Monday, March 24, 2008

so i'm sitting here watching "paradise hotel 2" because james is a friend of mine from college. and he just gave bird and i our new favorite phrase during the elemination ceremony.


TP will no longer stand for toilet paper in our world, from now on TP will be the "total package"

possible scenario-
bird: that guy is like totally hot
me: for sure, i really like his jeans
bird: check out his shades
me: ooooo and he's getting into a brand new range rover
bird: and he has scrubs in his backseat and no wedding ring
me: yes! and he just helped that old lady walk across the street
bird: dreamy
me: he's such a TP


  1. OMG! I almost peed my pants when he said that. When I heard him say "TP", I had no idea where he was going with that. Unbelieveable. Oh, James.

  2. dang, I need to start watching that.
    One of the girls on the bad girls club is known in my city...she's not a friend of mine, but she's a radio personality...and i hate her.
    If you watch's naveen...but her radio name is egypt. god i hate her. she eats with her mouth open on the air...sick!

  3. When James said TP I immediately thought DB.

    Neveen is quite possibly the ugliest individual I have ever seen on tv, inside and out!

  4. Does that girl Stephanie have braces?

    That doesnt go with her whole big chest, open legs gimmick.

  5. little bull - naveen is evil! i like it.

    narm - my mom says i'm the TP too. i love moms

    poo poo - i don't get it, DB?

    rs27 - omg, i totally agree it just doesn't flow. the braces are SO odd.

  6. Douchebag.
    And I think its a retainer.

  7. haha I'm totally going to start using the phrase "TP."

    that is fabulous.


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