prune of the week 3.17.08

Saturday, March 22, 2008

i'll give ya all one guess what my prune of the week is.

figure it out??


considering i'm still in a sling and i should be going to this party tonight instead of going to see a movie with the beav i'm a bit bitter. (although beav i'm really pumped to hang i swear xoxo)

and i'm gonna go ahead and blame my mood on network parking for never salting their parking lot ever. i have been parking and a paying customer in the same lot downtown for over two years and the only path that gets salted is from the ticket booth to the port-o-potty that the booth attendants work in.

not cool. i tried to call the management office to state my case and i haven't had a single phone call returned. and that's not event counting all the phone calls that i have made over the past two years to try to get this shit to stop as well.

i don't know what it is going to take to get their attention, maybe someone from their offices will read this blog and contact me to say they are sorry, or perhaps give me a few free months of parking?!?!?! mmmk? that would make me much happier for sure.
but until i get a return phone call the hacks at network parking they are the prune of the week. boo to you.


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