shop till you drop, literally

Sunday, April 6, 2008

how awesome was this weekend?!? seriously, it was beautiful. still a bit chilly but whatev - the sun was shinning which made it a wonderful weekend for driving around in my new car!!!! yahoo! i L-O-V-E it, and for those of you who have been anxiously awaiting for some pics (i.e. georgia peach's mommy), here it is!

side note - i feel completely entitled to post these pics. so many of my favorite bloggers have been posting about their adorable new puppies or how they are getting married, but me? i'm showing off
MY baby. my lovable little volvo who i have to feed gas not puppy chow ; )

it still needs a name!

so flippin' cute!

ok, so now that's out of my system.

saturday the georgia peach and i woke up early (10am is early right?), and started out our saturday fun day with a mani and pedi at the venetian nail salon in rocky river. even though our plans were to go to beachwood place on the east side, making the trip to venetian on the west side is always worth it. i love that place. they have great service, great hand and leg massages and my mani/pedi always lasts. i highly recommend trying it out if you haven't already.

got a foot fetish? eat your heart out.

how gross do toes look with the separators in them? oh well. i'm officially in love with my new polish color and i shall be rockin' it all spring. it's by OPI and is called "all that razz-berry". how delicious.

after the nail salon we decided that we wanted some lunch, so we headed east closer to beachwood place mall. we decided on paladar because it was on our way to knuth shoes and basically because they have really good food.

i really like environment they have created at paladar. i wish it was warmer though and that the patio was open, yeah i'm impatient for summer. anyways, the georgia peach and i ordered a couple of ginger pomegranate mojitos, the spicy and the special guacamole (mango and shallots). which was all wonderful, i especially like the variety of "chips" that come with the guac, very different. we could have been fine with drinks and the guac but obviously we ordered food. georgia got the smoked chicken quesadilla and i got the slow roasted pork "cubano" with the coconut mango rice. day-um it was tasty. chef matt mytro and his kitchen staff have done a wonderful job with the menu, i recommend you check it out if you are in the area.

next stop knuth shoes (we didn't really find anything), and pat o'brien's wine store (my cousin owns the shop) where we bought more than enough bottles of wine. tasty.

finally our mojito buzz wore off and we made it the beachwood place. straight to nordy's. now i promised georgia peach that i wouldn't put everything she bought because let's just say she had quite the shopping spree and i'll leave it at that. although my egging her on saying "you have to buy that", didn't help the situation.

now i have no shame and i will show everything i bought because frankly i didn't have quite the "spree" that georgia did. haha.

i bought these shoes in black from nordy's. i bought these cute dressy flips from saks also in black. perhaps i need to add some color to my shoe selection eh?

i also got a cute shirt from banana republic and that's about it. or that's about all i'm going to publicly admit to buying : )

after all the shopping georgia and i had to head back down to let her dog wrigley out. by now it was 8pm and we were exhausted. we were supposed to go meet poo poo and samson for drinks who were in town, as well as j-birdie and keter-o but i was literally falling asleep on the couch. so no going out for us.

today i had a sunday funday with miss wonger. we headed to crocker park in westlake because i'm a TRUE clevelander i don't discriminate "sides" of town.

apparently i'm on a latin kick because we chose to check out agave for lunch. while we were at it we also decided that we needed some sangria. the white variety was wonderful. three glasses later i think we had a little daytime buzz going. oh yeah, i didn't mention the food. probably because it was completely forgettable. the guac was so-so and my meal of pork carnitas was god awful. the meat was so dry and chewy it was almost inedible. wonger liked her shrimp fajitas but i wasn't impressed - AT ALL.

as we stumbled out of agave we hit up a couple of stores buying some earrings from urban and a shirt from h & m. we suddenly got completely tired and decided we needed to head home because i had laundry and blogging to do (both of which i am currently doing).

after dropping miss wonger off i just had to cruise by MOB and foxxy's houses while i was in lakewood. we ghetto cruised it up in my new wheels and then i headed home.

i'm exhausted, shopping is a work out!

so i totally didn't do a prune of the week this week. i guess nothing really annoyed me. shocker.

time for bed, this obnoxiously long post took it all out of me.

have a good week kids.


  1. So glad I'm not the only one who names my cars...

  2. This was a very good weekend for a pedicure!

    I named my car Bob. Not really a fantastical name, but it works.

  3. The Minister Of CultureApril 7, 2008 at 9:04 AM

    Before I can come up with name for your car,I neeed to know A gender.Is it a stick shift or an automatic?

  4. so. i all sorts of hate hate haate feet, right? but yours are pretty decent looking. and, yeah, that probably sounds all sorts of weird but I figured I should note it.

  5. did you go to church on sunday too?

  6. You never mentioned about your Thurs. night in Canton. Going to get your car and eating at Iris's for the first time, especially since we spoke to Tiffany, our server, so much about your blog,etc. I thought there would be a shout out....and to Don and Marty. XOXO

  7. angela - only cool people name their cars. obviously that includes you.

    jenn - i love bob! maybe i'll call my car phil or mike. something strong yet odd for a piece of metal and plastic

    minister - get your mind out of the gutter! it is automatic : )

    duetlich - oooo baby, you like my toes eh?? i'll go ahead and take that as a compliment

    guess who - i say my prayers don't you worry

    mommy- i know i know, i totally skipped over canton and going to iris. i guess i'll just have to go there again and talk about it.

  8. My car's name is Oliver. It was Ophelia, then endured a sex change and is now Oliver. He's much happier as a boy:)

    P.S. Getting those shoes sat was the best decision EVER!

  9. You would name your car PHIL?
    Somehow I can't see it.

  10. I love my car more than living things sometimes. It's just so much more reliable than most people I know. Yours is cute, I hope you have a lasting relationship!

  11. I adore your car! I've been wanting that same model, but am hesitant to get it because of gas usage. Do you know what MPG you get?

  12. OMG, I do have a foot fetish and yours are really pretty. Look me up. I'm actually over near Toledo and I can be found online at Hope to hear from you. By the way, Name that car "Josephine" (Josie for short) lol


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