big world

Friday, April 18, 2008

let's just say that my stomach aches this morning from laughing so much. laughing is the best ab work out ever. last night i went straight from work and met the georgia peach and dr wild at maproom (seriously, maproom - get a website, it's 2008).

the only plans we had was to go out and have a good time. little did we know th
at we would be entering big world! seriously, think super mario brothers 3 level 4 big world.

we had a couple of cocktails at maproom
then we decided to go grab some grub other than pizza at maproom and we started walking towards my car.

walking down w 9th to my parking lot we noticed these really big
jeans hanging from the building in front of this clothing store called krush. they were huge!

the georgia peach proves how massive these bad boys really are

"them are some eatin' pants!", the georgia peach says in her best southern drawl. we laughed our butts off at the large pants and thought that would be the end of big world.

not so much.

with the sun shining and warm weather it was the perfect evening for a drive. but a drive blaring old school hip hop it that much better. my new volvo has an amazing system in it. there is even a subwoofer! but there is for sure something off with three preppy white girls driving around in a VOLVO with bass vibrating everything. booooooooom boooooooooooooooom. we are so hardcore.

but anyways.

we decided on the tremont taphouse for dinner. dr wild and georgia had both been there on a few occasions but i hadn't yet, and i fell in love with the place. the food is phenomenal! like out of this world good. they have an extensive menu with tons of options. we all got a salad (get the iceberg, mmmmmm) and various apps. the empanadas, hot pretzel and short rib sliders. so good, and they have a huge patio in the making. go to this place, you won't regret it!!!

so while we were nibbling on our salads the bartender asked us if we would like fresh ground pepper on our salads. of course we said, and this is what comes out...

that's what she said

um that is the biggest pepper mill ever! we immediately started hysterically laughing. sensing the theme here guys?

upon taking the pepper mill photo we decided that we needed to find other obnoxiously large things in cleveland and document our big world evening. thank god for vodka.

next stop, wait for it..... the free stamp!

come on georgia, you can do it!


hmmm, what else is big in downtown cleveland? how about giant guitar from the rock and roll hall of fame?

dude, that's a big guitar.

after all the photo ops it was time to go back to the bar. i love cleveland's big world.

but to get to the bar, we had to walk past the giant pants again. but this time we had different plans for the massive pants... and at this point i peed my pants...

georgia is IN the pants!!!!

i haven't laughed so hard in a really long time. and people on the street were pointing and laughing at us. which was fine because we like the attention.

maproom couldn't handle us but we all still stayed out way to late.

the only other big things we found were douchebags. ie a drunk lawyer who can put his foot over his head and a drunk accountant who was tea bagging my knee. not making this up, seriously. laughed so hard i cried. sara and i were among rare company for sure.

from maproom we rocked it out at anatomy, donkers and i busted quite the move. or maybe we just bumped into a lot of people.

on tonight's schedule? laundry and sleep.


  1. uhm. i now want to see all of those landmarks.


  2. I think laundry and sleep would be on my schedule this morning if I had a night like that. Those pants are hilarious!

  3. LMFAO, you're awesome. I need a night out like this.

    Although, I'd end up hungover for three days...

  4. We are SO SO SO going to recreate this in chicago!

    and I love the that's what she said joke, but you already know this.

    the TWSS thing reminded me of the episode where dwight is eating the grapes and michael says TWSS and no one gets it and he explains it as "fruit. seductive."

    Love it. hahaha

  5. Oh. My. God. You crack me up!!!! I wanted to crawl into the pants when I saw the first picture...but then I Saw the last picture...and WHOA! Beat me to it!! DANG!!!

    I'm laughing so hard right boss is looking at me funny...

  6. sounds like a fabulous night! i want to see those big ass jeans! ha, that pepper thing?! reminds me of the satc episode with the same innuendos.

  7. why does cleveland sound like so much fun!! maybe i'll come in town for a tigers/indians game, check it out for myself :)

  8. Oh man, reading this was great. The big pans are awesome, me wants!

  9. I still laugh every time I think about being inside the pant leg!!

    Then there was the wierd, "there's something about Mary" guy which of course we encouraged with my 'updo'.

    Good Times!!

  10. Pee in your pants fun is the best!!

    Looks like so much fun!

  11. I want to see all of these giant things!!!

  12. That is funny and very large pants and pepper grinder (that's what she said!) Hilarious. If Cleveland is a plum, I wonder what Chicago is? A hot dog maybe?

  13. Dude, that guy in the peppermill picture is HAWT WITH A CAPITAL HAWT.

  14. duetlich -you can you can!

    nilsa - i was so tired after all the shenanigans that i went straight to bed after work. over 12 hours later, i'm back to normal!

    mel - those nights are SO fun. come on, you know where are that stuff is! also, the hangover blew

    maxie - TWSS unite!

    kali - great minds think alike

    brookem - it was fabulous, and i thought about the satc episode too.

    tiff - because it is that fun!! and you are more than welcome to come for a tigers game. it would be so fun!!!

    kiera - thanks, but i think they may be a bit too big for you : )

    georgia - i had to draw the line somewhere with the embarrassing pics. so much fun!

    teen - yes we can, obviously

    tipp - good thing i lived near by. haha.

    jenn - you are officially invited to cleveland

    bayjp - interesting you asked that question, because there just may be a contest involving that very question coming up!! hint hint

    the ex - i thought that too, but he had a girl with him (the giant pepper mill is covering her face), we would have totally spit some game his way if he was alone. sigh.

  15. talk about ab workout! they are still sore & I still crack up thinking about that night! I didnt realize georgia videoed my laugh! sometime you have to put up her cameron diaz impression! it was a BIG night! so much fun should be illegal( HA - we should have gotten arrested (or pretended) - we would have been in BIG trouble! ha!) goodness . . .

  16. A) IN THE PANTS made me laugh out loud. Absurd and I LOVE it.

    B) Totally unrelated but this just made me really jealous that you live in Cleveland:

  17. I love how the photos kept on getting more funny as the night went on.

    So, apparently I'm meeting you in June, so it only seemed appropriate to drop by and say hello!

  18. dr wild - no thanks to getting arrested!

    tktc - the market is AMAZING! you should come and see it!

    princess - hello to you too, i'm sure we'll get more acquainted on the crazy blogger weekend : )


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