the weekend in pictures

Sunday, April 27, 2008

happy easter to me and all of my fellow orthodox people!

christos anesti! : )

so sometimes pictures can speak just as well as words, and that's exactly what you are all about to get.

i have realized that in doing a weekend recap it is just obnoxious and boring to type out AND to read. instead, thanks to my wonderful camera we have pics to tell the story.

here goes.

this weekend was one of the best i have had in a long time thanks mostly to teen and diva coming to visit from pittsburgh. i'm so glad they came i can't thank them enough for doing so. you girls rock.

friday night we hung out in canton and went to dinner with my mom and her friend cathy at
from there we did what diva named the canton 500. where we went from bar to bar downtown. yes canton has a downtown.

we had to stop and look at the art of course...

and there had to be some molestation of john belushi outside of
the blue olive...

i mean is this a tractor?!?! what it is doing in the street? i guess it is art or something...

um teen, interesting position...

saturday we got up and headed to cleveland. first stop the rock and roll hall of fame. and thank you KJ for the free tickets!! xoxo

i totally played tourist at the rockhall and it was so much fun and way entertaining. the biggest realization i had though was how flippin' wee all of the musicians are/were. looking at their actual costumes in front of me i swear the dudes were all 5'4" and a womens size 4. but i don't have any pics because they are not all
owed in the museum. DUH!

next stop. progressive field and the indians vs yankees game. we won! but not so much today, oh well. all i know is that
grady may have his ladies but i wanna be a garko-ho. get it? i seriously love ryan garko.

i also love the batter's eye...

i love the clevelander too...

my friend rob asked me how he could get on my blog...

taking your pants off is probably a good way to accomplish that

after the game and going back to the clevelander, we headed to the public house to visit foxxy. now one would think we would be tired by now.

nope. teen, diva and i headed to
touch supper club for old school hip-hop night. i love this bar but seriously the douchebag door guy has got to go. talk about an arrogant prick.

we looked like shit from being out all day but we didn't mind. as long at the music is good. which it always is.

once we left touch we headed back to my apartment where we found out that lindsay lohan was at the same bar with muffin and the gang in vegas. now i should have been there with them but this weekend was just as cool as vegas. well, may be not as cool but you get the point.

as i mentioned earlier, today is my easter. so i headed back to canton for dinner at my tia jo's house. wanna see the highlights? i knew you would.

hi everybody

zuzanne and her raspberry tiramisu...


how many kids and dogs can you fit in an elevator?

great weekend, for reals. i hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Hey you're touching john belushi's....

    Oh, thats dirty.

  2. Please tell the girl in the silver shirt I LOVE HER SHOES!!! (that's not you is it? I just realized I have no clue what you look like for some reason so I am immediately going to your myspace for a refresher course.)

    Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend... and happy easter! :-)

  3. That last picture with the kids and dogs in the elevator made me smile. Awesome.

  4. Dude. This weekend? Fan-friggin-tastic.

    So glad to hear yours went well too.

  5. For as much resting as I did, you balanced it off with partying! Looks like a great weekend. BTW, some friends and I were all set to meet in Chicago's Greektown yesterday for a late lunch ... when we realized the restaurant we originally wanted to go to was closed. D'oh! Thankfully, there was one just down the street that was open. Though, we were clearly underdressed. Whoops!

  6. we had an amazing time as well. thank you for having us. did you really have to post that picture with the tractor??? ridiculous.

    stepho, christos anesti!

    love you lex, next stop...the burgh.

  7. That raspberry dessert? Made my mouthwater. I definitely need to google a recipe for that.

    Also? Everyone looks like they had such great weekends- I'm jealous! Mine wasn't horrible but I didn't get to touch Jim Belushi. Anywhere.

  8. sounds like such a great weekend! and that dessert looks to freakin to for. happy easter!

  9. That all looks like so much fun, but especially the part where The Yankees lost. Happy belated Easter!

  10. I think I was in the same Vegas club as your friends this weekend.

  11. Thanks for being a great host Lex...we had a blast. Did you really have to put the Belushi picture up there?

    See you in Pittsburgh, unless we come back for Old School Hip Hop night again. That was so much fun...and hot guys...especially the Sicilian ones. haha

  12. please send me some raspberry tiramisu.


  13. That dessert in the last couple of pictures looks oh so delicious!

    I'm glad you had such a fun weekend :)

  14. These pictures are AWESOME. What a great weekend!

  15. i love photo recapped weekends!

    congrats at winning over at nilsa's :-)

  16. Dana and Teen thanks for a great weekend. It was great seeing you, but my highlight is when 5'2 110lbs Dana gets in a fight with 6'6 320lb drunk guy!!

  17. So wait all I have to do is take off my pants at the bar and I could be on your blog? If that is the case I should be on here every weekend!

  18. Hmmm...molesting John Belushi. Unfortunately my weekend does not compare to that because nothing can!

  19. rs27 - he loves it. rip john.

    maxie - not me, and i totally tried teen's shoes on. i loved them too!

    angela - me too. i think i could have stuffed another one in there for sure.

    duetlich - you got to party with a rockstar though!

    nilsa - you were just drawn to the greeks, it's ok so many people are : )

    teen - yes i totally did have to.

    brandy - the recipe was from giada's most recent cookbook i think

    brookem - it was, and thank you!

    noelle - damn yankees

    nate - yeah my friends said they saw you ; )

    diva - angelo called me and told me he loves you

    surviving myself - it's in the mail

    jenn - oh how wonderful it was

    jess - you should see the ones that i couldn't post!

    alice - thanks!

    beav - diva is tough, how do you think she got her name!?!

    narm - please take your pants off. stat.

    megkathleen - he really enjoyed it

    joy - we are so greek. i love it : )

  20. that tiramisu looks amazing! glad you had such a good weekend :)

  21. It looks like you had an amazing weekend. And that tiramisu looks divine!


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