plum head of the week 4.15.08

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

happy tax day everyone! hope you all get a huge refund!

so i skipped my plum head of the week post last week and my prune of the week!

bad blogger, BAD!

so for this weeks plum head i am proud to talk about my little foxxy.

foxx and i met in a communications class at UD and we ended up being in the same group for a project. the goal was to make an instrument out of something nontraditional and like sing a song or something. well our group made an instrument out of empty beer bottles painted with red and blue with UD on them.

i mean really?

i think we got an A or an F but who really remembers.

there are have been so many good times sprinkled between then and present day. from mackinac island and nights at the public house, to late night steak and shake runs. i really love my special friend foxxy and i'm so happy she is in my life, because who else would cry with me while watching the biggest loser?

Where are you typing from?

Lakewood, OH


Just PASSED my Real Estate exam... and bartending in the meantime

Relationship Status:

Dating a cop

How do you know me?

We met in our Small Group Communications class at Dayton…the rest is history

If you had to sell Cleveland to someone, what would you say?

Sporting events in other cities don’t compare. Browns Sundays and Tribe games at the Batter’s Eye!!

What’s your favorite part about Cleveland?

I love living on the water!!

If you had a last meal on earth what would it be?

Angelo’s pizza….of course poo poo would be invited

What’s your signature wedding drink?

7 and 7’s

Favorite Book?

I’m more of an US Weekly reader myself

Would you rather be the celebrity or in the entourage?

Entourage….celebrities all end up in rehab

Dream vacation destination?

Honestly, anywhere with beaches….maybe the Virgin Islands

Favorite restaurant? (preferably in Cleveland)

Three Bird’s scallops are to die for!!

What’s your favorite blog (besides cleveland’s a plum)?

I’m not much of a blog reader….I make an acception for you cuz I love you

Least favorite day of the week?

Probably Tuesday….accept for the $4 movie night at Westwood

What’s the oddest thing you have ever publicly witnessed?

Paul Burke trying to raft down Kiefaber in the current from the busted fire hydrant

What’s the next big thing you are looking forward to?

My bestie Tim coming home from Iraq!!!

What is a juicy bit of information that you think your fellow plum heads should know about me?

That you love hippie/punks!!


  1. Uhm, i love living near water. I also love hippies and punks.

    a lot.

    A LOT.

  2. 7 & 7...also my signature wedding drink.

    And I love hippie punks. And facial hair, obvi.

    And living on the water, of course.

    But mostly just tall, hairy Greek hippies punks with converse.

  3. Little weirded out - I also was in a class that had us make nontraditional instruments (though at U of Toledo) and glued some beer bottles to a board and painted it various colors. Pretty sure I got a terrible grade but getting hammered for homework was well worth it.

  4. love the interview feature!

  5. I totally forgot about Paul rafting down Kiefaber. Thank you that made my entire day!!!!

  6. Mmmmm...Angelos.
    Mmmmm...Paul Burke. Kidding!
    Phil says hello Foxxy!

  7. My fiance and I both cried during Biggest Loser last night. OK, maybe not cried. But definitely teared up. OK, maybe that was only me. But he has been known to tear up during that show before! Talk about inspirational! Darn, I should've added that to my blog post today!

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