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Thursday, April 17, 2008

i was at the theater last night! (said with my best slow snobby english accent)

my tia jo invited me to a great lakes theater festival showing of "alls well that ends well" by the one and only shakespeare. ya know that old british dude?

well i was pleasantly surprised with how much i truly enjoyed the play. i kept expecting them to burst into random song though. i am just so used to going to see musicals.

a laughed really hard when i kept staring at one of the lead guys and i was like why the heck does he look so familiar? yeah, he was in the soap opera passions. i'm not ashamed to admit that i used to watch it. well, maybe i am little bit. but really, how does one go from "passions" to shakespeare with the great lakes theater festival??

it got a tad bit slow at the end but all in all i would give it a B+, cause i am such an esteemed theater critic (also said with my best slow snobby english accent, old chap).

prior to the play my tia jo and i went and checked out bricco on euclid and e 14th. now i had been to the bricco in akron a couple of times so i kinda knew what to expect. but we both were very impressed with the menu and the extensive wine list.

the best part though was how reasonable the prices were. they had CHEAP bottles of wine, like $15 and $18 bucks. that is unheard of! and all the more reason why i will go back with my wino friends.

my tia jo and i split a bottle of wine, an appetizer and both got a pasta dish. unfortunately my pasta wasn't prepared correctly and i actually sent it back (which i NEVER do), and they immediately took it off of our bill. which was the right thing to do. the customer service was on point for sure.

i would go there again, and it is quite the perfect spot for someone traveling in from anywhere in northeast ohio because you can take in bricco before or after any of the events at playhouse square because their kitchen is open late.

so check it out people!

it was a wonderfully fun date night with my aunt and i would do it again.

but now it is a beautiful thursday in cleveland and that means time for happy hour with the downtown family. it should turn into an interesting night. cheers!


  1. What guy from Passions?

    I used to skip class in college sometimes to watch it. . . so don't feel too bad!!

  2. Was it Kyle from Real World Chicago? He was on Passions. Um, I read that somewhere.

    If you want to be stuffy you need to spell it "theatre"

  3. which Passions boy was it??

    and it's "theatah"

  4. uhm. italian food + wine = awesome.

    we should go there when Maxie and I roll thru..


  5. You never once mentioned that you thought you recognized a guy from Passions..........did it dawn on you later??? And, which guy???
    I enjoyed this play way more than Measure For Measure, the last one I saw at Great Lakes.......or maybe it was just because I was with my fun niece this time!!!
    You forgot to mention that you can valet your car for $6 at Bricco's, eat, see the show, then come back and have drinks or dessert there after.

  6. Um I based my college schedule are passions and Days of our Lives. I loved when charity would have are preminisions. Did I spell that right? I have never been a speller.

  7. Apparently I need to read my comments before I add as well. Sorry.

  8. idea #527 - it was a dude that played ethan for a hot second.

    rs27 - my friend went to high school with kyle from the real world!

    hillary - theatahhhhhhh : )

    deutlich - damn straight we can!

    tia jo - that is what you are there for, to remind my readers!

    beav - i did that too! did we watch it together?!?!

    beav - you are my favorite.

  9. My aunt works for the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. I remember years ago, my family got tickets to a play. I was grouchy, because I never remember liking Shakespeare in school. However, I loved the show. And eventually was a multi-season subscriber to the theater. When Shakespeare is done right, by trained actors, it is really darn good!

  10. I'm going to an art show tonight! we are so effin cultured.

    and 15-18 dollar bottles of wine? that sounds AMAZING.

  11. This is going to sound bad. . . The first Ethan (who was Keith on Scrubs, which reminds me I miss Kieth!!)OR the Ethan that later went on to be in the show with Fran Drescher on the old WB? The latter Ethan is from IL and we actually have friends in common from the UofIL. That's where he went to.

    I'm almost ashamed to know this considering I don't watch soaps anymore really besides randomly on Soapnet, but Kyle from the Real World was on Days of Our Lives not Passions. He's from the Chicago Suburbs though ironically.

  12. Hey, I'm not REALLY stuffy and I've always spelled theatre like this, (of course, I am a Theatre Major!) A little background on how this came to be (in case anyone is actually interested!).......Francis Hodge published an article about this in THEATRE SURVEY in the late 1960's. "Theater" is a result of Noah Webster's efforts in the 1830s to create an American language purified of English spellings: that's when we lost "colour" "centre" and a lot of other words that Noah deemed to be too British for the new American
    democracy. Since the American theatre/theater at the time was still dominated by British actors and managers, along with American actors and managers trying to suggest that theater/theatre was a high class art, the practitioners rather stubbornly clung to the British spelling. There have been a lot of attempts to differentiate usage ever since, but whatever the market or editor or style sheet will accept will work. A polling of the members of a musicals mailing list asked the preferred
    spelling. The overwhelming support was for 'theatre' over 'theater'
    for several reasons, among them a) that 'theater' represented the
    building and 'theatre' represented the art and b) that Americans were
    the only country that spelled the word 'theater', and it would be more international in flavor to use 'theatre'. It was also said that 'theatre' looked more elegant.

    You probably all got way more info than you wanted!..Sorry!


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