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Sunday, April 20, 2008

after thursday's BIG night. i was so looking forward to sleeping on friday after work and that was exactly what i did.

saturday morning i woke up early and drove to canton for a hair appointment at gsv salon. afterwards i met my mom at my favorite canton boutique the blissful. as i've mentioned before i love the store and yesterday was the blissful's paris in the springtime sale. there was drinks and food and tons of discounts. such a great way to spend the afternoon.

the wonderful shop owner abby and i even took a picture together to document the shopping spree, perhaps it may even end up on her blog!

of course i didn't leave empty handed - i bought the can can scarf, a french coin necklace and a gold link chain bracelet with large gold disk with an "A" on it (couldn't find the bracelet on the website, but believe me it is so awesome!).

after the blissful my mom and i did some more shopping but i didn't come up with anything too crazy except a couple of shirts from the gap at summit mall.

i rushed home in time to get ready and meet up with captain joe for the michael buble concert. now the buble isn't someone that i would normally swoon over. or even go to his concert, i mean i had heard of him and he obviously he has a good voice but ya know i guess he wasn't a huge draw for me.

yeah, that changed. the buble oozes sex. this dude is such a showman on stage and i can totally see how he gets laid every night on his tour bus (allegedly).

captain joe and i had very good complimentary seats thanks to captain joe's friend allen being in the buble's band (and band leader and co-writer), and also because joe's girlfriend couldn't come to the show. thank god i got to be his #2!!!

after the phenomenal show and captain joe almost getting in a fight with a buble super fan we headed towards the tour buses to meet up with allen. we were going to get to meet the buble, but alas his agent decided to swing in to cleveland and surprise him. blast!

instead we kidnapped allen and headed to the warehouse district to get him good and drunk before the buses left. i'm guessing it was accomplished.

one thing i did realize last night was that i am 110% over w 6th on the weekend. i love my neighborhood sunday through thursday. then friday and saturday comes and the barely legal white trash bus drops off arrogant douchbags and skanks. i can't take it, i'm too old - never again.


today bird and i went to our favorite brunch spot latitude 41 N and from there we realized that we needed to go see forgetting sarah marshall asap.

first off, jason segal is in it (and wrote the screenplay), and being in love with how i met your mother i just needed to get as much of my little marshmallow in as possible.

now i knew the premise of the movie, and i have been reading the blog for awhile now. i also knew that there was going to be some full frontal of my boy jason segal's little sausage, but i guess i didn't realize just how much.

it was hilarious, awkward and endearing all at once! this dude has some serious balls for putting it all out there (pun completely intended).

bird and i laughed the entire time and i would pay to go see it again. i already have my favorite line memorized.

Brian: You don't need to put your P in a V right now.
Peter Bretter: No, I need to B my L on someone's T's.


hope everyones weekend was as good as mine. stay tuned this week for a cleveland's a plum contest! yay!


  1. It sounds like you had a good weekend. I love shopping with my mom and hanging out!

    I am also really happy to hear 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' was really good. I was worried I would see it and be disappointed..

  2. I'm jealous of your trip to Blissful. I missed it because I had family things to tend to and I was planning on going there.

  3. I'm tres jeal that you got to hang out with the buble. I hope you slipped him my number.

  4. 1. Michael Bublé is totally on my to-do list. I love Canadians. Plus, I'm sexually attracted to talent. No-brainer.

    2. That French coin necklace looks SWEET!

  5. Ahhh! I've been waiting to see that movie all weekend. Your quote actually made me laugh out loud.

    I'll be sure to give you the full report!

  6. In real life Mila Kunis wouldn't fall for you after gettting dumped.

    I wish Mila Kunis would call me.

  7. Yeah - very much so over west 6th on Friday and Saturday dodging the drunken kids wearing no clothes and vomiting everywhere. Thanks for letting my sit on your porch, doggie watch, and drink wine on Friday!

  8. the buble is TEH SEX.

  9. This makes me laugh, because all I know about Michael Buble is that my boss thinks he's great, and we make fun of my boss a lot because he's quite corny. Now that I know that Buble is liked because women find him attractive, that gives me even more fodder.

    Nothing against an artist you like, of course, but all for the camaraderie of the workplace that comes from eviscerating one's boss.

  10. ep - shopping with your momma is the best. and yes, go see the movie!

    allison - you missed a great sale, but the store will still be there. you must go check it out

    maxie - i totally gave him your number

    angela - totally attracted to his talent too! i saw like watching him on stage and i'm like whoa, this dude can sing! drool ps. i'm wearing the necklace now, loves

    SO@24 - you are going to LOL all the way through

    rs27 - i already emailed her your phone number

    dr wild - you are nuts, period the end.

    tiff - i couldn't agree more!

    noelle - was in the same boat as you. i didn't really know much about him just that 50 year old moms thought he was dreamy. but after seeing him live this 27 year old girl also thinks he is hella dreamy. and please, continue to torture your boss! haha

  11. Sounds like a really lovely weekend. I ended up doing some unexpected shopping as I tried to will away my friend's hangover. Seriously, there's nothing a little dose of shopping can't cure. :-)

  12. A scene from Buble:

    (Standing at the bar, picking up his and LEX'S third heavily poured cocktail to finish Buble Night strong, CAPTAIN JOE is approached by HAMMERED GUY 1):

    HAMMERED GUY 1: Dude. This Buble guy's unbelievable.

    CAPTAIN JOE: Yeah, he can sing.

    HAMMERED GUY 1: I mean, I got this girl with me. She's practically creaming herself over this dude. I don't even have to do anything!

    CAPTAIN JOE: Way to go dude. Congratulations.

  13. sounds like a fun weekend! and that little shop where you bought those cute things?! i neeeed one of them near me! it looks fabulous!
    now i have to check out that movie too!

  14. i have GOT to see this buble guy in concert, you're like the 4th girl i know who's had that exact reaction to him...

    i want that blissful store to be near me!


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