boring sunday

Sunday, March 23, 2008

while all of my friends are off celebrating american easter (greek orthodox easter is end of april), with their family i have been having a lazy sunday at home. although i have gotten 9 text messages from friends wishing me happy easter. come on kids, you know me and my greekness - but continue to celebrate your fake easter. kidding.

quite frankly i'm bored today.

so far i have watched "we are marshall", "the last mimzy", too many episodes of "bad girls club" and i am currently watching "roxanne".

i have started to clean my room though obviously it isn't done. i have also started on a power point presentation that i need to put together for work by tomorrow, not done either.

i have also successfully eaten all of birds ice cream. ice cream is never safe when i'm around. yeah, i'm going to have to go an replace that tomorrow.

last night the beav and i went and saw "10,000 b.c". it was seriously laughable. i have no idea why we even paid money to see it, oh wait, i know why. it's because beav has seen EVERY movie already.

i seriously don't think i have ever been this bored/restless before. this staying in all weekend and being good thing is for the birds. never again. i'm going to go take this energy to the gym in my building.

is it friday yet? sigh.


  1. OMG.

    You actually went to see 10,000 BC?

    Wait. Did you pay to see it? I mean, tell me it was free...tell me you didn't shell out hard earned cash to see it.

    You must be traumatized, apologies.

    Now wonder you need to hit the gym.


  2. jenji - HAHA! my friend and i were 100% traumatized. i think the WHOLE audience laughed at out at points. see, i like fighting gladiator, roman empire type films. and for whatever reason i thought that it could possibly win me over with the action. and even that looked beyond fake.

    thankfully we had a bottle of wine beforehand.

    and yes, we paid for it. $9 i'll never see again.

  3. This is SPARTA! Christo Sinesti Lexi poo. Pop Off, Poo Poo

  4. Hey, at least you watched "We Are Marshall." I love that movie.


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