Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i have a boy in my phone whose real name has long since been replaced simply by "Don't Do It".

this replacement happened over two years ago.

first it was simply deleted...

but that didn't work because i knew his number by heart.

i finally gave up and had to resort to "Don't Do It".

doing that was a literal reminder to myself during that time when it took every ounce of will i had in me not to call or text him.

ESPECIALLY when i was drinking my troubles away.

now there is no way in hell i am going to share the full story of how it got to the point of me having to change his name to "Don't Do it", i don't want to bore you all with the details.

although one good thing did come out of the sticky situation - i moved to cleveland and that has turned into one of the best decisions i have ever made.

now getting back to "Don't Do it"...

the time has long, long since passed when i had to actually control the urge to call him. yet i never changed his name in my phone for whatever reason. honestly i don't even think about him all that much, if anything i just look back on that ridiculous time in my life with a fond smile. god i was so out of control! we all were.

so pretty consistently "Don't Do it" and i contact each other every month or two - whether it be a random text or a phone call. i don't think either one of us plans it out that way it just kinda happens.

this past friday it was one of those times.

i got a text from him about a random song that i love. the texts then went back and forth and he ended up calling me.

i don't know how to explain this conversation other than it was just different.

no weirdness, or awkwardness, no white elephant in the room - just two friends talking. we talked about my new car, his job, my blog and his upcoming summer nuptials.

we gossiped about what our common friends have been up to and how glad we are for getting out of NC when we did.

after talking for about a half hour we were getting off the phone and we both said how good it was to talk to each other.

as i closed my phone (no i don't have a blackberry yet), i literally laughed out loud. no clue why.

i then reopened my phone and changed "Don't Do It" to his real name.

funny how things tend to end up working out the way they were supposed to...


  1. That's a great (and kinda happy) story. Reminds me of my old friend Chris who used to program the name "ex" as the name for all of his ex-girlfriends. After a little while, he'd forget specific numbers, and so when "ex" rang, he never knew exactly who it was, though he knew it'd be a bad idea to answer. It also made it almost impossible (and I say almost because with booze all things become possible) for him to drunk dial, as he wasn't ever quite sure which particular "ex" was which.

  2. That is awesome. Much better than my bad habit of changing phone numbers! I am so glad things are working out for you! A roomie of mine once said "Everything is ok in the end. If it is not ok, it is not the end"

  3. I think we all have a friend like that. I love the name, may have to steal it!

  4. um I WISH i could stop talking to my "don't do it."

    Actually, no i don't. I'll ride this one out :-)

  5. I still say DONT DO IT!
    Or maybe it should just say "Be careful".

  6. It really is funny how things work out.

    For the time being, I've simply deleted Brian from my cell phone. If he gets in touch - I know his first 3 are 603.. and he'd be the only one calling from that area code

    But. yeah.. I'm all kinds of disappointed in him for being so childish and really? I see no point in keeping the # in there - I AM BAD at calling and texting him. BAD. Do it WAY too much.

  7. so you're no longer drinking your troubles away? How does that work?

  8. mine was in my phone as "don't call" which then became "don't answer". oh the childish games we play. gotta love being 23! nothing like a little reminder when you wake up the next day and look at your most recents calls.

  9. i think we've all had one of those...

    although mine was saved as "NO"

    currently? i still have a few #s i should have deleted by now...

  10. This is why all the girls that are in my phone are followed by the words, "really, you have no shot."

  11. How is this blog entry NOT titled "Don't Do It"???

  12. I think I have a name I need to switch to "Don't do it" in my phone.

    Cute story though :) Glad things are working out.

  13. Don't do it. Delete the number. Ex-anything should stay in the past.

  14. I think we've all had a Don't Do It in our phones. I deleted mine after I started dating my fiance. Funny how we no longer have a need...

    BTW, North Carolina? Really? I went to school there many moons ago!

  15. Your story makes me smile. I have someone like that who is no longer in my phone, and I hope someday we are at the point where we can have a civil conversation. I think it could happen, and it's encouraging to read this.

  16. cleveland bachelor - yeah i don't have that many ex's

    dr wild - i love that saying

    tipp - permission given to steal

    maxie - i know what you want to ride...

    poo poo - yeah yeah yeah

    deutlich - i'm horrible with calling too. it's like the cocktails start to flow and my fingers start a typing.

    surviving myself - i still do silly, just not the "don't do it" troubles

    laura - the morning wake up and looking into your phone to see who you called is torture

    michelle - your secret is safe with me

    rs27 - for some reason i don't believe you. i think you are like an indian pimp or something

    so@24 - i was going to!! but i just thought it was to obvious! haha. the title is a very appropriate song title

    jenn - do it! it works - most of the time ; )

    allison - i tried the delete! i still had it memorized

    nilsa - actually NC meant north canton, ohio - TOTALLY different. ha

    EP - it will get to that point. time heals everything...

  17. That is the nicest way for things to happen. Like all the pain and struggling and messiness was worth it because you got to where you were supposed to be in the end. I'm glad you made it.

  18. I have someone in my phone who just got upgraded from "Are You Sure?" to his actual name. Funny how that happens to all of us.

  19. Hah! My code word for the ex-boyfriends was always DNA... DO NOT ANSWER!

  20. This is brilliant. I love that you have got to the "good place" in regards to this guy. And can I just say that I totally relate to the notion that sometimes deleting a guys number from the phone is completely useless when it's stuck in your brain like it's your own number?

  21. I think we all have a couple of these in our phones. I have some people in there named by things that I remember them by. Like this one guy I dated in college who had a kid.... he's listed as "the kid with the kid."

    I'm glad to hear the convo went well and felt... normal, between the two of you. That's a damn good feeling, isn't it?


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