lesson learned

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

last night wonger, bird and i tried to go see a film at the cleveland international film festival.

emphasis on tried.

we went to sunset lounge for some sushi before the 7:15 showing and thought we had plenty of time before the movie started. we drove to tower city, valeted wongers car, got some popcorn and walked into the theater.

yeah, there weren't any seats. wait, i just lied there. there were 3 seats, all separate and in the first two rows. i personally can't sit that close or i'll puke on the floor. not cool.

wonger and bird decided to stand in the back for a bit. while i decided to walk to tower city's food court and read the crappy paper that is the free times while i waited for them to get tired of standing.

they lasted about a half an hour.

note to self: when going to see a film festival showing, give yourself an adequate amount of time to actually get yourself a seat. boo.

in unrelated film news- who wants to go to the indians game with me on june 28th? i like free money, don't you?


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