Sunday, March 2, 2008

i have been known to dabble in astrology, quite simply because it fascinates me. but at the same time i can feel that it is all a crock.

but when i came across a cute little book called colorstrology i obviously had to pick it up. i flipped to my birthday and here is what i found...

ok i can agree with the artistic. but the partner-oriented and independent just confuse me. how can one be partner-oriented and independent at the same time? don't those kinda of conflict each other? so confusing. i mean i am totally independent that isn't anything new. so i'm just going to take the partner-oriented line as a compliment that i am a totally giving partner BUT i'm not needy and clingy due to the fact that i'm independent. totally rad. way to rationalize that alexa.

as for the fragrant lilac, i guess i'm going to have to go buy a lilac candle now, because apparently it is going to help sooth me. interesting.

also, lilac is kinda plum colored right? maybe that's why this blog makes me so happy.

the page goes on to list my most compatible birthdays...

alright june 20th, september 9th and november 9th - if anyone out there reading this has one of those birthdays and you just happen to be a cute boy with a good job and a nice family, call me. haha.

so are you all curious about what your colorstrology is? check out this link and find out for yourself : )


  1. Yes, you definitely are very independent!! :)
    Partner in crime oriented perhaps!!

    Can't wait for tonight!!

  2. Damn! September 11...missed ya by two days. I guess we are sworn enemies now :(

  3. What does April 29th say!?

    I'm an astrology dabbler as well...partially to see what it says and prove it wrong and partially because I like hearing the good things that might happen.

    I think Lilac suits you! Hello! PLUM!

  4. Alexa, please stop the astrology dabbling!

  5. Desert rose? That's my color. Initially it said some brown related color, but then it changed to that. Still a cool site.

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