flashing lights

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

you know how i gave kanye west my prune of the week awhile back?

well he has redeemed himself.

his show in vegas friday april 25th is back on!

and guess who just got their tickets in the mail?!?! my awesome group of girlfriends.

i also got my new shoes to wear to the concert in the mail yesterday. now i just need to find a fun dress to match them.

it shall be a crazy night, and i apologize in advance for the drunk texts that will probs be sent out that night.


  1. I love flashing lights!! That's like the perfect party song for this year. Well, so far, at least.
    I still don't know if I'll be in Vegas that week, I have to talk to the new job and see when I start...and if I start in May then I'll give my 2 weeks notice 3 weeks before I start so that I can have that week off. The BF said he'd fly me out...and he's in conferences all day...so if you girls are there....CRAZY!

  2. Awesome awesome shoes. I'm a shoe whore. If you are ever looking for more deals, try the Marshall's in Mayfield -- they have tons of nine west shoes for $40 and under.


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