blizzard of '08

Monday, March 10, 2008

i'm honestly glad it is monday and the blizzard weekend is over. after three straight days of being snowed in and having nothing to do but booze this old broad is flippin' tired! : )

no more drinking till st. patrick's day.

well maybe.

i had so much fun this whole weekend, from snowball fights on w 9th to falling in a drift of snow up to my waist, there was always something to be laughed at.

one of the funniest things was digging wongers car out of the snow on st clair last night. we had been drinking all day (went to the gladiators game) and we had been putting off digging her out for as long as possible
. basically because no one had a shovel.

uncle andy to the rescue. not only did he bring a
shovel but he also brought beers for us to drink while we were watching him shovel. i never thought i would be standing in the middle of st. clair drinking.




luckily a snow plow drove by us and pushed a huge section of snow away from the front of wongers car. we paid him with a beer. people were also shouting and cheering from the windows from across the street. people were taking pictures, even channel 5 shot some video of it. everyone was very concerned that we weren't going to get the car out.

good thing we had a wonderful success!

even as tired as i am today this weekend was one that i won't ever forget.


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