my friend ellen

Friday, April 4, 2008

i started to write this post yesterday and nothing was coming out right.

today i have been trying to type words that could adequately sum up how wonderful, caring and fun my friend ellen was, but every time i typed a sentence i kept reading it and was like, that's too much, or that's not enough.

i kinda of gave up for a hot second and i thought of ellen. i pictured her looking at me saying, "alexa, just put the damn link up!". so that's exactly what i am going to do.

my friends ellen was taken from all of us this past October 5th due to her ongoing struggle with melanoma a severe form of skin cancer. it was a long and hard road for her with many ups and downs that her and her husband ryan documented on their blog. the blog was used to keep all of her family and friends all over the country updated on her condition. it turned into quite the community and i know she loved the comments and well wishes.

ok, i'm losing my focus again...

so the main reason for this post is to urge you, actually demand you to read an article that has recently been published in this months "Glamour" magazine about ellen and her personal journey.

i saw her husband ryan when i was in canton just last night and i told him i was going to post this today. he didn't need to hear my ramblings on about what i was going to say or my reasonings behind it but he listened. and when i finally stopped talking he looked at me and was like just spread the word lex. yes, sir.

at the end of the day my friend ellen just wanted people to learn from her experience with melanoma and that is precisely what she is doing.

please read this article and think of ellen as she is continuing to watch over all of us from heaven.


  1. Wow...what a powerful article. Ellen would be so proud that she has helped so many makes me really think about what I'm doing...
    Maybe I won't tan before I go to Vegas...yikes.

  2. That is so scary, I am sorry you lost your friend Lex!!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. :( I read the article - I am sure her story has helped many people. Thank you for posting this.

  4. That article was pretty moving. Much luck to Ryan in the future.

  5. I read an article in last year's Allure that scared the shit out of me. I stopped tanning and I wear an SPF 15 everyday. I realized I need a hell of a lot more. Ellen would be extremely proud of you.

  6. This post right here? This is the best of what blogging is. I'm sure that Ellen is thinking you are 897 shades of wonderful for doing this.

  7. OMG that brought tears to my eyes!

    no more indoor tanning and alays wear my new face lotion that is spf 23.

    And this is a big feat for me because I am totally solar powered and NEED a lot sun to survive!


  8. Thank you for this link. My kids are prone to moles and I am sending this link to them right now.


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