busy busy busy

Thursday, March 27, 2008

my blogging has been slacking this week! to say that i'm busy with work would be an understatement. i have two huge pitches within one week and basically i'm stressed and nervous as all hell.

after this week is over it should be back to blogging as usual for me.

i also haven't had a drink since st patrick's day (except for a glass of wine on saturday), and let me tell you, friday can not come soon enough! it is nameless' birthday party, the big 27! and i have a lot of cooking to do tonight to help the georgia peach get ready for the shindig.

while i'm away, i have a new blog that i want you all to check out. it's called a daily trinity of thanks but her url is positively cleveland which is right up this girls alley. i really like the concept. it's based in cleveland and she reads my blog so obviously that makes her awesome.

have a good day my friends xoxo


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