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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

when i checked my email this morning i got very excited because i had a new kids on the block tour announcement email!!

instantly excited, i clicked through to the website to check out the tour dates to see when i was going to see my boys.

i wasn't happy.

there were only ten dates announced but no cleveland. where's cleveland?!?!

the little girl inside me cried a bit. then the adult in me realized that they MUST be announcing more dates. they must! i'll keep thinking positively.

so because i am confidant in what a beautiful woman i grew up to be i can share the following picture with you.

yes, that is me age 10, with my nkotb birthday cake - it even has my name on it!

the outfit, the glasses, the headband. i mean i don't even know what do with this picture but laugh. but it is proof ladies and gentlemen that i am true nkotb fan. they better be coming to cleveland.


the cavs just lost. they need me there to win - i'm serious. someone should have given me a ticket (cough, cough nameless). damn those wizards! ugh. i guessing lebron is doing this right about now...

yes, that is gary coleman as lebron


on a happy note, a happy birthday note that is. one of my favorite friends miss muffin is celebrating her birthday today! strike that pose lady. hope it's the best year yet and i can't wait to do dinner on friday : )


  1. Oh oh oh oh oh.

    Oh oh oh oh.

    Oh oh oh oh oh.

    The right stuff.

  2. that pictures made me crack up. I have many similar ones... thank god for contacts is all I have to say. lol

  3. Oh, man, this is how I felt when Hanson decided not to come through to Atlanta *or* Boston. Sure, I could have gone to Hampton Beach...if I had a car.

    Fortunately, when my other loves had their comeback, I was able to go. I should find and scan my Backstreet Boys birthday cake from when I turned 13. My mom, ever the artist, drew their faces in icing. It was amazing: Best birthday cake ever.

  4. Love the picture. You are brave, you are my hero.

  5. Gary Coleman is getting a lot of play on our blogs.

    I don't know what that says about us.

  6. Alexa, were you a Jordan, Justin or Joey girl (let's face it, no one was a Danny or Donnie girl)?

    BOO CAVS!!!!!!!!!!

    YAY MUFFIN!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wow! You really are a NKOTB fan. I always loved Joey. I wouldn't mind seeing him shake his butt like a pre-teen on stage.

  8. Wow, your name right next to NKOTB, all there in icing. No wonder you looked so happy.

    And now, thanks to So@24, I'll be singing The Right Stuff for the rest of the day. And I don't think I mind.

  9. Um, that cake is amazing. AMAZING.

    I hope they add Cleveland to their tour!

  10. I am feeling a road trip will be necessary in the near future . . .

  11. oh. my. god. that is an AWESOME picture.

    i wasn't allowed much exposure to "popular culture" back in the NKOTB heyday, so i never was a fan :-(

  12. You have to go to the next Cavs game and bring that Gary Coleman thing, I think LeBron would love to have it.

  13. I was also disappointed by the NKOTB dates.

    Why the F did the Q create those ugly colored shirts? I want to go on Friday.

  14. When i was a kid i got backstage passes to the New Kids concert and met Jordan, John and Danny. I was the coolest kid in school! Lex i loooove that picture of you!

  15. so@24 - oh, i know i got the right stuff. snap. i'm also hangin' tough.

    maxie - thank god!

    holly - i'd like to see a picture of that cake

    tipp - yeah, it's pretty damn embarrassing, but i know i'm cute now so it's ok. haha

    rs27 - it says that we are cool, duh.

    cblake - um court, there is no justin in NKOTB!

    dolce - i have another confession to make. i saw joey last year when he came to the HOB. his booty was still oh so fine. ::face blushes::

    noelle - it's the little things that make a 10 year old happy. the little things. ha

    jess - oh it was amazing, and ME TOO!

    dr wild - yes, but i hope it doesn't come to that

    alice - well you can jump on that band wagon now. it's never too late to be a groupie

    surviving myself - i will! now i must plot how to steal it from the wall that it is hanging on.

    allison m - yeah, what's up with that mustard color?!? gag.

    diva - you were ALWAYS the coolest kid in school, duh.

  16. Happy Birthday Muffin!!!

  17. That picture makes my Aladdin castle cake look bad haha!

  18. I think I had those same glasses.

  19. Well, if not Cleveland, then maybe Chicago? Though, if you do go to the concert wherever they may be playing, I think you need to bring back that 10-year-old outfit. Awesome.

  20. That picture has got to be one of the funniest pictures I've ever seen. Tell me you still have that outfit!!

    So...feel free to hate me, but I didn't know NKOTB had reunited. Did every band member come back?

  21. maybe they're coming to columbus or pittsburgh. :)

    and i have incriminating pictures just like that. although not a NKOTB cake unfortunately. damn.

  22. Woopsy! Jooooooooooohnathan! I guess I just can't think "boy band" without the name Justin somehow being associated!

  23. Oh, NKOTB. Exciting that they're having a reunion tour, not so exciting they will be going to other cities than yours (and mine). I had a NKOTB Ken-like doll. And he had a rat tail. Awesome, no?

    Your birthday cake makes me smile. And if I had been more into them, I would have requested one and would have a picture exactly like that.

  24. This post reminded me that I actually dreamt that I was going to see the New Kids last night. It's like I'm 10 again-- dreaming about Joe's high pitched crooning!


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