presents and babies

Thursday, April 10, 2008

aside from all of the annoying things that happened yesterday there were quite a few AMAZING things that occurred to trump all of the negativity!

i got a package and TWO of my friends had a baby!




first, let's talk package.

the wonderful and amazing jenn from free and flawed held a little contest a while back where she asked her readers to help name her new all things geeky blog. and guess what? she chose my submission! how cool is that? i even got a prize package!

so when i got home yesterday feeling all icky i opened my mailbox and ta-dah! a present!

i got a pedicure set (LOVE), some mint-tastic lip balm (LOVE) and an i-tunes gift card which i am going to make one banging cd out of. yippee!

jenn - seriously this made my day. thank you. also when you posted this about one of my anonymous commenters deciding to cross the line and be a hater on your blog, you also made me LOL - which i needed. you're hilarious.

now you all just have to read her new blog that little 'ol me helped to name : )

check it out ----> must love geek

now onto the babies!!!!!

my record for predicting the sex of a baby is still perfect! patti-o and her husband tony welcomed a baby girl, the beautiful rose francis, into the world yesterday. congratulations! now i only have a camera phone picture so it's kinda fuzzy but here's patti-o and baby rose.

i can't wait to meet her!

now my second friend that had a baby yesterday is my bestest friend d-ray. not too long ago i headed to "the bubble" (grosse pointe), for her baby shower and i can't believe the baby is here already! d-ray and her husband terry welcomed a baby girl - the beautiful eleanor jane!! yay!!

when i got the text that d-ray had her baby i had serious perma-smile. this is such a wonderful occasion! i'm going to be the best auntie alexa, THE BEST. and d-ray i am not going to be able to wait until august to meet ellie, how's this weekend?


i am so thankful for these two healthy new additions for my friends! congrats guys!!!!

also - i am fully aware of the redunkulous amount of exclamation points that i included in this post. sue me, i'm flippin' excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also x2 - foxxy had the most comical comment about the baby names that just needs to be repeated. when i texted her about d-ray's arrival she replied back, "rose and eleanor, what is this 1912?". haha. foxxy darling, classic traditional names are all the rage.


  1. There was some major link love here! Thanks for that! I'm glad you liked your prizes. I was going to stick myself in there and pop out with a "ta da!" but the envelope was a wee bit small.

    Seriously, you're all sorts of fantastical and I'm glad my package made your day a bit better.

    And that baby...ADORABLE!

  2. Eleanor Roosevelt is pissed at that text.

  3. With your expert blog naming abilities I think you should have gotten more pull in the baby name game.

  4. jenn - lots of link love for you!! thanks again : )

    rs27 - my middle name is harriett, 'nuff said.

    narm - ha! your evil!

    poo poo - um, you're next

  5. So it seems like everyone's getting packages!

  6. awe 2 babies born to friends of yours ON THE SAME DAY! that is definitely exciting news and they both look adorable :)

    and care packages are so much fun! glad it made your day!

  7. Awww...what a great package! I can see how finding that at your front door could make a day a little brighter :)

    Cute babies, too!

  8. Phil is all the baby I can handle at the moment! I love him.

  9. Aww! New babies are so damn cute. Also, I do love care packages too. Congrats on winning the contest!!

  10. aw, your post is such a happy post! heehee the package looks great, as do the 2 teeny tiny babies!! :) no wonder you used lots of exclamation points ;)


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