t minus 3 days...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

... till


i'm so going to see them in concert if they come to cleveland. who's coming with me? KJ i know you'll be there.

hot damn! i just snagged this promo pic from perez. they've gone and grown up, just like me!


  1. NO WAY! I can't even see the pic that you posted...but I saw when i scrolled over that it said NKOTB!!!! I love them!!

    btw, my dad calls me Kj....weird...

    and it's ok about Vegas, I guess I will have to find someone else to be my wtiness when I get the drunk BF to marry me! jk

  2. Like I said before...FRONT ROW WE SHALL BE IN!!! (In my Yoda voice)


  3. ALEXA! The New Kids on the Block- I'm so jealous! I miss you ~ that pic of little miss Zoe is adorable...man it's hard being so far away! How are you? What's going on? I just realized it was Nic's birthday a few days ago...I'll be home for Steven's wedding of course, so we can catch up and do some more dancing! Your day is coming -you better believe it! P.S.... did you hear our news? We're just starting to tell family and friends...it's all very new for me - the man, the country and now the belly! Love, Elenie (e-mail me at eleniemarie@gmail.com. I can only call you if you have a landline?)

  4. They will for sure perform on Today's summer concert series. I want to go. I can't wait. They'll finally have an adult crowd!

  5. allison - you are officially signed up to come to the show with me.

    deutlich - cleveland welcomes you with open arms if you want to come shake your booty with NKOTB fans, see above, allison is already making plans!

  6. Danny, Donny, Joey, Jon and Jordan -oh my! I used to be obsessed with them in 8th and 9th grade. I remember going to Little World in the mall for my New Kid's gear.

  7. This is really happening? I thought it was a joke.

    VH1 had that Bands re-united show and Joey and Donnie said they would never do it.


  8. Oh holy hell, Donny is still hot.

  9. You know what's interesting here...the ones that were hot? Still really hot.

    And not so much...well, poor Danny. At least he appears to be in great shape.

    Jon, Joey and Jordan (sans rattail) please:)


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