in a nutshell

Sunday, March 16, 2008

my weekend in a nutshell...

-friday night stayed in with bird, did laundry and watched the nanny diaries - yeah we are that cool.

-saturday drove to canton to get my hair cut and colored. i got 4 inches chopped off and i'm not sure yet how i like it

-went car shopping at kempthorn motors because i have to turn in my jetta in a few weeks

-test drove the passat, but i thought it was just way too big for me. it's like a grown ups car. yeah i know, i'm a grown up but still.

-decided 95% on the volvo s40, but my mom is "making me think about it". so who knows what i'll end up with.

-got really confused when the car dude brought me "the red one" that i asked to test drive then realized that it had three pedals. yeah, i don't know how to drive stick. my mom and the salesman got quite a kick out me saying, "um there's an extra pedal in this car"

-had my favorite bbq beef brisket sandwich at hog heaven for lunch with my mommy

-went to bar cento for dinner with poo poo and beaver where i had the delicious sunnyside pizza and way too much wine. by the way, they play the best music at bar cento, plus it was packed - in the best way possible (thanks genna for the "vip" table)

-got to meet chef's widow in person. and of course it wasn't until after all the pinot noir that i had the guts to out myself as cleveland's a plum

-had a dance party with poo poo and beaver in front of great lakes brewery thanks to the street musician singing "hey, good looking. whatcha got cookin'?". we put on quite the show for the people staring at us from inside the bar.

-went to meet muffin and court at the new champagne bar in kevin's martini bar in pickwick and frolic on e 4th. pickwick is like a freakin' compound there are so many bars in there

-attempted to go to ultra but w 6th was out of control. i seriously have no patience anymore for 21 year old sluts whoring themselves out in barely any clothes when it is 20 degrees out. go back to the suburbs.

-ended up at maproom where white was behind the bar feeding us drinks and shots. this place was also beyond packed. st patricks day was apparently being celebrated early for a lot of people

-lounged around all day today and LOVED every minute of it. this greek girl needs to rest up because tomorrow i'm irish.


  1. sounds like a very packed and awesome weekend!

    I seriously left my house ONCE the whole time.

  2. Rest is a beautiful thing. I am NOT looking forward to work today.


  3. maxie - as fun as saturday was, i didn't leave my apt on sunday at all. it was glorious

    deutlich - lucky me my office is actually CLOSED today because of st patricks day. no work for me. but oh how i feel your pain.

  4. Glad to see you rested up for the big day today. Celebrate extra hard for those of us stuck in an office with visions of Irish car bombs dancing in our heads. Is it worth going out after 7pm or will only the living dead be out at that point?

  5. I'm jalous that you don't have to work today. I'm part Irish...I should get today off. Actually, I partied enough Saturday. Yikes. Have fun tonight. Drink a Guiness for me.

  6. sound really cool, fun, smart but you DRINK too much.Do you have any other hobbies?? Guess your not looking for someone to take you seriously yet....


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