just one of those days

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

i realized today that there is a lot of anonymous anger out there on the internet. but i also realized that for every single hater out there there are 100 more supportive readers.

i want to thank all of the cool kids (who actually admit to who they are), for voicing your opinions and giving your advice. thank you, truly.

anonymous comment people - boo to you. i now condemn you to anonymous comment hell.

this whole blogger vs non-blogger thing is crazy, i didn't expect it.

ya learn something new everyday.

and yes, i learned my lesson.

but do you want to know what i'm doing right now?

i'm drinking a glass, er - bottle of champagne and enjoying this wonderful night in cleveland with my friends.

i don't want to dwell on the previous post and all the hubaloo it caused - but i do want to go ahead and thank you all for giving my blog the highest unique visitor and pageload stats ever. see, there was a little positive to come from all this drama. haha.

i will leave you all with this... the original post that caused all the stir was intended to have a sense of sarcasm to it.

was i really going to write about cocaine benders and group sex? no. because i don't actually do either of those things. duh!

would i ever ACTUALLY post something out there that i would at the end of the day be embarrassed or ashamed of? no.

i am a loyal, smart, sensitive, funny and pretty darn amazing person if i do say so myself. i'm not an idiot, and i'm not about to put everything i have worked so hard for in jeopardy.

gimmie some credit here.

the majority of you are all sorts of awesome (especially my mom), and who didn't enjoy a little bit of crazy on a random wednesday?



  1. In all of this commotion, you (or actually Ellen - see April 4 post) have inspired me to get all of my lovely freckles checked, something I probably should have done years ago. Regarding said rain - the sun has to come out sometime on all of the great things that you do! You are awesome!

  2. I refuse to say you're awesome until you cave and get facebook and gchat. THEN you will be awesome.

  3. A-N-O-N-O-M-Y-O-U-S

    A fantastic Fergie song. No? No?

  4. awww, I heart you.


  5. anonymouslicious!

    It was fun...i kept checking back to make sure you didn't move URLs!

  6. that would have been my advice...start drinking and stop worring about it ;)

    (although, something tells me "advice" was not what you were seeking)

  7. a blog but no gmail account? that's synonymous with having a car that's powered with your feet.

    speaking of synonymous, that rhymes with anonymous. i admit to being an "anonymous" commenter yesterday, but not THE "anonymous" person—i was the "anonymous" who tried to out the first "anonymous" as "mom." that other "anonymous" person made some good points though albeit anonymously.

    anonymous no longer,

  8. i'm glad things have settled down for you. just remember - blogging is supposed to be fun. and for YOU. :)

  9. dr. wild - exactly! and thank you : )

    jenn - no you are!

    maxie - let's start with gchat then facebook if i get extra crazy

    rs27 - i think you just wrote her next #1 single

    duetlich - i heart you too. and i seriously think i am going to!

    tiff - don't worry, i'm still here!

    teets - i like you advise, and i think you may be right.

    bjackn - you are seriously one of the funniest people i know. will you PLEASE start a blog already!

    michelle - me too! and thank you for reminding me of that

  10. Down with Anonymous commenters! Take your frustrations elsewhere. I think you should continue to rock out with your cock out all you want.

  11. AMEN MY DEAR. I've encountered many a shit talking anonymous commenter and I want to say HAVE SOME BALLS. I have the balls to say what I mean, even if it isn't "right" or tell the truth even if it's painful and then I proudly stamp my name, my face, and all the stories combined with it.

    Charge forward my friend ;)

  12. Amen to that! It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate/accept your lesson learned.

    Have a lovely evening with your friends!

  13. ugh! It's like when my blogging crap hits the fan, so does yours. And I don't even get to blog about it!!! GRRR!!! I miss you Alexa!!! Sorry I've vanished for the time being...I'll be back soon. :) And then hopefully people will stop using my blog to get inbetween the BF and me.

  14. no cocaine benders and group sex???


  15. Yeah! Don't let the haters get ya down!


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