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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

since a commenter (clevelandsngl/prof/greek) stated his/her concern for my drinking in a comment on this post i'm a bit annoyed. this person thinks that all i do is drink and that i should get a hobby.

i have one, it's called this blog.

this blog is about my social life and things that i spend my time doing. i'm single, i don't have any children, i work my butt off monday through friday at work and if i want to go out on the weekend and have a cocktail or two
responsibly that is my choice. i don't have to answer to anyone but myself.

and by the way who wants to read about all of my mundane boring activities. dear blog, today i folded my laundry, i ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, i watched tv, then i scratched my butt.


on to fun things.

yesterday was st patrick's day!!!!!! and thanks to my very generous bosses we had the day off. my company hosted a big party and myself, bird, white and k-fried partook in the festivities before we checked out the parade. we met up with all of our friends throughout the day although the cast of characters is way too long to list. i will say though that hanging out with MOB made my st patrick's day : )

i'm not going to write about everything we did because man o man did we do alot. instead i'll just post some pictures and just say that i had a lot of fun.

but first. check out my roommate bird on you tube. of course i'm filming and making up quite the song for her to dance to. i told you guys i was loud. i'll just go ahead and let you watch the video.

hilarious right? ha.

k-fried really liked the razor scooter

the parade!

he wouldn't let me play the bagpipes


seriously donkers?

yesterday was SO much fun! the bars were packed but nothing like last year when it was so obnoxious that you couldn't move. good times had by all and i can't wait till next year.


  1. Who the F is "clevelandsngl/prof/greek". Looooo---seeeeer!

    "I love Irish people, doot doot diddloot" Good song Lexy Poo!

    I had fun with you last night! I'll leave it at that and say no more!

  2. alexa glad you had fun on st.patty's day. i was stuck in my office and then visited my dad. he is home now.

    by the way, why didn't you tell me about "confessions of a cohabitant". she is taking the words right out of my head!

  3. georgia - i had fun too. i think : )

    teen - thank god your dad is out. i called you on my way home to get the update. and confessions of a cohabitant is on my blog roll. it's about time you started reading it. you are living in sin. xoxo

  4. i was at the cleveland parade last year! it was so much fun.

  5. Irish people, Irish people, clap clap clap! That is a very interesting song choice you made up. Sounds like you had a great time. I was working and didn't join in the festivites at all.

  6. "clevelandsngl/prof/greek"- seems like this person is a bit jealous of your lifestyle Miss Alexa!!!

    I think we should all drink a beer for this shut inn!!

  7. sorry i put my comment in the 'tag me' blog instead of this one but as i said previously i don't think you should get so upset with clevelandsngl/prof/greek since he/she does have a point about you mostly blogging about your drinking and i'm sure your life really isn't that boring! he/she sounded sincere to me not jealous.

  8. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

  9. michelle - i had so much fun too, but i was surprised with all the high schoolers in attendance. i didn't realize they didn't have to go to school!

    allison - what can i say? i'm quite the songwriter on the fly

    anonymous - nothing about the comment in question came off to me as sincere

    jenn - me too! at least you would still read my blog if all i wrote about was what i ate for lunch. haha

  10. why i did not know of oyur blog before now i'll never know. but the point is: you are aweome. and thankyou for commenting. (also being htat i went to school in O-H...I-O i have a soft spot for the plum.) :)

    oh, and tell that person to go drink a beer. scratch that. a case. sounds like they need to loosen up a bit.

    xo, bb

  11. I like the drinking stories - it's my daily entertainment along with Perez. You're hilarious.

  12. I wish I had known about that song because it would have definitely made the top 100.

    Oh man its hilarious.

    I give you one, nay, two Kool Aid points.

    I'm going to stalk your blog now. In the totally non creepy Indian guy way..

  13. So now I know why I got totally dissed on Tuesday, Alexa!!! But, I love you anyway!
    Also, I'm sure you know that I tend to agree with clevelandsngl/prf/greek about the drinking, it's just too bad that he/she doesn't know that you are WAY more sensitive, caring and intelligent than your blog shows.......and you DO do more things than just drink!
    Another thing, do you realize that you are kind of Irish now with John in the family???!!!

  14. bb - don't worry about not finding my blog. i just found yours! thank god! : )

    michelle v - thank you. it's simply the tone of the blog. you get it. ha.

    rs27 - hot indian, i love it.

    thea jo - thank you for the comment, you are THE BEST. xoxo

  15. the comment by clevelandsngl/prf/greek offends me, and it wasn't even directed at me. Because, clearly, there is nothing more to a person other than what they blog about...

  16. haha that video was hilarious. We should obviously be BFFs bc i make up ridiculous songs all the time.

    And i agree with you about that nasty comment not being sincere. A SINCERE thing to do would be to email you with a concern (even though its none of their business).

    and if anyone wrote that on my blog... i would respond back with NO i'm not ready to be taken seriously. I have my whole freakin life for that.


  17. Hanging out with you made my St. Paddy's Day too!!!

  18. I am sooo upset...Scene blocks the video. I have to wait until I get home to watch



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