february dinner club - crop

Sunday, March 2, 2008

january's dinner club at dante was fabulous, and girls and i were so looking forward to february's dinner at crop bistro in the warehouse district. a few members of the club had eaten there before and had all good things to say. i myself had only been there for cocktails and the bartenders sure did know how to mix up a darn good martini.

i can say that the group as a whole had very high expectations for our dinner. it was thursday night of downtown cleveland restaurant week and you would think the crop staff would be on their A game. not so much.

a few of us got there a bit early to sit at the bar prior to our 8 o'clock reservation. we let the hostess know that we were there and she said our table would be ready at 8pm. we saddled up to the bar and waited for the attention of the bartender to take our order. we waited over ten minutes even be acknowledged by the bartender. we got a drink menu and he was gone again. sigh.

we also waited 35 minutes past our reservation time to even be seated. my party of 12 was getting a bit hungry and antsy to say the least.

we were finally seated, but at two separate tables of six.

with two separate servers.

our drink orders were taken separately, as well as our food orders.

one table got bread while the other table stared longingly wanting to have some too. they finally got some, fifteen minutes later.

one table was served food then twenty minutes later the next table was served food. it just didn't make sense, it was like we weren't one party. we were ONE group and we should have been served at the same time. that is just common sense.

also, the restaurant wasn't even filled. so it isn't like they were in the weeds unable to serve the food fast enough. i have served for A LOT of years and it is common practice to assign more than one server to a large table but the orders are put in the same time on the same ticket. not separate.

the servers were nice but barely spoke to us, it is like they were scared of our table. although i do understand that twelve gorgeous girls can be a bit intimidating. ha!

on to the food. some of the girls ordered off the the downtown restaurant week three course pre-fix menu, while some of the girls ordered straight off the menu.

good things were being said about the scallops and the dates, (soooooooo good). not so good things on the deviled eggs. good things on the macaroni and cheese with brisket, not so good on the walleye.

but what really topped the cake, or should i say "crisp", was the dessert that came with the pre-fixed option. the menu simply read apple crisp. easy enough right? well this "apple crisp" was the oddest thing i have ever tasted at a restaurant. the apple crisp not only had apple but rhubarb too and tasted like curry! eight people got this apple crisp and everyone took one bite and pushed it aside. so odd.

we all left the reservation with a bad taste in our mouth, literally. i really wanted to like crop. i will give crop the benefit of the doubt that hopefully this was just an off night, but i don't think any of us will be going back there for awhile.

well maybe for a drink, because no one had complaints about the cocktails!

hopefully march's dinner club will impress us a bit more.


  1. Aww that sucks that it wasn't very good...at least the drinks were good! But that really sucks. Being a former waitress I know how crutial getting the meals out at the same time is...and wtf is up with seating you guys at seperate tables! That's just rude. I'd have complained. but that's just me...I have very high expectations for servers and the customers as well.
    I overheard a customer TELL a bartender "oh yeah, 2 more beers than you're done." He said it in such a rude tone, it rubbed me the wrong way. and then I saw a server be completely rude to a customer the same day. It just irks me. Sorry...went on a rant there. :(

  2. You were too nice on the remarks! The food was mediocre at best. I was very disappointed. As said that night - "I would have rather had a burnt, stale cookie because at least I could dip it in my coffee". The drinks are AMAZING (especially anything with their red pepper infused vodka), but their food is only something to remember because of how disappointing it was. As a former waitress, I am usually lenient on the wait staff, but they were just plain bad.

  3. I ate at "crap" one time when it opened last summer. It was not so good and I don't care to go there again.

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