Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a couple of my co-workers were giving me shit for buying the expensive shoes that i posted for everyone to see earlier today.

ziggy and woolman brought up that i was just like the "girl" on the shoes video on you tube. i was really confused because i didn't know what they were talking about.

the link was sent to me and apparently i am one of the few people that haven't seen this video because it has over 13 million views on you tube. whoa.

anyways, i can't stop saying - "shoes shoes shoes", "these shoes suck" and "shut up deck". just watch the video for yourself, you'll get what i mean.

also, i am way too into finding out "where are they now - real world castmates". the one dude got busted for prostitution and for stealing a car! hilarious! i can rationalize this obsession by admitting that i do still have real world season one on vhs at my mom's house. haha. your mom.


  1. "These shoes cost three hundred f*cking dollars...LET'S GET 'EM."

  2. Tomcat Alexander brought this video to my attention about a year ago!

  3. yeah muffin it is totally OLD. but i had just never seen it.

    it'll be retro you to you in the know people.

  4. I've always wanted to be on Real World...I'm still young enough, well, for one more year. I always thought it would be cool to go on there with a friend but not tell them it was my friend...thenw e'd meet, be besties and mess with everyone!! Genuis!

    But I'm starting to think the new Real World is a cop out...and I really liked it up until Hawaii...

  5. Thanks lex, I used to always do "shoes" until everyone got annoyed by me. Now it is back in my memory and I will be doing it all day. It's your fault!!! Yea btw I saw gay Dan from Real World Miami at Score in South Beach, FL. He is an "interesting" character. He still enjoys being the center of attention. Nobody told him his 15 mins was up like 10 years ago.

  6. Well the whole shoe thing might have come about from a very young age. I took you into a discount type of shoe store, probably your first time, at about 2 years old. There were LOTS of shoes and you had never seen SOOO many all at once before. You were also able to reach them. You got SOOOO excited about all the "yungs" as you called shoes then. You were grabbing and throwing them all on the ground with such excitement!! You were like amazed and excited to see SOOO many "yungs", as you kept saying over and over again, as you threw each shoe. You were making everyone laugh, Tia Jo and Cak were there too. But don't think you can use this as an excuse for your puchases you can't resist.


  7. The last comment was from your Mother. I don't know why it came up not as anonymous, did something wrong.....

  8. Now THAT's a story and makes every bit of sense as to where the show fetish started!

  9. oh my gosh mom.

    it all makes sense now!


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