go see a gladiators game

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

when i walked into the the q last night for the cleveland gladiators game i wasn't quite sure what to expect. i had never been to an arena football game, but being an avid cleveland sports fan checking out the inaugural cleveland gladiators game was a given. plus bernie kosar would be there.

it felt good to be watching "monday night football" again. and was i surprised that i was also watching it with over 17,000 fans. there were so many people there! tons.

although i should have known that the game was going to be packed when i tried to go to winking lizard beforehand and it was full to the brim. we finally settled in at the boneyard which was also completely full but we lucked out with some seats at the bar. i felt like i was with the crowd before a cavs or indians game (in a good way). very surprising yet totally fun. people were even chanting "gladiators, gladiators, gladiators". hilarious.

so those tv commercials must have worked because the word had definitely gotten out about the home opener.

my group (the georgia peach, her nameless husband, uncle andy and donkers), sat in the club section right on the 25 yard line (25 yard line = 50 yard line for the arena football league). a bunch of my friends from work were sitting by us as well. constance and i tried our best to get on the big screen, unfortunately we had no such luck.

there was fun music, crowd interaction, fireworks,
joe thomas (such a crush on him), dancers and oh yeah, football... it is the middle of winter, on a monday night and what were we doing? watching a fun, in your face football game - it doesn't get much better than that. well, adding a beer or two to the mix always helps...

also the gladiators winning sure does help! we beat those pesky new york dragons 61-49. talk about a high scoring game. i think that is the most fun part about the AFL, lots of offense. also, if the gladiators score over 50 point the crowd gets a FREE big mac. sweet.

i'm glad the AFL came to cleveland i will definitely go to another game, and you should too. the next game is on sunday. go gladiators!


  1. The Minister Of CultureMarch 5, 2008 at 1:36 AM

    NO.19 (aka Bernie) should be very encouraged by your endorsement.Anytime you can bring fun afordable entertainment to downtown Cleveland it's agreat thing!I'm not sure I like the name of the team.Since we have the Browns,how about the Cleveland TANS or the Cleveland TOUPES or perhaps the Cleveland BEIGES.I could come up with more but I left my crayola box at the office!

  2. The Minister Of CultureMarch 5, 2008 at 1:53 AM

    I Misspelled TAUPES and after I sent it I did not know how to correct it! Forgive me i am a neophyte!

  3. Neophyte, my eye! In YOUR line of business, Minister, you CERTAINLY should know how to spell taupe!! LOL!

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