i was hot

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

when i checked my email this morning i got very excited because i had a new kids on the block tour announcement email!!

instantly excited, i clicked through to the website to check out the tour dates to see when i was going to see my boys.

i wasn't happy.

there were only ten dates announced but no cleveland. where's cleveland?!?!

the little girl inside me cried a bit. then the adult in me realized that they MUST be announcing more dates. they must! i'll keep thinking positively.

so because i am confidant in what a beautiful woman i grew up to be i can share the following picture with you.

yes, that is me age 10, with my nkotb birthday cake - it even has my name on it!

the outfit, the glasses, the headband. i mean i don't even know what do with this picture but laugh. but it is proof ladies and gentlemen that i am true nkotb fan. they better be coming to cleveland.


the cavs just lost. they need me there to win - i'm serious. someone should have given me a ticket (cough, cough nameless). damn those wizards! ugh. i guessing lebron is doing this right about now...

yes, that is gary coleman as lebron


on a happy note, a happy birthday note that is. one of my favorite friends miss muffin is celebrating her birthday today! strike that pose lady. hope it's the best year yet and i can't wait to do dinner on friday : )

plum head of the week 4.29.08

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

although my roommate bird is leaving me to move back home to lakewood in one short month i have a feeling she'll still be sleeping on my couch on more than on occasion.

bird and i met when we both work at Scene together many moons ago. we became instant friends when we realized we had a lot of friends in common due to the west side of cleveland catholic school system that a lot of my UD friends also went through.

there was an instant ease with each other that quickly turned into us going out and causing trouble A LOT. bird likes to go out more than most. she is always, and i mean always up for a good time. dinner and drinks? a happy hour? bird is your girl. i mean i'm usually always up for it going out too which is probs why we get along so well.

i'm going to miss bird being my roomie because she is a true loyal friend who genuinely looks out for her friends and her family is oh so important to her (like mine is to me). she's such a good irish catholic.

speaking of irish catholic, i have just got to post this video of bird again, i mean i think i have picked up a few more readers since i originally posted this in march. warning though - i'm REALLY loud.

dance bird dance!!! xoxo

Where are you typing from?
Lakewood, Ohio

starting a new job on Monday!! Account Exec. for United HealthCare

Relationship Status:

How do you know me?
We became “Hubbies” as co-workers at Scene and now we are roomies!

If you had to sell Cleveland to someone, what would you say?
Wow…this could be a long one, considering that I actually started crying one Friday night in the Dive Bar bathroom because one of my buddies (from Cleveland) was raving about how much better Columbus is than Cleveland, and TOTALLY bashing Cleve. C’mon….if you’re gonna say Cleve sucks….at least compare it to like Chicago or NYC…But Columbus—the place is landlocked! Shoot, I didn’t even answer the question…on to the next one, this is too long.

What’s your favorite part about Cleveland?
The people and the lake.

If you had a last meal on earth what would it be?
My Mom’s Chicken Potpie

What’s your signature wedding drink?
White Wine

Favorite Book?
The Joy Luck Club, To Kill a Mockingbird, Mr. Maybe

Would you rather be the celebrity or in the entourage?

Dream vacation destination?

Favorite restaurant? (preferably in Cleveland)

What’s your favorite blog (besides cleveland’s a plum)?
I’m not a big blog reader…but Perez I guess.

Least favorite day of the week?

What’s the oddest thing you have ever publicly witnessed?
One Saturday morning, I turned onto the Detroit/Superior Bridge and saw the most hilarious/weirdest thing…a guy on rollerblades down on all fours with a wheel for his hands to glide on with a giant stick and flag coming off of the back of him, just gliding down the hill of the bridge. I couldn’t stop laughing!

What’s the next big thing you are looking forward to?
Summertime drinks on patios!

What is a juicy bit of information that you think your fellow plum heads should know about me?
You snore.

the weekend in pictures

Sunday, April 27, 2008

happy easter to me and all of my fellow orthodox people!

christos anesti! : )

so sometimes pictures can speak just as well as words, and that's exactly what you are all about to get.

i have realized that in doing a weekend recap it is just obnoxious and boring to type out AND to read. instead, thanks to my wonderful camera we have pics to tell the story.

here goes.

this weekend was one of the best i have had in a long time thanks mostly to teen and diva coming to visit from pittsburgh. i'm so glad they came i can't thank them enough for doing so. you girls rock.

friday night we hung out in canton and went to dinner with my mom and her friend cathy at
from there we did what diva named the canton 500. where we went from bar to bar downtown. yes canton has a downtown.

we had to stop and look at the art of course...

and there had to be some molestation of john belushi outside of
the blue olive...

i mean is this a tractor?!?! what it is doing in the street? i guess it is art or something...

um teen, interesting position...

saturday we got up and headed to cleveland. first stop the rock and roll hall of fame. and thank you KJ for the free tickets!! xoxo

i totally played tourist at the rockhall and it was so much fun and way entertaining. the biggest realization i had though was how flippin' wee all of the musicians are/were. looking at their actual costumes in front of me i swear the dudes were all 5'4" and a womens size 4. but i don't have any pics because they are not all
owed in the museum. DUH!

next stop. progressive field and the indians vs yankees game. we won! but not so much today, oh well. all i know is that
grady may have his ladies but i wanna be a garko-ho. get it? i seriously love ryan garko.

i also love the batter's eye...

i love the clevelander too...

my friend rob asked me how he could get on my blog...

taking your pants off is probably a good way to accomplish that

after the game and going back to the clevelander, we headed to the public house to visit foxxy. now one would think we would be tired by now.

nope. teen, diva and i headed to
touch supper club for old school hip-hop night. i love this bar but seriously the douchebag door guy has got to go. talk about an arrogant prick.

we looked like shit from being out all day but we didn't mind. as long at the music is good. which it always is.

once we left touch we headed back to my apartment where we found out that lindsay lohan was at the same bar with muffin and the gang in vegas. now i should have been there with them but this weekend was just as cool as vegas. well, may be not as cool but you get the point.

as i mentioned earlier, today is my easter. so i headed back to canton for dinner at my tia jo's house. wanna see the highlights? i knew you would.

hi everybody

zuzanne and her raspberry tiramisu...


how many kids and dogs can you fit in an elevator?

great weekend, for reals. i hope everyone has a great week!

smile, it's friday

Friday, April 25, 2008

my ADD is going to be in fully effect during this post. learn to love it.

so last night georgia peach, dr wild and i went to our new favorite thursday hangout
the tremont taphouse. we drank lots of dogfish head ale (love, the midas touch golden elixir), and ate amazing food as usual. i had the egg burger last night and it is just as good as lolita's version if not a little bit better. omg, gasp.

being the good working girl that i am the georgia peach and i went home in time for all the great tv last night. when i got home i had the wonderful surprise of receiving my package from angela at
angelaboration!!! yay! (see pic)

i won the prize during her pay it forward contest and i can't wait to pay it forward here on clevelands a plum but i am waiting for my sissy to take a very special picture and send it to me before i can do such a thing. hint hint to my sissy. take the damn picture!!!

look for my contest next week!

i was also honored with an award yesterday from the lovely EP from stylish handwriting. she makes my day for sure and i want to give the award back to her, go read her blog! : )

i'm having to rush through this post so i will be awarding it to bloggers that make my day until this weekend. promise!!!

have i mentioned lately how much i love the blogging community? warm and fuzzy all around.

anyways i am beyond pumped for this weekend because two of my very best friends are coming to ohio to hangout with me!! you
have all met teen and my other friend diva (her plumhead of the week has yet to be posted). i am beyond excited for the fun of this weekend.

tonight we are going to canton to hangout with my mom and tomorrow we, (and all my cleveland friends) are going to the indians game. wanna come?!?! you can find us parked at the batter's eye bar - we'll be the group of loud girls.

on a parting note make sure you check out cleveland's america's next top model episode 2. yeah it's a series. god help us all.

i'm going to leave you all with my new favorite song by the flobots, watch it!

sorry for all the randomness associated with this post. normalcy will resume on monday.

cleveland craigslist

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

have you ever put a roommate wanted ad on craigslist?

well i did last week...

and to my surprised i got a crapload of responses. must have been my witty copy writing skills - see thats why i get paid the big bucks kids.

i never thought i was going to be a person who put an ad on craigslist for a roommate.

but i'm in a tough situation.

my current roommate bird is moving back home to lakewood. i love my apartment, my neighborhood, my neighbors and my downtown family. i'm not ready to take the plunge into the housing market even though I KNOW it is the perfect time to. so basically i needed to find someone to fill the second bedroom in my fully furnished and awesome apartment. like quick.

plus, i'm lazy and i don't want to move.

my friends that i reached out to to live with me had either just resigned their lease a month prior or were stuck in their lease for a few more months. nothing was lining up for me.

so i thought what the hell, i'll throw out the bait and see what kinda fish i can reel in.

little did i know that 90% of my applicants would be male. which i don't have a problem with, i guess i just didn't think the response would be so male heavy. ha. male heavy.

i even got a response from a dude i kinda know - or he knows a lot of my friends. his email to me ended up being the most ridiculous response ever, and i totally called him out on it once i outed who i was. i totally should have strung him along for a few emails.

damnit for me being nice.

one of the first emails i received was from a guy named nate. he seemed normal enough, but he only wanted a place for the summer.

initially i thought that wasn't going to work but then the wheels got a turning and if he moved in for the summer then my friend steph could move in end of august when her lease in the building next to mine was up.

yes... this could work.

so we traded emails back and forth.

and considering he could keep up with my banter that was a very good sign.

i then did my version of a background check - googled his name (he was in some weddings which means at least someone likes him), myspace (he looked cute and normal), facebook (yeah i don't have facebook) - so the internet gave me a gist of his general background.

i gave him my full name to google search me, and we became friends on myspace.

i even gave him my blog link.

when he emailed me back saying that if he could be a plum head of the week he was most definitely in for being my roommate, i knew it was worth at least a meeting.


so my new summer roommate nate just left.

he is totally cool!

and not an ax murderer.

i had my neighbor georgia peach on watch duty to listen if i screamed then her and nameless would have to come and rescue me.

instead they just came over, met nate, and gave their neighborly approval.

i'm a good judge of character and i think it's going to work out just fine.

also, maybe he has a hot friend i can make out with. kidding! - kind of. (i know you're reading this nate!)

as much as i am going to miss living with bird. i think this is going to be a fun experience.

who knew craigslist would turn out to be the solution i was looking for.

so i'm curious, has anyone had a super bad (like you think i'm nuts), or super good experience with CL?

do tell, do tell.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i have a boy in my phone whose real name has long since been replaced simply by "Don't Do It".

this replacement happened over two years ago.

first it was simply deleted...

but that didn't work because i knew his number by heart.

i finally gave up and had to resort to "Don't Do It".

doing that was a literal reminder to myself during that time when it took every ounce of will i had in me not to call or text him.

ESPECIALLY when i was drinking my troubles away.

now there is no way in hell i am going to share the full story of how it got to the point of me having to change his name to "Don't Do it", i don't want to bore you all with the details.

although one good thing did come out of the sticky situation - i moved to cleveland and that has turned into one of the best decisions i have ever made.

now getting back to "Don't Do it"...

the time has long, long since passed when i had to actually control the urge to call him. yet i never changed his name in my phone for whatever reason. honestly i don't even think about him all that much, if anything i just look back on that ridiculous time in my life with a fond smile. god i was so out of control! we all were.

so pretty consistently "Don't Do it" and i contact each other every month or two - whether it be a random text or a phone call. i don't think either one of us plans it out that way it just kinda happens.

this past friday it was one of those times.

i got a text from him about a random song that i love. the texts then went back and forth and he ended up calling me.

i don't know how to explain this conversation other than it was just different.

no weirdness, or awkwardness, no white elephant in the room - just two friends talking. we talked about my new car, his job, my blog and his upcoming summer nuptials.

we gossiped about what our common friends have been up to and how glad we are for getting out of NC when we did.

after talking for about a half hour we were getting off the phone and we both said how good it was to talk to each other.

as i closed my phone (no i don't have a blackberry yet), i literally laughed out loud. no clue why.

i then reopened my phone and changed "Don't Do It" to his real name.

funny how things tend to end up working out the way they were supposed to...

my name aint lexy

Monday, April 21, 2008

hello. my name is alexa harriet "something greek".

but i would prefer it if you called me alexa.

not lexy.

for whatever reason, since i started working at my current job EVERYONE calls me lexy. it drives me nuts! in all of my 27 years i have never been called lexy. then all of a sudden it's my name!

i have told all of my coworkers that i prefer alexa. but then the childlike boys i work with that like just to add fuel to the fire started calling me lexypoo at every opportunity. gag!

only poo poo can call me lexypoo.

i thinking the lexy thing started because of my aim name being lexy0702 (instant message me, i'm cool!), and considering that the whole office has to be on aim all the time i'm guessing that people just figured that i preferred to be called lexy.

not so much.

the only time i will answer to lexy is if sexy is in front of it.

sexy lexy, yeah that does work.

names i will answer to:
awesome girl
loud one
triple xa

names i will not answer to:
hey you, with the hair

so i dont get the alexis thing either. i'll introduce myself to someone and it has been known to go something like this, like this:

boy: hey there hot stuff, what's your name?
me: alexa
boy: alexis, nice to meet you
me: actually it's alexA
boy: oh my bad
me: what's your name?
boy: scott
me: hi scottis
boy: it's scott
me: don't like that do you? wow, you're dense. beat it nerd.

moral of the story.

my name is alexa - learn it, live it, love it.

sit buble sit, good dog

Sunday, April 20, 2008

after thursday's BIG night. i was so looking forward to sleeping on friday after work and that was exactly what i did.

saturday morning i woke up early and drove to canton for a hair appointment at gsv salon. afterwards i met my mom at my favorite canton boutique the blissful. as i've mentioned before i love the store and yesterday was the blissful's paris in the springtime sale. there was drinks and food and tons of discounts. such a great way to spend the afternoon.

the wonderful shop owner abby and i even took a picture together to document the shopping spree, perhaps it may even end up on her blog!

of course i didn't leave empty handed - i bought the can can scarf, a french coin necklace and a gold link chain bracelet with large gold disk with an "A" on it (couldn't find the bracelet on the website, but believe me it is so awesome!).

after the blissful my mom and i did some more shopping but i didn't come up with anything too crazy except a couple of shirts from the gap at summit mall.

i rushed home in time to get ready and meet up with captain joe for the michael buble concert. now the buble isn't someone that i would normally swoon over. or even go to his concert, i mean i had heard of him and he obviously he has a good voice but ya know i guess he wasn't a huge draw for me.

yeah, that changed. the buble oozes sex. this dude is such a showman on stage and i can totally see how he gets laid every night on his tour bus (allegedly).

captain joe and i had very good complimentary seats thanks to captain joe's friend allen being in the buble's band (and band leader and co-writer), and also because joe's girlfriend couldn't come to the show. thank god i got to be his #2!!!

after the phenomenal show and captain joe almost getting in a fight with a buble super fan we headed towards the tour buses to meet up with allen. we were going to get to meet the buble, but alas his agent decided to swing in to cleveland and surprise him. blast!

instead we kidnapped allen and headed to the warehouse district to get him good and drunk before the buses left. i'm guessing it was accomplished.

one thing i did realize last night was that i am 110% over w 6th on the weekend. i love my neighborhood sunday through thursday. then friday and saturday comes and the barely legal white trash bus drops off arrogant douchbags and skanks. i can't take it, i'm too old - never again.


today bird and i went to our favorite brunch spot latitude 41 N and from there we realized that we needed to go see forgetting sarah marshall asap.

first off, jason segal is in it (and wrote the screenplay), and being in love with how i met your mother i just needed to get as much of my little marshmallow in as possible.

now i knew the premise of the movie, and i have been reading the blog for awhile now. i also knew that there was going to be some full frontal of my boy jason segal's little sausage, but i guess i didn't realize just how much.

it was hilarious, awkward and endearing all at once! this dude has some serious balls for putting it all out there (pun completely intended).

bird and i laughed the entire time and i would pay to go see it again. i already have my favorite line memorized.

Brian: You don't need to put your P in a V right now.
Peter Bretter: No, I need to B my L on someone's T's.


hope everyones weekend was as good as mine. stay tuned this week for a cleveland's a plum contest! yay!

big world

Friday, April 18, 2008

let's just say that my stomach aches this morning from laughing so much. laughing is the best ab work out ever. last night i went straight from work and met the georgia peach and dr wild at maproom (seriously, maproom - get a website, it's 2008).

the only plans we had was to go out and have a good time. little did we know th
at we would be entering big world! seriously, think super mario brothers 3 level 4 big world.

we had a couple of cocktails at maproom
then we decided to go grab some grub other than pizza at maproom and we started walking towards my car.

walking down w 9th to my parking lot we noticed these really big
jeans hanging from the building in front of this clothing store called krush. they were huge!

the georgia peach proves how massive these bad boys really are

"them are some eatin' pants!", the georgia peach says in her best southern drawl. we laughed our butts off at the large pants and thought that would be the end of big world.

not so much.

with the sun shining and warm weather it was the perfect evening for a drive. but a drive blaring old school hip hop it that much better. my new volvo has an amazing system in it. there is even a subwoofer! but there is for sure something off with three preppy white girls driving around in a VOLVO with bass vibrating everything. booooooooom boooooooooooooooom. we are so hardcore.

but anyways.

we decided on the tremont taphouse for dinner. dr wild and georgia had both been there on a few occasions but i hadn't yet, and i fell in love with the place. the food is phenomenal! like out of this world good. they have an extensive menu with tons of options. we all got a salad (get the iceberg, mmmmmm) and various apps. the empanadas, hot pretzel and short rib sliders. so good, and they have a huge patio in the making. go to this place, you won't regret it!!!

so while we were nibbling on our salads the bartender asked us if we would like fresh ground pepper on our salads. of course we said, and this is what comes out...

that's what she said

um that is the biggest pepper mill ever! we immediately started hysterically laughing. sensing the theme here guys?

upon taking the pepper mill photo we decided that we needed to find other obnoxiously large things in cleveland and document our big world evening. thank god for vodka.

next stop, wait for it..... the free stamp!

come on georgia, you can do it!


hmmm, what else is big in downtown cleveland? how about giant guitar from the rock and roll hall of fame?

dude, that's a big guitar.

after all the photo ops it was time to go back to the bar. i love cleveland's big world.

but to get to the bar, we had to walk past the giant pants again. but this time we had different plans for the massive pants... and at this point i peed my pants...

georgia is IN the pants!!!!

i haven't laughed so hard in a really long time. and people on the street were pointing and laughing at us. which was fine because we like the attention.

maproom couldn't handle us but we all still stayed out way to late.

the only other big things we found were douchebags. ie a drunk lawyer who can put his foot over his head and a drunk accountant who was tea bagging my knee. not making this up, seriously. laughed so hard i cried. sara and i were among rare company for sure.

from maproom we rocked it out at anatomy, donkers and i busted quite the move. or maybe we just bumped into a lot of people.

on tonight's schedule? laundry and sleep.

i'm so cultured

Thursday, April 17, 2008

i was at the theater last night! (said with my best slow snobby english accent)

my tia jo invited me to a great lakes theater festival showing of "alls well that ends well" by the one and only shakespeare. ya know that old british dude?

well i was pleasantly surprised with how much i truly enjoyed the play. i kept expecting them to burst into random song though. i am just so used to going to see musicals.

a laughed really hard when i kept staring at one of the lead guys and i was like why the heck does he look so familiar? yeah, he was in the soap opera passions. i'm not ashamed to admit that i used to watch it. well, maybe i am little bit. but really, how does one go from "passions" to shakespeare with the great lakes theater festival??

it got a tad bit slow at the end but all in all i would give it a B+, cause i am such an esteemed theater critic (also said with my best slow snobby english accent, old chap).

prior to the play my tia jo and i went and checked out bricco on euclid and e 14th. now i had been to the bricco in akron a couple of times so i kinda knew what to expect. but we both were very impressed with the menu and the extensive wine list.

the best part though was how reasonable the prices were. they had CHEAP bottles of wine, like $15 and $18 bucks. that is unheard of! and all the more reason why i will go back with my wino friends.

my tia jo and i split a bottle of wine, an appetizer and both got a pasta dish. unfortunately my pasta wasn't prepared correctly and i actually sent it back (which i NEVER do), and they immediately took it off of our bill. which was the right thing to do. the customer service was on point for sure.

i would go there again, and it is quite the perfect spot for someone traveling in from anywhere in northeast ohio because you can take in bricco before or after any of the events at playhouse square because their kitchen is open late.

so check it out people!

it was a wonderfully fun date night with my aunt and i would do it again.

but now it is a beautiful thursday in cleveland and that means time for happy hour with the downtown family. it should turn into an interesting night. cheers!

bet ya didn't know that about me

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I was tagged by one of my new favorite daily blog reads tipptalk from a[tipp]ical thoughts to do the six-truths meme.

question though, what exactly is a meme? for real. i mean where in the world did that word come from?? i don't get it

so the rules are:

* link to the person that tagged you.
* post the rules on your blog.
* share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
* tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
* let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

here goes...

1. i'm blind. like really blind. my eye prescription is -10.75 in my right eye and -9.75 in my left. plus i have an astigmatism. thank god for contacts. although they are over $400 for a pack. also, it doesn't matter how cute my prada frames are when you have a prescription that high nothing looks good with those coke bottle lenses in them.

2. i'm a picker. i LOVE to pick things. oh, your shoulders are peeling? let me help you with that. you have a zit on your back, hand me a kleenex and your problem is solved. i used to literally pin my sissy down when we were younger and pick her. i feel bad for my future children

3. random people trust me. i don't know if it is my face, or my aura. but random people tell me all sorts of things about themselves. their problems, things going on in their lives or even if they have a wart on their ass. too much information! once i was at a convenience store buying a pack of smokes and a lady literally asked me to hold her baby!! who hands their baby off to a stranger. for real.

4. i am freakishly good at all trivia games. i was undefeated in scene it until i got cocky and let two people play vs just me. but we'll count that as an exception to the normal game play. so if it has to do with entertainment or anything pop culture i am your girl. i don't know where i store all this very important info but it is there. quiz me, i dare you.

5. i failed physics in college 2 times and finally passed with a D the third time. i have no idea why UD required physics for my public relations degree but they did. and it was WAY over my mental capacity. although in their defense it probably would have helped if i went to class more than on just test days.

6. i have never had a boyfriend. EVER. do i think that is weird? hell to the yes. but in my defense it hasn't always been due to lack of offers. i openly admit to having trust issues with men. but only men who have a more than friendly interest in me, ("who me? you like me? nah... how about my friend ______ you guys would be perfect!"). many a therapist has tried to figure out why i'm so closed off to no avail. maybe i'm just beyond picky and don't think half the boys out there are worthy of me (sweet rationalization, lex). i'll just keep telling myself that as i attend another season of weddings dateless. le sigh.

so that's it! hope you all learned something.

and i'm tagging every single of my favorite bloggers. if you wanna do the meme do it, because you know i'll read and enjoy it : )

plum head of the week 4.15.08

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

happy tax day everyone! hope you all get a huge refund!

so i skipped my plum head of the week post last week and my prune of the week!

bad blogger, BAD!

so for this weeks plum head i am proud to talk about my little foxxy.

foxx and i met in a communications class at UD and we ended up being in the same group for a project. the goal was to make an instrument out of something nontraditional and like sing a song or something. well our group made an instrument out of empty beer bottles painted with red and blue with UD on them.

i mean really?

i think we got an A or an F but who really remembers.

there are have been so many good times sprinkled between then and present day. from mackinac island and nights at the public house, to late night steak and shake runs. i really love my special friend foxxy and i'm so happy she is in my life, because who else would cry with me while watching the biggest loser?

Where are you typing from?

Lakewood, OH


Just PASSED my Real Estate exam... and bartending in the meantime

Relationship Status:

Dating a cop

How do you know me?

We met in our Small Group Communications class at Dayton…the rest is history

If you had to sell Cleveland to someone, what would you say?

Sporting events in other cities don’t compare. Browns Sundays and Tribe games at the Batter’s Eye!!

What’s your favorite part about Cleveland?

I love living on the water!!

If you had a last meal on earth what would it be?

Angelo’s pizza….of course poo poo would be invited

What’s your signature wedding drink?

7 and 7’s

Favorite Book?

I’m more of an US Weekly reader myself

Would you rather be the celebrity or in the entourage?

Entourage….celebrities all end up in rehab

Dream vacation destination?

Honestly, anywhere with beaches….maybe the Virgin Islands

Favorite restaurant? (preferably in Cleveland)

Three Bird’s scallops are to die for!!

What’s your favorite blog (besides cleveland’s a plum)?

I’m not much of a blog reader….I make an acception for you cuz I love you

Least favorite day of the week?

Probably Tuesday….accept for the $4 movie night at Westwood

What’s the oddest thing you have ever publicly witnessed?

Paul Burke trying to raft down Kiefaber in the current from the busted fire hydrant

What’s the next big thing you are looking forward to?

My bestie Tim coming home from Iraq!!!

What is a juicy bit of information that you think your fellow plum heads should know about me?

That you love hippie/punks!!

you can go with this - or your can go with that

Monday, April 14, 2008

just home from sushi rock with bird and ma'lady. mmm mmm good. i seriously think i could drink the rock's spicy mayo through a straw i love it so much. wait, that's kind gross now that i think about it.

anyways, on to a whole bunch of business and lots and lots of link love.

do you like my layout?!? i sure do. and that reason i like it so much is because the lovely jess from delicious design studio created it for me. this girls rocks, she is completely helpful, professional and quite cost effective. so jess is currently holding a contest where she is asking her fellow bloggers to write a post linking to her site. she will track the referring links then ta-dah, she will have her winner of a brand new custom blog design! now i'm not really looking to win, because i haven't had this design for all that long, and i still love it. but i couldn't not help spread the word because well frankly i wanna send as much business to her as possible.

so check her out, you won't be disappointed!

next item of business.

one of my new favorite blogs is to kiss the cook and upon checking out TKTC's new posting this morning i was giddy with her love for all things greek and the shout out she gave me. although, how could one not have a crush on all things greek?

so my dear friends and family that love their greekness as much as i do, you must read her post!

next item of business.


yes my dear freaders, i AM somebody.

my favoritest maxie presented me with blog of distinction award. yeah you read that right... DISTINCTION. yeah, it makes me giggle too. but in all sorts of wonderful ways!

now the rules say that i have to present this award to 5 of my favorite blogs that i think are oh so full of distinction.

i'm gonna add a twist to it. why? because i can, and it is my award to pass out.

i'm going to focus only on northeast ohio bloggers. because frankly, i'm one hell of a cleveland cheerleader. and also, the majority of my favorite bloggers have already received this award a couple of times so why not spread the love? so check out these awesome blogs and send um all the traffic they deserve.

confessions of a cohabitant - basically she cracks me the hell up, and i think we would be friends in real life. also, she likes shoes - lots of shoes.
white collar redneck - dude, i wanna put you in my pocket and have you make me laugh all day. is that weird? it's ok if it is.
yes, i'm judging you - anyone that posts videos of himself dancing and singing at the bar is pretty damn cool in my book.
cleveland foodie - this lady made me wanna start a blog, so you can thank her. i also want to go out to dinner with the cleveland foodie and confessions of a cohabitant. why? because i think it would be fun!
chef's widow - i know her! and she just got a rockin' new look for her blog, check it out.
life, liberty and the pursuit of your boyfriend - one of the first cleveland blogs i read, she's like the OG of cleveland rockstar bloggers
cleveland bachelor - because well he is in the same boat as me but a guy version!

finally i leave you all with the most brilliant piece of commercial advertising i have seen in a long time. this commercial cracks me up on so many different levels. i keep watching it over and over and over again.

watch it, you MUST!

what's so wrong with aol?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

so my friend bjackn has been giving me a lot of shit lately about my personal email address being at aol.com.

now i know there are oh so many options for email addresses and i should probably have a gmail email account considering i am using blogger and all. but i don't know, i think that switching email addresses is such a hassle.

i have had the email address lexy0702(at)aol(dot)com since 1994. i'm not kidding, 1994. that is a 14 year relationship - the longest relationship that i have ever had. for reals.

how can i break up with with the aol email address now when it has been so loyal to me after all these years? that would be just mean. so i bring these points up to bjackn and he quickly replies:

"i don't think anyone doubts that you've had that address since 1994. you know what else happened in 1994? grunge. i haven't worn a flannel shirt or listened to a Nirvana album for 13 years, and you're still rocking an aol account. do you still use AOL cd's to log on to the internet and visit chat rooms? and is that thru your phone line, too?"

bjackn - 1
alexa's aol account - 0

point taken.

i also got the point when he then preceded to send me a gmail invitation. i'm thinking about it buddy, i just may need a few days, er, months to say goodbye to lexy0702. don't wo
rry, you'll be the first to get an email from my new address if i ever take the plunge.

until then, me and my email address are going to be rocking it retro style like it is 1994.
also, here's a public service announcement from bjackn - this spring there will be a kickball league in ak-rowdy (akron). games will be played on thursday evenings and play begins may 1st. whole teams can sign up as well as individuals. if you're interested in participating and kicking some balls with bjackn you should check out the kickball ohio website for more information.

i played on Scene's kickball team when i worked there and the best part was getting to take pictures like the following. this was our kicking position. hot huh?

grab your balls, we are playing kickball!

food and such

Saturday, April 12, 2008

[[ sorry to all my blogger friends who don't live in cleveland, yeah this probs will not be the most interesting post for you : ) ]]

so i have been going out to eat a lot the last few days, which is obviously not so awesome for my wasteline but wonderful for my tastebuds.

i seriously love food. so i'm gonna tell you about it.

i had lunch the other day with the wonderful CC at southside in tremont. the hummos was beyond tasty, a great starter. and the kobe burger i had was adequately good while the duck pizza CC had we both would recommend someone to share because it is very rich. i think it would be impossible for a person to eat the whole thing. it has a great combination of flavors.

the same day of the southside lunch i ended up meeting captain joe, mel, caleb and vince the pollack at michael symon's lolita for their famous happy hour. we all lucked out and got seats at the very small bar top. if you don't know about the happy hour yet check out the website for full times and menu but basically it is $4 glasses of wine, $5 select martini's and $2 sierra nevada pale ales. the drink specials are good and all but the real deal comes with the food.

when i said the burger i had from southside was "adequate" it was because i had the lolita burger the same day and it couldn't even compare to the latter. i'm seriously going to be having lolita burger dreams it was so good. the combination of the burger being on an english muffin, topped with bacon, aged cheddar, onions and an egg (!) this is the best burger ever. and it's only $5 like the rest of the food options. don't miss out on this happy hour, but get there early so you get a seat.

friday i had a lunch date with my cousin grog (his friend joe came too). he said it was my choice to choose the restaurant and i had just the place to try out. in this months cleveland magazine there was a mention of a new restaurant right in my office's neck of the woods called elements bistro on euclid i checked the menu out online and it looked good so why not?

the restaurant decor was impressive, very clean and new. the place was also packed full of business types and i was beginning to wonder why i didn't check it out sooner. the menu is intensive, lots of different options with a focus on ohio products which is always good to see.

the food was excellent. the elements starter salad with warm goat cheese, dried cherries, walnuts and a stadium mustard vinaigrette was delish! who would have thought stadium mustard vinaigrette would be good? it was.

the peiroge and sausage selection was excellent and a huge portion for the price. my other companions also enjoyed their burger and shrimp plate.

the only downfall was the service, you can tell they were experiencing some growing pains. it was blatantly our servers first day. unless she was really just that dumb. if the food wasn't so good i would probably not go back because of the slow service. but i guess you could say tasty food out weighs our server, and i will be back.

so i think that's all the places i've dined out recently unless you count the digiorno pizza i ate for dinner at the cleveland gladiators game on friday night too bad they lost. boo!

now i think this post is officially long enough, but i have to mention a couple more things. like my saturday fun day with MOB.

we went and saw "smart people" at crocker during the day. it was good, i liked it more than MOB. i laughed more than i thought i would. the whole cast was great minus sarah jessica parker, i just don't think she gelled with the group. oh well, it is still an entertaining flick.

after the movie we decided to have ONE drink at mccarthy's downtown. yeah, too bad that doesn't normally work when MOB and i get together. we got there at 4:30 and we didn't leave till after midnight. i'll just go ahead and leave it at that for the sake of my mother.

good times.

presents and babies

Thursday, April 10, 2008

aside from all of the annoying things that happened yesterday there were quite a few AMAZING things that occurred to trump all of the negativity!

i got a package and TWO of my friends had a baby!




first, let's talk package.

the wonderful and amazing jenn from free and flawed held a little contest a while back where she asked her readers to help name her new all things geeky blog. and guess what? she chose my submission! how cool is that? i even got a prize package!

so when i got home yesterday feeling all icky i opened my mailbox and ta-dah! a present!

i got a pedicure set (LOVE), some mint-tastic lip balm (LOVE) and an i-tunes gift card which i am going to make one banging cd out of. yippee!

jenn - seriously this made my day. thank you. also when you posted this about one of my anonymous commenters deciding to cross the line and be a hater on your blog, you also made me LOL - which i needed. you're hilarious.

now you all just have to read her new blog that little 'ol me helped to name : )

check it out ----> must love geek

now onto the babies!!!!!

my record for predicting the sex of a baby is still perfect! patti-o and her husband tony welcomed a baby girl, the beautiful rose francis, into the world yesterday. congratulations! now i only have a camera phone picture so it's kinda fuzzy but here's patti-o and baby rose.

i can't wait to meet her!

now my second friend that had a baby yesterday is my bestest friend d-ray. not too long ago i headed to "the bubble" (grosse pointe), for her baby shower and i can't believe the baby is here already! d-ray and her husband terry welcomed a baby girl - the beautiful eleanor jane!! yay!!

when i got the text that d-ray had her baby i had serious perma-smile. this is such a wonderful occasion! i'm going to be the best auntie alexa, THE BEST. and d-ray i am not going to be able to wait until august to meet ellie, how's this weekend?


i am so thankful for these two healthy new additions for my friends! congrats guys!!!!

also - i am fully aware of the redunkulous amount of exclamation points that i included in this post. sue me, i'm flippin' excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also x2 - foxxy had the most comical comment about the baby names that just needs to be repeated. when i texted her about d-ray's arrival she replied back, "rose and eleanor, what is this 1912?". haha. foxxy darling, classic traditional names are all the rage.

just one of those days

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

i realized today that there is a lot of anonymous anger out there on the internet. but i also realized that for every single hater out there there are 100 more supportive readers.

i want to thank all of the cool kids (who actually admit to who they are), for voicing your opinions and giving your advice. thank you, truly.

anonymous comment people - boo to you. i now condemn you to anonymous comment hell.

this whole blogger vs non-blogger thing is crazy, i didn't expect it.

ya learn something new everyday.

and yes, i learned my lesson.

but do you want to know what i'm doing right now?

i'm drinking a glass, er - bottle of champagne and enjoying this wonderful night in cleveland with my friends.

i don't want to dwell on the previous post and all the hubaloo it caused - but i do want to go ahead and thank you all for giving my blog the highest unique visitor and pageload stats ever. see, there was a little positive to come from all this drama. haha.

i will leave you all with this... the original post that caused all the stir was intended to have a sense of sarcasm to it.

was i really going to write about cocaine benders and group sex? no. because i don't actually do either of those things. duh!

would i ever ACTUALLY post something out there that i would at the end of the day be embarrassed or ashamed of? no.

i am a loyal, smart, sensitive, funny and pretty darn amazing person if i do say so myself. i'm not an idiot, and i'm not about to put everything i have worked so hard for in jeopardy.

gimmie some credit here.

the majority of you are all sorts of awesome (especially my mom), and who didn't enjoy a little bit of crazy on a random wednesday?