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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

my blogger friend over at chef's widow tagged me! i've never been tagged before, how fun is that?!?!

so the tag called for me to write my own six word memoir. yeah that's easy, not.

you can't get rid of me

yeah i'm pretty much like a stick booger, in the best way possible. i've been told i'm intoxicating. i'm also humble. ha

i'm supposed to tag other bloggers but i'm going to pass on that part. but feel free to write your own six word memoir in a comment!


  1. don't think you should get so upset with clevelandsngl/prof/greek. it seemed like it was a legitimate concern & sincerely spoken.

  2. the genesis of six word memoir discussion:

    For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.—Ernest Hemingway.

    There is even a book out now about this.

  3. bjackn - that's awesome! thanks for sharing the link.

  4. Live to love, love to live.

    that was lame but I like it!!!

    I think you had every right to call out the Prof person whatever it was that called you a drunk. Now, when you have a baby on your hip and you're getting smashed...then I'll tell you that maybe you should lighten up on the alky. But til then...DRINK ON SISTA!!!
    I'm sure they'd love to know that Saturday I drank from 3pm to 3am...it was GLORIOUS! And why did I do that? Because I can.

  5. haha I like yours.


    crazy and fabulous whenever it's possible.


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