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Saturday, April 12, 2008

[[ sorry to all my blogger friends who don't live in cleveland, yeah this probs will not be the most interesting post for you : ) ]]

so i have been going out to eat a lot the last few days, which is obviously not so awesome for my wasteline but wonderful for my tastebuds.

i seriously love food. so i'm gonna tell you about it.

i had lunch the other day with the wonderful CC at southside in tremont. the hummos was beyond tasty, a great starter. and the kobe burger i had was adequately good while the duck pizza CC had we both would recommend someone to share because it is very rich. i think it would be impossible for a person to eat the whole thing. it has a great combination of flavors.

the same day of the southside lunch i ended up meeting captain joe, mel, caleb and vince the pollack at michael symon's lolita for their famous happy hour. we all lucked out and got seats at the very small bar top. if you don't know about the happy hour yet check out the website for full times and menu but basically it is $4 glasses of wine, $5 select martini's and $2 sierra nevada pale ales. the drink specials are good and all but the real deal comes with the food.

when i said the burger i had from southside was "adequate" it was because i had the lolita burger the same day and it couldn't even compare to the latter. i'm seriously going to be having lolita burger dreams it was so good. the combination of the burger being on an english muffin, topped with bacon, aged cheddar, onions and an egg (!) this is the best burger ever. and it's only $5 like the rest of the food options. don't miss out on this happy hour, but get there early so you get a seat.

friday i had a lunch date with my cousin grog (his friend joe came too). he said it was my choice to choose the restaurant and i had just the place to try out. in this months cleveland magazine there was a mention of a new restaurant right in my office's neck of the woods called elements bistro on euclid i checked the menu out online and it looked good so why not?

the restaurant decor was impressive, very clean and new. the place was also packed full of business types and i was beginning to wonder why i didn't check it out sooner. the menu is intensive, lots of different options with a focus on ohio products which is always good to see.

the food was excellent. the elements starter salad with warm goat cheese, dried cherries, walnuts and a stadium mustard vinaigrette was delish! who would have thought stadium mustard vinaigrette would be good? it was.

the peiroge and sausage selection was excellent and a huge portion for the price. my other companions also enjoyed their burger and shrimp plate.

the only downfall was the service, you can tell they were experiencing some growing pains. it was blatantly our servers first day. unless she was really just that dumb. if the food wasn't so good i would probably not go back because of the slow service. but i guess you could say tasty food out weighs our server, and i will be back.

so i think that's all the places i've dined out recently unless you count the digiorno pizza i ate for dinner at the cleveland gladiators game on friday night too bad they lost. boo!

now i think this post is officially long enough, but i have to mention a couple more things. like my saturday fun day with MOB.

we went and saw "smart people" at crocker during the day. it was good, i liked it more than MOB. i laughed more than i thought i would. the whole cast was great minus sarah jessica parker, i just don't think she gelled with the group. oh well, it is still an entertaining flick.

after the movie we decided to have ONE drink at mccarthy's downtown. yeah, too bad that doesn't normally work when MOB and i get together. we got there at 4:30 and we didn't leave till after midnight. i'll just go ahead and leave it at that for the sake of my mother.

good times.


  1. I don't think I have to live in Cleveland to drool.

  2. Ditto TKTC. That Lolita burger sounds RIDICULOUS!

  3. I also ate out so much this weekend. On Wednesday, I went to a party upstairs at Lolita and ate hanger steak, mac and cheese and scallops. (A few of my coworkers shared our dishes.)
    J. Alexandar's on Friday because the B.F. and I had gift card and then to Bar Cento last night. The fingerling potato pizza is freaking amazing.

    Back to the gym -- every day next week.

  4. Are you kidding me? No mention of our tableside experience with "Mr. Sweaty-Head Manager"?!? Could that really have been all sweat? It looked like he had been bobbing for apples behind the bar. I know it made a lasting impression (or depression) on Jim, previously identifed as "Joe", (but thats OK..he is easygoing) as he brought it up at dinner later that night. Your readers should go..the food is great, just be prepared with an extra napkin...or beach towel...or squeegee.

  5. McCarthy's downtown is next door to me. Although I usually prefer to stumble into the Harbor Inn than McCarthy's. I'll keep my eyes peeled for fellow bloggers next time I make the rounds in the Flats.

  6. Sounds delicious! I was thinking about seeing "Smart People" but I think it only seemed interesting in comparison to all the other stuff that's filling up the theaters these days.

  7. chicken and waffles at southside is ridonkulous.

  8. why didn't you post the photo you sent me from mccathy's? sinner.

  9. julybug - drool away!

    TKTC - oh it is!

    allison - me too. gym everyday this week! monday, check. now i just need to follow through with the rest of the week

    grog - i felt bad for the sweaty forehead guy!!! i didn't want to knock him too bad. in his defense, i saw him today as well and he wasn't all that sweaty.

    narm - im normally i harbor inn kind of girl, but we needed food so mccarthys was the choice.

    noelle - yeah the flicks that are coming out these days are just that, fillers. but it was the most interesting one out there this week.

    bjackn - that shit is tight!!! so damn rich though. talk about a heart attack on a plate.

    teen - that photo was for your eyes only ; )


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