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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

have you ever put a roommate wanted ad on craigslist?

well i did last week...

and to my surprised i got a crapload of responses. must have been my witty copy writing skills - see thats why i get paid the big bucks kids.

i never thought i was going to be a person who put an ad on craigslist for a roommate.

but i'm in a tough situation.

my current roommate bird is moving back home to lakewood. i love my apartment, my neighborhood, my neighbors and my downtown family. i'm not ready to take the plunge into the housing market even though I KNOW it is the perfect time to. so basically i needed to find someone to fill the second bedroom in my fully furnished and awesome apartment. like quick.

plus, i'm lazy and i don't want to move.

my friends that i reached out to to live with me had either just resigned their lease a month prior or were stuck in their lease for a few more months. nothing was lining up for me.

so i thought what the hell, i'll throw out the bait and see what kinda fish i can reel in.

little did i know that 90% of my applicants would be male. which i don't have a problem with, i guess i just didn't think the response would be so male heavy. ha. male heavy.

i even got a response from a dude i kinda know - or he knows a lot of my friends. his email to me ended up being the most ridiculous response ever, and i totally called him out on it once i outed who i was. i totally should have strung him along for a few emails.

damnit for me being nice.

one of the first emails i received was from a guy named nate. he seemed normal enough, but he only wanted a place for the summer.

initially i thought that wasn't going to work but then the wheels got a turning and if he moved in for the summer then my friend steph could move in end of august when her lease in the building next to mine was up.

yes... this could work.

so we traded emails back and forth.

and considering he could keep up with my banter that was a very good sign.

i then did my version of a background check - googled his name (he was in some weddings which means at least someone likes him), myspace (he looked cute and normal), facebook (yeah i don't have facebook) - so the internet gave me a gist of his general background.

i gave him my full name to google search me, and we became friends on myspace.

i even gave him my blog link.

when he emailed me back saying that if he could be a plum head of the week he was most definitely in for being my roommate, i knew it was worth at least a meeting.


so my new summer roommate nate just left.

he is totally cool!

and not an ax murderer.

i had my neighbor georgia peach on watch duty to listen if i screamed then her and nameless would have to come and rescue me.

instead they just came over, met nate, and gave their neighborly approval.

i'm a good judge of character and i think it's going to work out just fine.

also, maybe he has a hot friend i can make out with. kidding! - kind of. (i know you're reading this nate!)

as much as i am going to miss living with bird. i think this is going to be a fun experience.

who knew craigslist would turn out to be the solution i was looking for.

so i'm curious, has anyone had a super bad (like you think i'm nuts), or super good experience with CL?

do tell, do tell.


  1. Seems your CL roommate search went better than mine. I posted up twice and all I got was a bunch of scams (girls from outside the country looking to move here) or deadbeats. Maybe I was a bit too honest about myself. :-/

    But otherwise, Craiglist is mint! I found my apartment on CL. I've bought furniture, art, random stuff and a car off CL. I sold a bunch of things on CL (couch, TV, car). I even use it sometimes to sell stuff for my boss.... Now I'm just hoping I can find a new job on there....

  2. 1) Please do not remind me that you still don't have facebook. It makes me weep. You're cruel.

    2) I don't think you should be making out with your roommate. That's VERY irresponsible. I think that maybe I need to take him off your hands? yes.

    3) I think he's going to be very scared of me after bullet number 2. HA

    4) Do people from cleveland have an accent? I know, so random. But I was just wondering.

  3. Move to Chicago and be my roommate!

  4. Maybe he has 2 hot friends???

  5. Before I moved I listed everything I wanted to sell on craigslist: tvs, couches, chairs...

    I SOLD EVERYTHING 12 hours from listing it! I love Craigslist. People were outbidding other people to get my crap!

    Also I advertised my garage sale on there, and we got an enormous turnout!

  6. That's sweet that it all worked out! And Nate, I like the name Nate. I have a feeling Nate's are good peeps.

    Have fun!

  7. I hope it's not the Nate I dated our Senior Year... ;)At least you wouldn't have to worry about him trying anything!!!

  8. First of all, that bedroom has had some very excellent residents. Nate has some big (or cute and petite as it were) shoes to fill.

    Second, I one time tried to sell my cat on Craig's list. I had some takers but I really love him and got really sad when I thought of anyone else scooping his poop.

    Third, what is the link to your Craigslist add?

  9. you don't have facebook OR gmail?!! i'm thinking you need to remedy this situation :)

  10. I found a cool roommate on CL too! Things didn't work out for me financially, so I couldn't move in with her but we're good friends now.

    Also, I found Married Guy on CL.
    You can count that as a super bad or super good experience.

  11. a) I totally agree with Michelle. FB ALL THE WAY! 'Sides, I deleted my Myspace :(

    b) No tales from CL yet.. but I am using it to find affordable living in Providence, RI. I am SO moving outta this area. I just need a damn job. Ha!

    c) My friend DID get the CUTEST kitten evar from CL.. so maybe that's something?

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  13. i found our house on CL. it is the best. i have heard/read some creepy stories about it. good thing your neighbors were listening for your scream, however, how would they determine the difference btw your normal everyday voice and a scream? it's all REALLY loud! so excited for this weekend!

  14. I loooooooooooooooove CL.
    I found my job on CL.
    Then I hated my commute. So I made a post looking for a roommate, and got the BEST ROOMMATE EVERRRR, from CL.
    Then we found our adorably amazing house on CL.

    Before I met Miss Roommate though, I went on a bunch of "roommate dates" with other roommates, and it was the most awkward experience of my life. It was like going on a ton of first dates, with girls.

  15. Craigslist is such a crapshoot with stuff.

    No really a crap shoot. People are launching feces at each other in their home office

  16. I found my current place on Craig's List, but not a roommate. But if decent people like me use it, then it's likely that other decent people use it. Best of luck!

  17. I've been a lurker for awhile (found you from freeandflawed) and enjoy your blog. I finally have to introduce myself because I LOVE CL and have the ultimate good story.

    I met a man on CL 2.5 years ago (he responded to my post). In 2 weeks, we're getting married! I've also bought and sold a condo via CL, and a bunch of furniture, plus a dog for my mom. I'm a huge CL fan! :)

  18. I just use craigslist for laughs. The free stuff is the best section if you need a pick me up.

  19. bloggingjason - the readers must have seen what a true a genuine person i am, unlike you ; )

    maxie- i said that i didn't have facebook especially FOR YOU! i'm not going to make out with my new roommate silly - he has a girlfriend. and i don't think cleveland people have an accent!! we are perfect.

    jenn- you can move to cleveland and be MY roommate!

    dr wild - we can only be so lucky

    tiff - you are PRO CL. love it.

    brookem - nates are good people!

    kerryann - HAHAHA!!!

    poo poo - no roommate will ever be a cool as you.

    michelle - i know i know. im just procrastinating

    douchegirl - friend, good. married guy.. hmmmm

    deutlich - you deleted myspace!! BOO!

    teen - you are so funny aren't you. i am beyond excited to see you this weekend. for real!

    joy - you are like a poster child for CL. love the enthusiasm ha. but girl dates, not so much.

    rs - did you just throw poo at me?

    noelle - decent people like you AND me

    tia - thank you thank you! and that is the best story ever. congrats on your wedding!!!! : )

    megkathleen - yeah that is some funny stuff. the casual encounters on the other hand.... ha

  20. The only good experiences I've had from CL is in finding my last two jobs.

    Oh, and the Best of Craiglist is the greatest thing ever, haha.

  21. I think you have some balls to meet a roommate through CL.

  22. Finally, I have a minute to catch up with your blog. I think it's fantastic you found a great roommate and possible future friend on CL.

    I tried CL for "dating" in Chicago years ago. It was god-awful. Everyone was a liberal freak (and I'm pretty darn liberal, so they were most certainly over the edge). Overly opinionated, verging on outright rude guys. And a lot of guys would profess to be things they absolutely were not. I grew to HATE the CL dating section.

  23. I met my fiance on CL! So there you go. I've also gotten a plethora of great jobs and apartments out of it. And I have lots of friends who've found roommates on CL with great results.

  24. should move to Portland and live with me...or at least Jenn should since we both need roomies now.
    I think CL is great...I found two awesome couches ont here from normal people with no weird stains on them. Um...not so much my thing to find a guy on there....or a roomie....but whatever floats your boat.
    Don't make out with Nate, make out with Nate's hot friends FOR SURE! I'm so excited for you!

    p.s. I'm going to Vegas Sunday...and it makes me sad that you won't be there to get drunk with me during the daytime when Rhys is working....sadness. But I'm brining my little mac and I'll be blogging the whole time!!! need to make a wordpress name so that I can add you to my new blog list.....SOON! I miss ya!


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