yay friday

Friday, March 21, 2008

i have never been so excited for it to be friday. normally my work day flies by and then suddenly it's time to go home. but not today due to my hot sling and the fall from yesterday.

i'm so sore and uncomfortable today but missing two days of work in a row was not a luxury i could have afforded. so i got a ride to work (thanks berman) and a ride home (thanks wool man) and it is heaven t
o be laying down. when you have a bruise the size of your laptop on your ass and on your shoulder, sitting in a desk all day is hell.

absolute hell.

but speaking of hea
ven, happy easter to you! being greek orthodox my easter isn't until april 27th so i have some time. but basically that just means i get all the easter candy half off. suckas!

so don't be expecting any crazy drinking stories from me this weekend. i'm going to get some well deserved rest. well maybe we'll see how i feel tomorrow night. ha.

here are some funny pics from an email forward that mrs. verdova sent me that i really like and find hilarious for whatever reason. make sure you read the captions.

have a great weekend all!

this is horrible, yet i giggled. lord forgive me.

gross, i hate dudes like this.

creepy and sad at the same time.

this one is hands down my favorite. i love ninjas.


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