cleveland plus

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

i have always been a bit of a dork about the cleveland plus campaign. i completely feed into it. i even have the cle+ sticker on my car - i believe in our region. it is my home, why wouldn't i be positive and look at all of the good things our area has to offer?

haters beware. i'll knock the pessimism right out of you.

with this being said, i had an amazing opportunity this morning to attend the greater cleveland partnership annual meeting of members and directors. i was one of the over 400 people that battled the snow and ice at 7am this morning to make the trek to the cleveland auditorium to reflect on the happenings of 2007 and to look to "turn the corner" into 2008 and beyond.

it was the changing of the guard of sorts because today's was the final meeting for fred nance as the chairman of the board for the GCP. within his final remarks he frequently brought up the infamous medical mart repeating, "the medical mart will happen, stay tuned". and with nance being the lawyer that he is stated, "normally i charge extra an hour for weaseling". hmmmm, i wonder what he is up to?

after nance introduced the new chairman of the board henry meyer (of key corp), meyer took some time to reflect on nance's past two years and introduced us all to the hilarious fred nance action figures. these things were great. the dolls looked just like nance - from the bald head, to the pin striped suit and snazzy ties - this doll even talked! it was great, and i think nance got quite a kick out of it.

for the rest of the presentation there was a lot of discussion on the updated strategic plan for cleveland plus. including advocacy, small business advancement, economic inclusion and development, changing the face of cleveland, strengthen global connections and initiate a talent system. it's one hell of a plan and i hope it all pans out. the GCP is putting a time limit on these strategic plans lasting until 2011.

i guess we will just have to revisit everything in 2011 and then we'll see how i feel about this meeting three years from now.

until then, i'm looking to the future because the GCP makes it seem so bright, i gotta wear shades.


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