i'm the gladiator's #1 fan

Monday, March 10, 2008

yesterday afternoon the cleveland gladiators won their second home game and i became their #1 fan. watching arena football is like watching football on high def. it is so in your face. even if you have great seats for a browns game you still are pretty far away. but not with the AFL when you have good seats you are basically on the field.

my friends and i were lucky enough to have some of those great seats. myself, wonger, uncle andy, court, matt, jesse and steph (plus a couple new friends courtesy of matt), all got up close and personal with the cleveland gladiators yesterd

there is something about starting your morning off right with some mimosas with breakfast at waterstreet that just heightens football excitement. i went to the first gladiators game last week but all of my friends (except uncle andy) were virgins to the arena football experience. by the end of the first quarter the group was automatic die hards.

there were a couple of funny / random occurrences though. while attempting to catch a flying t-shirt the row in front of my group leaned a bit too far back a spilled all of wonger's nachos and all of courts beer all over them. they smelled like a mexican beer. gross. i was a bit agitated and told the over zealous high school boys that caused the spillage to go buy us more beer and nachos. they didn't find it funny to say the least, oh well. at least matt got the t-shirt. haha.

also, josh cribbs was sitting a couple of rows in front of us. and i don't know if it was all his fault, but for sure it was his entourages fault, that they kept turning down all of these little kids trying to get his autograph. there was the group of 5 little kids sitting in the same row as him and his "manager dude" was like, "no guys, he isn't signing anything". boo josh cribbs! not cool at all!

mean josh cribbs aside, the game was so fun and the gladiators scored over 50 points and that means free big macs! my whole group got like 10 coupons each. big macs for life.

the next gladiators home game isn't until april 11th. i think i am going to go into withdrawl.


  1. GO SEE A GLADIATORS GAME! Loved the exciting football action, the cheesy bits during time-outs/between quarters(blind-folded dudes wandering around amongst the players???? Pure GENIUS!!!), and the intensity of the crowd! Great way to put the crappy Cleveland weather out of your mind! Many, many, many thanks to my most favoritest blogger!!!

    P.S. Those kids still owe me a beer. I'm looking them up when they turn 21.

  2. ok, great, april 11th it is! i just checked my calendar and i am free!! this time i am not letting any act of god keep me from hanging out in cleveland with you and watching football in high def!


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