yay sissy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

today is my sissy's 25th birthday. love you seeeestor! and i also love this dance recital photo to the right.

your present is in the mail. no, i didn't overnight it.

it's also my yiayia's (grandmother) birthday too. yay yiayia!

i love birthdays, i also really like cheese. mmm cheese.


  1. That picture sure puts a smile on my face....TOO cute! How I remember sitting and laughing thru many a dance recital...I'm laughing now just thinking about them!

  2. Your sister loves you for posting that!

  3. I love looking at old dance recital photos. The costumes were (usually) outrageously embarrassing.

    Happy birthday to your sister!

  4. YAY! thanks sissy! i do love that picture too!.. and i'm proud of it. what you don't know is that alexa has one just like it. we were in that dance class together!

    steppin out with my baby..

    we had canes too!

    ha ha ha ha ha

  5. Oh my God! I laughed sooooo hard when I saw this picture. I needed a good laugh too. My little baby is all grown up now! Good thing we have this to look back on.


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