the blissful

Friday, March 7, 2008

the blissful is my favorite store in canton - and i have only been there once! i was so impressed with the store, the staff and the designs that i joked that this store was too cool for canton.

the blissful recently opened up an online shopping boutique so now everyone can enjoy the wondrousness that is the blissful.

my birthday is july 2nd i really like jewelery and i'll be accepting gifts- like these, these and this. i also want a wall full of sid dickens memory blocks. a whole wall! yeah, that won't be expensive at all. sike.

so browse away, and buy something! it is always best to support local merchants.


  1. Hello there.....

    Wondrousness??? is that even a word, and if so... What makes you think you can use it?

    Cheers from the wondrousness that is Newport BCH!

  2. So now your blog has turned into an ad for your wish list for gifts that your family and friends can buy you! Only you could think of an idea that holds such wondrousness....brilliant! LOL!

  3. Oooh, that's a neat lil' store!

  4. wondrousness is totally a word! : )

    i mean no little red line came up under it when typed it. haha

  5. Yes, wondrousness IS a word.

  6. I love that store. Her site is amazing. I love the leather cuffs. Great find.


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