word memoir in a comment!

in a nutshell

Sunday, March 16, 2008

my weekend in a nutshell...

-friday night stayed in with bird, did laundry and watched the nanny diaries - yeah we are that cool.

-saturday drove to canton to get my hair cut and colored. i got 4 inches chopped off and i'm not sure yet how i like it

-went car shopping at kempthorn motors because i have to turn in my jetta in a few weeks

-test drove the passat, but i thought it was just way too big for me. it's like a grown ups car. yeah i know, i'm a grown up but still.

-decided 95% on the volvo s40, but my mom is "making me think about it". so who knows what i'll end up with.

-got really confused when the car dude brought me "the red one" that i asked to test drive then realized that it had three pedals. yeah, i don't know how to drive stick. my mom and the salesman got quite a kick out me saying, "um there's an extra pedal in this car"

-had my favorite bbq beef brisket sandwich at hog heaven for lunch with my mommy

-went to bar cento for dinner with poo poo and beaver where i had the delicious sunnyside pizza and way too much wine. by the way, they play the best music at bar cento, plus it was packed - in the best way possible (thanks genna for the "vip" table)

-got to meet chef's widow in person. and of course it wasn't until after all the pinot noir that i had the guts to out myself as cleveland's a plum

-had a dance party with poo poo and beaver in front of great lakes brewery thanks to the street musician singing "hey, good looking. whatcha got cookin'?". we put on quite the show for the people staring at us from inside the bar.

-went to meet muffin and court at the new champagne bar in kevin's martini bar in pickwick and frolic on e 4th. pickwick is like a freakin' compound there are so many bars in there

-attempted to go to ultra but w 6th was out of control. i seriously have no patience anymore for 21 year old sluts whoring themselves out in barely any clothes when it is 20 degrees out. go back to the suburbs.

-ended up at maproom where white was behind the bar feeding us drinks and shots. this place was also beyond packed. st patricks day was apparently being celebrated early for a lot of people

-lounged around all day today and LOVED every minute of it. this greek girl needs to rest up because tomorrow i'm irish.

prune of the week 3.10.08

Friday, March 14, 2008

oh how i love to workout. well i used to love to workout a lot more when i didn't have a full time job and my only job was to work out. man was i hot.

anyways i digress.

so i have been working on getting back in shape these past few months. joined a new gym, check. hired a personal trainer, check.

everything has been going very well with working out (41 days till vegas!), but what i haven't gotten used to is working out with boys. see, my favorite gym was ladies super fitness but i unfortunately there isn't one conveniently located near work or home - so i joined the downtown ymca.

now i'm not really complaining about my new gym because i do like it. it is just taking a lot of getting use to. sweaty old business men kinda scare me. and so does their b.o. and the fact that they don't wipe the machines off after they are finished using them.

i mean who wants to sit in a puddle of sweat when they sit on a bike or a weight machine? gross. ew. dirty.

i think that wiping off the machines is just a matter of manners, it's a simple courtesy that your fellow gym users should ALL practice. just do it.

if by chance any of you prunes out there happen to workout at the downtown ymca just know i'm watching your sweaty ass.


i was just in a meeting at work with a couple of my coworkers when the client said a very interesting comment.

to make a long story shorter we were explaining how a website flash banner would animate when the user goes to said website. the movement, the intro, etc.

the client says, "well that's great and all but now that i've already blown my load, what's next?"


i instantly got a smirk on my face which he sees and say sorry.

i then laugh and i think i winked at him. i'm so weird!

100th post - yay me!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

who would have thought that I would still be doing this blog 100 posts later? well i'm still here, and i love blogging more and more with every post - which i guess i am doing more often then i think because it took me less than 3 months to get to 100.

so congrats to me! yay!

while this blog is about me, my friends, my family
and things i like. i think you all need to get to know me a bit better.

while reading one of my favorite blogs written by the lovely jenn i got the opportunity to read her version of this fun survey. i decided to do it myself and here's what i came up with.

here are the rules:

1. go to

2. type in your answ
er to the question in the “search” box
3. use only the first page

4. copy the html and paste for the answer

enjoy! by the way, these are my feeling right now, th
ey could change in like an hour.

what is your relationship status?

who is your celebrity crush?

who is your favorite band?
red hot chili peppers

what is your favorite movie?
wet hot american summer

what kind of pet do you have?
ew no

where do you live? (do i get extra points if you can actually see my apartment window from the picture below?)

where do you work?
marketing interview

what do you look like?

what do you drive?

favorite tv show?

describe yourself
good times

what's your name? (there was absolutely nothing for "alexa" on photobucket)

what's your favorite candy?
Take 5


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a couple of my co-workers were giving me shit for buying the expensive shoes that i posted for everyone to see earlier today.

ziggy and woolman brought up that i was just like the "girl" on the shoes video on you tube. i was really confused because i didn't know what they were talking about.

the link was sent to me and apparently i am one of the few people that haven't seen this video because it has over 13 million views on you tube. whoa.

anyways, i can't stop saying - "shoes shoes shoes", "these shoes suck" and "shut up deck". just watch the video for yourself, you'll get what i mean.

also, i am way too into finding out "where are they now - real world castmates". the one dude got busted for prostitution and for stealing a car! hilarious! i can rationalize this obsession by admitting that i do still have real world season one on vhs at my mom's house. haha. your mom.

lesson learned

last night wonger, bird and i tried to go see a film at the cleveland international film festival.

emphasis on tried.

we went to sunset lounge for some sushi before the 7:15 showing and thought we had plenty of time before the movie started. we drove to tower city, valeted wongers car, got some popcorn and walked into the theater.

yeah, there weren't any seats. wait, i just lied there. there were 3 seats, all separate and in the first two rows. i personally can't sit that close or i'll puke on the floor. not cool.

wonger and bird decided to stand in the back for a bit. while i decided to walk to tower city's food court and read the crappy paper that is the free times while i waited for them to get tired of standing.

they lasted about a half an hour.

note to self: when going to see a film festival showing, give yourself an adequate amount of time to actually get yourself a seat. boo.

in unrelated film news- who wants to go to the indians game with me on june 28th? i like free money, don't you?

flashing lights

you know how i gave kanye west my prune of the week awhile back?

well he has redeemed himself.

his show in vegas friday april 25th is back on!

and guess who just got their tickets in the mail?!?! my awesome group of girlfriends.

i also got my new shoes to wear to the concert in the mail yesterday. now i just need to find a fun dress to match them.

it shall be a crazy night, and i apologize in advance for the drunk texts that will probs be sent out that night.

plum head of the week 3.11.08

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the beav is the funniest person i know. seriously.

let's just discuss how she got the nickname beaver. one day on a mass email she announced that she was going to give herself a nickname and from then on she would like to be known as beaver or the beav.

who the hell does that?!?!? hilarious.

from then on our dear friend became the beav.

beav is someone that's truly a loyal and genuine friend who will be there till the end. kind of like a golden retriever. kidding.

if i ever need to vent, laugh, gossip or even someone to have a double movie sunday with she is there. plus we both like the act like complete asses.

beav you are beyond awesome and i am so thankful to have you in my life. xoxo

Where are you typing from?
Westlake, OH. I am typing away in a three walled cube!!

Well I just switched jobs (I got laid off, NCB those bastards), but I am a Vendor Manager now and it is great!!

Relationship Status:
Seriously Dating Bob, my battery operated boyfriend. We are taking it to the next plateau.

How do you know me?
From college!! I saw another girl (Alexa) acting like a complete ass at a party and I decided I better tell her she is stealing my thunder. And we have been best friends ever since.

If you had to sell Cleveland to someone, what would you say?
Santa comes here first!!

What’s your favorite part about Cleveland?
The summers are the best. Clifton beach is great a place to catch some great waves!!

If you had a last meal on earth what would it be?
Excellent question!! I think I would start off with some Lipton noodle soup, then for the main course a Rib eye steak that still has a heart beat, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies, and for desert, some sort of cheese cake, and then I would obviously die of a heart attack!!

What’s your signature wedding drink?
Red wine!! My blue teeth pictures are hawtt!!!

Favorite Book?
My Sisters Keeper, I stayed up until 4:30 in the morning to finish crying my eyes out, and then emailed Oprah about it!! I still have not heard back from her!!

Would you rather be the celebrity or in the entourage?
I guess the entourage!! Get all the benefits but still can make an arse of yourself with no one caring.

Dream vacation destination?
Anywhere with a beach and clear ocean!!

Favorite restaurant? (preferably in Cleveland)
Cabin Club is great!!

What’s your favorite blog (besides cleveland’s a plum)?
Alls fair in love in blog – Great relationship advice

Least favorite day of the week?
Tuesday, you think it is going to better than Monday, but it is not. It should be called Suckday!!

What’s the oddest thing you have ever publicly witnessed?
When I set my stove on fire in college and not 1 but 3 huge fire trucks came to put it out!! I was so embarrassed!!

What’s the next big thing you are looking forward to?
Catching some natural vitamin D. Summer in general, laying out and sunday funday at the beach.

What is a juicy bit of information that you think your fellow plum heads should know about me?
Alexa likes to be spit on for good luck!! To sou!! (SP) never been a good speller!!

i'm the gladiator's #1 fan

Monday, March 10, 2008

yesterday afternoon the cleveland gladiators won their second home game and i became their #1 fan. watching arena football is like watching football on high def. it is so in your face. even if you have great seats for a browns game you still are pretty far away. but not with the AFL when you have good seats you are basically on the field.

my friends and i were lucky enough to have some of those great seats. myself, wonger, uncle andy, court, matt, jesse and steph (plus a couple new friends courtesy of matt), all got up close and personal with the cleveland gladiators yesterd

there is something about starting your morning off right with some mimosas with breakfast at waterstreet that just heightens football excitement. i went to the first gladiators game last week but all of my friends (except uncle andy) were virgins to the arena football experience. by the end of the first quarter the group was automatic die hards.

there were a couple of funny / random occurrences though. while attempting to catch a flying t-shirt the row in front of my group leaned a bit too far back a spilled all of wonger's nachos and all of courts beer all over them. they smelled like a mexican beer. gross. i was a bit agitated and told the over zealous high school boys that caused the spillage to go buy us more beer and nachos. they didn't find it funny to say the least, oh well. at least matt got the t-shirt. haha.

also, josh cribbs was sitting a couple of rows in front of us. and i don't know if it was all his fault, but for sure it was his entourages fault, that they kept turning down all of these little kids trying to get his autograph. there was the group of 5 little kids sitting in the same row as him and his "manager dude" was like, "no guys, he isn't signing anything". boo josh cribbs! not cool at all!

mean josh cribbs aside, the game was so fun and the gladiators scored over 50 points and that means free big macs! my whole group got like 10 coupons each. big macs for life.

the next gladiators home game isn't until april 11th. i think i am going to go into withdrawl.

blizzard of '08

i'm honestly glad it is monday and the blizzard weekend is over. after three straight days of being snowed in and having nothing to do but booze this old broad is flippin' tired! : )

no more drinking till st. patrick's day.

well maybe.

i had so much fun this whole weekend, from snowball fights on w 9th to falling in a drift of snow up to my waist, there was always something to be laughed at.

one of the funniest things was digging wongers car out of the snow on st clair last night. we had been drinking all day (went to the gladiators game) and we had been putting off digging her out for as long as possible
. basically because no one had a shovel.

uncle andy to the rescue. not only did he bring a
shovel but he also brought beers for us to drink while we were watching him shovel. i never thought i would be standing in the middle of st. clair drinking.




luckily a snow plow drove by us and pushed a huge section of snow away from the front of wongers car. we paid him with a beer. people were also shouting and cheering from the windows from across the street. people were taking pictures, even channel 5 shot some video of it. everyone was very concerned that we weren't going to get the car out.

good thing we had a wonderful success!

even as tired as i am today this weekend was one that i won't ever forget.

prune of the week 3.3.08

Saturday, March 8, 2008

snow is my prune of the week. how the crunk did it go from being 70 degrees on monday to an over 24 hour winter storm warning by friday. that's ohio weather for you.

i had a grand plan for today. i was supposed to be in canton buying a car. well that got squashed when i couldn't get out of clev
eland last night. i ended up staying at my apartment playing guitar hero with the neighbors (we have moved on to the hard level, and it's well - hard).

at seven we (the georgia peach and her husband), decided to go to sushi rock for dinner with another one of their friends that i had yet to meet. he actually ended up being normal and not socially awkward which is always a plus. ha.

walking to sushi rock was hysterical, there was snow everywhere and downtown was just dead. after dinner we went to map room and it wa
s actually kinda packed, but with all downtown residents so it was kinda fun.

waking up this morning looking out my window and upon se
eing my deck i had reason #134 why i am so over winter.

i could barely even open the door!

that my friend is a lot of snow. obviously the snow warning is still in effect. and i have plans for tonight - the monster game and then the gladiators game tomorrow. this snow better not get in my way dammit.

UPDATE:: it got worse...

i love cleveland, it is my true plum.

the blissful

Friday, March 7, 2008

the blissful is my favorite store in canton - and i have only been there once! i was so impressed with the store, the staff and the designs that i joked that this store was too cool for canton.

the blissful recently opened up an online shopping boutique so now everyone can enjoy the wondrousness that is the blissful.

my birthday is july 2nd i really like jewelery and i'll be accepting gifts- like these, these and this. i also want a wall full of sid dickens memory blocks. a whole wall! yeah, that won't be expensive at all. sike.

so browse away, and buy something! it is always best to support local merchants.

parliament ultra lights

i was really good at smoking.

i loved every puff. inhale, exhale. and at the time i really and truely thought i looked cool smoking.

i can still remember my first cigarette. on my first day of high school (it doesn't take much freedom to corrupt this girl), a gal named molly and i walked across the street to mcdonald's and we sat outside under a tree and molly taught me how to smoke. of course i was in my catholic school uniform like that didn't scream underage at all. as i put the marlboro light in my mouth she told me that the best way to learn how to inhale was to say, "oh! my mom's coming", then exhale.

for serious. sorry mom.

from the ripe age of 14 i was a smoker. in the girls locker room, in the baseball dugout, where ever i could. the worst example was when i was playing queen aggravain in the musical "once upon a mattress". whenever i had a break in the show i would blatantly walk outside behind the school, costume and all and take a smoke break. who the heck did i think i was? balls of steel i guess.

this carried on though college. freshman year my floor was the only approved smoking floor in the whole school and of course my room was the center of it all. i think back on it now and am so disgusted. and i smoked menthols! ew.

the thing was, i never had a desire to quit. although when i found out i had vocal nodules i went from smoking parliament menthol lights to parliament ultra lights, that was my big way of cutting down. but at that point all my friends still smoked, it was one of my favorite past times...

until about 6 months ago.

for whatever reason i decided to quit smoking - cold turkey. it was a combination of me starting a new job (i was no longer going to be driving around in my car smoking all day), ohio had just passed the non smoking law so i couldn't even smoke while i was sitting at my favorite bar and that just took the fun out of it. i also was getting a bit disgusted with the amount of money i was spending per month on cigs. so i just quit.

but what has been bugging me lately was that how in such a short amount of time of being a non smoker can i suddenly get this elitist attitude towards smokers? i feel bad looking down on smokers because i was one of them for 13 years! gross.

i saw a cop throwing a cig butt out of his patrol car the other day. it annoyed me. an old lady was walking down the street with a cane while smoking. i wanted to run up to her and say, hey lady smoking is bad for your health! walking by a bar while people are standing outside bitching and moaning about how cold it is outside, well dumbass you wouldn't bee outside if the cigarette you were smoking didn't have you by the balls.


a thought to ponder - even though i may have quite smoking a pack a day. if a have a smoky treat (only one!) after 3 glasses of wine am i still a smoker? and am i being a complete hypocrite by chastising full time smokers?

go ahead and marinade on that one.