yay weekend

Sunday, March 30, 2008

this weekend was jam packed full o' fun and i think that if i even attempt to type it all out it will be stupidly boring so instead here's the weekend in pictures and short snip its.

friday night it was nameless' 27th birthday party and it was so much fun, but one picture in particular pretty sums it all up...

yeah, nameless really likes beer

this one is for aly, who says she checks my blog before perez! gasp!

it wouldn't be a normal night out without a weird picture of donkers with uncle pete

i made it an early night (kind of) because i had to get up to drive to canton to get this annoying car situation taken care of. let's just say that i still don't have a new car. le sigh. hopefully that will be taken care of on monday. y'all will be the first to know.

after the car dealership i had my soon to be cousins bridal shower to attend and although i'm not going to get into it on this blog, let's just say it was an interesting shower. i got quite the lesson on how to write down all of the bride's opened gifts. hands down the best part though besides hanging out with all of my awesome family, was playing with my little cousin zoe. talk about a cutie! seriously she is beautiful, obviously i'm biased.

saturday night i didn't do anything major (much to j-birdie and mishler's dismay), i was exhausted from the work week and going out on friday so i my mom and i ordered pizza from donato's and ordered a movie. we watched "3:10 to Yuma" and i absolutely loved it. christian bale and russell crowe were wonderful in the movie, and i like russell crowe more and more in every movie i see him in. "gladiator" will always be my favorite though.

today after the picture debacle we met the family at glenmoor for brunch to laugh about said picture debacle. then me, my mom, jenna and tia jo went to see "21" which ended up being the number one movie this weekend. it was good, a bit slow through the middle but entertaining. basically what got me through it was jim sturgess. he's pretty dreamy - i would for sure let him sing beatles songs and make out with me.

good times, good weekend.

happy monday kids.


  1. The party was a success of Friday because of your bacon wrapped dates, artichoke dip, mini pigs in a blanket - and your personal appearance!!:)

    Thanks Lexy! You're the bestest!!

  2. P.S. Jam's new name could be Duff Man with that pic! :)

  3. I need one of those beer belts.


  4. I think the peanut butter ice cream also helped in getting you through the movie. haha


    this is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

    suck it, perez.

  6. aly mcjew - i just spit out my drink when i read you new name. seriously you and your fiancee with your comment names. HILARIOUS!

    seriously aly mcjew, best name EVER!


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