smile, it's friday

Friday, April 25, 2008

my ADD is going to be in fully effect during this post. learn to love it.

so last night georgia peach, dr wild and i went to our new favorite thursday hangout
the tremont taphouse. we drank lots of dogfish head ale (love, the midas touch golden elixir), and ate amazing food as usual. i had the egg burger last night and it is just as good as lolita's version if not a little bit better. omg, gasp.

being the good working girl that i am the georgia peach and i went home in time for all the great tv last night. when i got home i had the wonderful surprise of receiving my package from angela at
angelaboration!!! yay! (see pic)

i won the prize during her pay it forward contest and i can't wait to pay it forward here on clevelands a plum but i am waiting for my sissy to take a very special picture and send it to me before i can do such a thing. hint hint to my sissy. take the damn picture!!!

look for my contest next week!

i was also honored with an award yesterday from the lovely EP from stylish handwriting. she makes my day for sure and i want to give the award back to her, go read her blog! : )

i'm having to rush through this post so i will be awarding it to bloggers that make my day until this weekend. promise!!!

have i mentioned lately how much i love the blogging community? warm and fuzzy all around.

anyways i am beyond pumped for this weekend because two of my very best friends are coming to ohio to hangout with me!! you
have all met teen and my other friend diva (her plumhead of the week has yet to be posted). i am beyond excited for the fun of this weekend.

tonight we are going to canton to hangout with my mom and tomorrow we, (and all my cleveland friends) are going to the indians game. wanna come?!?! you can find us parked at the batter's eye bar - we'll be the group of loud girls.

on a parting note make sure you check out cleveland's america's next top model episode 2. yeah it's a series. god help us all.

i'm going to leave you all with my new favorite song by the flobots, watch it!

sorry for all the randomness associated with this post. normalcy will resume on monday.


  1. omg you are so weird. haha! that's why I <3 you though.

  2. Yeah! I also <3 >3 ^3 you also.

    more randomness please.

  3. oh i flipping love the radomness. it's what i relate to best.

    ha, that video is hysterical- thanks for sharing that gem with us!
    have a good weekend!

  4. There's nothing wrong with ADD. I'm all for everything in moderation! Sounds like you had a great day - I could feel the "flying high" vibes as I read this post. Have a great weekend!

  5. You're too sweet. (: AND the ADD post is awesome -- it's always fun squeezing lots of random things in together. Love it!


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