my name aint lexy

Monday, April 21, 2008

hello. my name is alexa harriet "something greek".

but i would prefer it if you called me alexa.

not lexy.

for whatever reason, since i started working at my current job EVERYONE calls me lexy. it drives me nuts! in all of my 27 years i have never been called lexy. then all of a sudden it's my name!

i have told all of my coworkers that i prefer alexa. but then the childlike boys i work with that like just to add fuel to the fire started calling me lexypoo at every opportunity. gag!

only poo poo can call me lexypoo.

i thinking the lexy thing started because of my aim name being lexy0702 (instant message me, i'm cool!), and considering that the whole office has to be on aim all the time i'm guessing that people just figured that i preferred to be called lexy.

not so much.

the only time i will answer to lexy is if sexy is in front of it.

sexy lexy, yeah that does work.

names i will answer to:
awesome girl
loud one
triple xa

names i will not answer to:
hey you, with the hair

so i dont get the alexis thing either. i'll introduce myself to someone and it has been known to go something like this, like this:

boy: hey there hot stuff, what's your name?
me: alexa
boy: alexis, nice to meet you
me: actually it's alexA
boy: oh my bad
me: what's your name?
boy: scott
me: hi scottis
boy: it's scott
me: don't like that do you? wow, you're dense. beat it nerd.

moral of the story.

my name is alexa - learn it, live it, love it.


  1. Hi Lexicon!!


    I don't think that qualifies either.

    Dangs it!

    hahaha I'm j/k. I TOTALLY understand your plight.

    For seriously.

  2. Starting to wonder if we don't share a bit of a brain... Working on a name post now. For the record, my favorite is sexa-alexa. Hands down.

    I probably would answer to "You, with the hair"...process of elimination.

  3. I think you should go by Harriet so we can call you Harry

  4. Hi Lexi-poo, you are one letter away from having a song written about you: Sexy plexi by jack johnson. Let's pretend it's called sexi lexi.

  5. Haha. Love this. I've never really had this problem, but it is still quite funny to see my mom go through it. Her name is Rebekah, and she absoutely hates "Becky," but she gets it almost constantly. It's like her life's plight.

    I like "Lex", though. I'll call you: "Awesome girl, Lex". That has a nice ring to it. :)

  6. What about Alexir. Its like Elixir with an AL. No? No?

    Beat it nerd is one of my favorite sayings closely beating out beat it dummy.

  7. Oooo I like lex. I shall call you that from now on. If i remember.

    Or maybe lex luther? no? okay.

    oh and i SO get that. it's always maxine. annnoyyyying!

  8. I've learned to answer to Angie, Ange, Angelica, Angelina...

    If you don't want to be called Alexa, tell them. And think about getting a new screen name.

  9. I will forever call you Lex-in-effex. Thanx. When I accept my Tony, I will thank my parents, my JewFroBlue, and my Lex-in-effex.

  10. See ya freak!!

    Hey there my loud neighbor, aka alexa lex lex-in-effex awesome girl loud one sexa-lexa triple xa!

    Oh, or did you not mean to be called those all at once?

    I will no longer call you lexy if you start referring to me by my greek name: Emmalina Beckmanopolis


  11. Awww, I feel your pain! I get Melissa? Lisa? Allisa? Anything, but Nilsa. And I've come to accept that the important people? The people who really care? The people who mean a damn to me? They know my real name and that's all that matters!

  12. I know how you feel! It's pretty damn frustrating. Whenever I leave phone messages for people, I get calls back looking for an Anne. My name is Erin. They kind of sound alike, but not really. :/

    Hopefully, your co-workers will learn your name quick!

  13. I TOTALLY relate to the name thing. people not calling me by my right name drives me nuts! Must run in the family!

  14. Guilty as charged! I HATE being called "Blake" (reminds me of the Nav) yet nearly every male friend of mine insists on referring to me as such. In other words, I hear ya, sista. "Lexy" is officially retired from my vocabulary!

  15. deutlich - lexicon, i like it!!

    tktc - perhaps we are just meant to be BFF's?!?!

    foxxy - you can call me harry anytime

    megkathleen - didn't you know he wrote that song for me? we go way back.

    poodlegoose - i expect my new name from you to be on my blogger swap package!!!

    rs27 - you get extra cool points for also saying beat it nerd. i say it A LOT. elixir alexa, alexa elixir - i like it

    maxie - yes, i also am superman's arch nemesis

    angela - it goes back to the whole i've had it for so long (screen name and email) i think they'll all get the hint from this post!

    alymcjew - i feel so honored!!! : )

    georgia - beat it nerd. you will always be my georgia greek

    nilsa - i can see how you can relate! we can't help it we have cool names!!!

    ep - yeah not to similar. i think people need to clean out their ears

    guess who - obvy!

    cblake - i always forget you are in the navy, you are like way too hot for that shit!

  16. hahaha, I feel your pain. Half the time I say my name (Tiffany) and people hear Stephanie. HUH? I don't have a speech impediment, I don't think.

    Also, can I call you zigazigahh... because well, I'm listening to the Spice Girls right now.

  17. Lex in effect is probably the best of the bunch, and the one I would choose to use.

  18. The blissful!!!!! That's my neck of the woods! Awesome place! Reading your blog can make me seem pretty cool to my boyfriend....he lives in the big city and now I'm going to suggest some places to go. ahem, I'm so cultured.

  19. i was named after a popular drink (thanks much, party animal dad)- and my nickname evokes (really bad) simpsons impersonations. with such a a moniker between a rock and hard place, i try not to scream when someone gets PUNny during introductions.

    "hi scottis"...eyeloveet. :D

  20. Awesome girl. I love it.

    My name is Jennifer. I introduce myself as that or Jenn. Never do I refer to myself as Jenny, yet people still call me Jenny. That's not my name. Just because Jenny comes from Jennifer doesn't make it my name. Stop being lazy. I already went down to Jenn. What more do you want from me?!

    Oh man, and when people spell Jenn with one n instead of two..oh that bugs me. I sign my name with two. Read! Copy and paste! Damnit!

  21. i feel the same way about "shelley".


  22. I've never had a nickname except my last name. My mom was very serious in reminding people my name was Allison not Ali.

    Although, some people call me "Al" in the office. It's kind of funny.

  23. Was this written because of me?? I am sorry I call you Alexis, but it makes me laugh to see you get your panties such a bunch!! I just have very bad narcissistic rage. I will try to stop. And just remember you are special my little Alexaaaaaa not isssssssssssssss!!

  24. Your name makes me think of Billy Joel. Downeaster Alexa. Pretty song. Not Downeaster Lexi. That doesn't sounds the same. :)

    It also reminds me of a Rick Springfield song "My Name is Not Bruce." He wrote an entire song devoted to people mixing up him with Bruce Springsteen back in the eighties just because they both had "spring" in their names. Awesome.

  25. Lexy...shaddap.


    Ziggy (aka your office nemesis)

  26. What about Alexandria? ha, yes, I found an Alex- type name you didn't list.

  27. well i love the name! alexa is really pretty.

  28. I love the name Alexa! I knew a girl with that name in middle school and always liked it.

    Also, I can so relate. It drives me nuts when people call me Jessie.

  29. i love your name.

    In school, one boy started calling me steppeth upon thyself and it lasted through graduation.


  30. i get "alison" every time i introduce myself to people. it goes:

    boy: what's your name?
    me: alice
    boy: hi, alison!
    me: no, alice. like in wonderland.

    it's the only thing that makes them get it.

    also - thanks! the necklace is actually a cheapo piece from target, but it's huge so i get a lot of comments on it :-)

  31. I apologize Alexa, I am guilty of botching your name on multiple occasions. I shall make it a point to not do it again.


  32. people at work will refer to me as julianna which is the farthest thing from my name which is actually julia. and don't try and say they are kinda close because they are not. julianna is a terrible name. terrible. sorry if you know anyone named julianna.

  33. I am so right there with you. I go by my full name at work (Adriana) and this girl Jeanette always calls me "Adri." Which I hate, by the way. Only CLOSE friends call me that, and I don't even know this girl. I even told her once, and she laughed, and I thought she got it, but then a week later she called me "Adri" again. Next time I'm just going to call her "Jean" or something.


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