prune of the week 3.10.08

Friday, March 14, 2008

oh how i love to workout. well i used to love to workout a lot more when i didn't have a full time job and my only job was to work out. man was i hot.

anyways i digress.

so i have been working on getting back in shape these past few months. joined a new gym, check. hired a personal trainer, check.

everything has been going very well with working out (41 days till vegas!), but what i haven't gotten used to is working out with boys. see, my favorite gym was ladies super fitness but i unfortunately there isn't one conveniently located near work or home - so i joined the downtown ymca.

now i'm not really complaining about my new gym because i do like it. it is just taking a lot of getting use to. sweaty old business men kinda scare me. and so does their b.o. and the fact that they don't wipe the machines off after they are finished using them.

i mean who wants to sit in a puddle of sweat when they sit on a bike or a weight machine? gross. ew. dirty.

i think that wiping off the machines is just a matter of manners, it's a simple courtesy that your fellow gym users should ALL practice. just do it.

if by chance any of you prunes out there happen to workout at the downtown ymca just know i'm watching your sweaty ass.


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