plum head of the week 3.25.08

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

oh my MOB. she's special, not borderline - special. haha.

i wouldn't have half of my best friends that i have now if it wasn't for MOB. i probably wouldn't even be living in cleveland if it wasn't for MOB. seriously, you all should thank her.

i met MOB the summer in between our sophomore and junior year of college. she was living in the ghetto (at UD) that summer with two of my friends mary jo and beth. i had come to dayton for the long weekend because mary jo and i were going to see two DMB concerts in a row in columbus so obviously i was going to be staying in dayton with the girls. that weekend was when i met my friend MOB and we became instant best friends.

it has always been a very easy friendship - no weird getting to know you phase. i knew from early on this girl was going to be a part of my life for a very long time. MOB apparently did too, moving into 520 junior year MOB knocks on my front door literally as stepho and i are unpacking boxes and is like, "HI! is it time to hangout yet?" it was hilarious.

MOB and i are a lot a like, and having someone in your life that has gone through so many of the same experiences and emotions as you is someone that you automatically have a forever ease with. of course we also can be REALLY bad influences on each other, let's just say we have gotten into a lot of trouble together.

i'll just go ahead and leave it to 5:30am hills - way too many nights in a row, mackinac island and the neck brace. oh lord, don't even get me started on that damn neck brace it should be a post in itself.

from the summer of 2000 MOB has always been there for me and i don't know what i'd do without her. thank you for everything. love you MOB! xoxo

Where are you typing from?
, OH

I work for a non-profit so I am paying them to work - coordinator.

Relationship Status:
Tied down

How do you know me?
It all started the summer of 2000 in Dayton, OH she came down to see one of her favorite bands we met and I looked at her and said to myself I think she is going to be one of my new best friends. We have getting in trouble ever since.

If you had to sell Cleveland to someone, what would you say?
In my opinion it sells itself. Ha Ha.

What’s your favorite part about Cleveland?
Hands down St. Patrick’s Day. The best day of the year.

If you had a last meal on earth what would it be?
I would have what we have on Christmas Eve. Beef Tenderloin and Lobster tails and vegetable stir-fry. SO GOOD I WANT IT NOW.

What’s your signature wedding drink?
I have three or four drinks. If we start drinking early like before the reception it starts with 007's (Stoli Orange, Sprite with splash of OJ), when we get the reception it could go three different ways Captain and Ginger, Vodka Tonic or White Wine.

Favorite Book?
Since I am not a book reader, more of a movie watcher and a magazine reader. I would have to say that the magazine would be People I love it. Movie would be Good Will Hunting I could watch that on repeat. Sorry to be one of your uneducated friends.

Would you rather be the celebrity or in the entourage?

Dream vacation destination?
Sailing around the Greek Isles

Favorite restaurant? (Preferably in Cleveland)
Parallax there scallops YUMMY

What’s your favorite blog (besides cleveland’s a plum)?
I am new to this blog thing so the Plum is it.

Least favorite day of the week?
Monday – I hate Mondays so much.

What’s the oddest thing you have ever publicly witnessed?
The “high speed” chase in the warehouse district 5 years ago but when I say high speed this Volvo pick up truck was probably going 25mph and just was circling the block with 5 cop cars just slowly following him for like 5 minutes. It was the oddest and funniest thing ever.

What’s the next big thing you are looking forward to?
Driving in your new Volvo

What is a juicy bit of information that you think your fellow plum heads should know about me?
Your secrets are safe with me and Spumante.


  1. scallops at Parallax are one of my all time favorite things too!! With a glass of Jaffurs Syrah, mmmmm....


    P.S. You had to bring up the neckbrace! I would post a picture if I could Ha Ha!

  3. Good Plum!! I love MOB, she is a god damn stitch!!

  4. This made me miss MOB lots.

  5. Good one MOB! A couple of our answers kinda similar...hmm...interesting.
    Hope to see you soon.

  6. Sigh. Good Will Hunting is my all time favourite movie too. It's just so damn wonderful isn't?? And my friends all laugh when I cry at the part where Robin Williams keeps saying 'it's not your fault' but I can't help it. Matt Damon in that movie is genius!


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