Sunday, March 30, 2008

it's been an ongoing joke for a very long time that my younger sister is by far the favorite in my mother's eye. now by no means am i saying that my mother does not love me, that would be a stupid statement, but there is some major favoritism given to my sister.

it's a laughable joke, but with a lot of truth to it.

so i'm in canton right now and upon waking up in my old bedroom this morning i noticed that one of the pictures hanging on my wall was missing. confused i blew it off and started walking towards the bathroom which has a straight view of my sisters room. and right in plain sight guess what is hanging on my sisters wall????


my mother actually took the picture off of my wall and hung it on my sisters wall. to make my sisters room look better. no joke.

i walk into my mom's room and say, "reason #874 why you prefer sissy over me...", she got so mad at me for even thinking that. personally though, i think i hit a nerve. haha. she rationalized to me (herself) why she did it and all i heard was blah blah blah.

i let her know that i wasn't really that upset but actually found it quite hilarious and was going to blog about it - that got her even more mad. i'm sure she will leave quite the rebuttal comment on this post.

although i may be missing a picture from my now barren wall i'll thankfully be able to visit it if i walk by my sissy's room.


  1. o alexa...you know your mom doesnt favor! haha. i got to hear the whole story and from wat I hear you stole the picture in the first place =]( and no stepho did n0t force me to post this comment):)

    i loveee you lexa!!!

  2. Parents always favor the younger child. Nope I'm not bitter.

    I'm probbaly not helping the situation.

  3. Well, Alexa did hit a nerve and she is full of it! This picture was never meant for Alexa's room. She took it from some extras I had, it didn't match well either, but hung it anyways in her room, where it didn't necessarily need a picture. Now this picture was relocated maybe LAST NOVEMBER, so she didn't even notice this for 4 or 5 MONTHS and it isn't like she never comes to visit. Plus it matches Sissy's room.

    Now remember how I mentioned when I was "Plum Head of the Week" about Alexa being a "challenge" to raise. I has NOTHING to do with favoritism, Sissy was just easier.

    Now let us also remember Alexa doesn't actually LIVE here anymore! And how I also stated what a pain she can stll be.....but I STILL love her.

  4. Oh, my, my, my......SUCH drama!!!!

  5. Forgot to add.....AlEXA - DRAMA QUEEN EXTRAORDINAIRE!!! LOL!

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