what's so wrong with aol?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

so my friend bjackn has been giving me a lot of shit lately about my personal email address being at aol.com.

now i know there are oh so many options for email addresses and i should probably have a gmail email account considering i am using blogger and all. but i don't know, i think that switching email addresses is such a hassle.

i have had the email address lexy0702(at)aol(dot)com since 1994. i'm not kidding, 1994. that is a 14 year relationship - the longest relationship that i have ever had. for reals.

how can i break up with with the aol email address now when it has been so loyal to me after all these years? that would be just mean. so i bring these points up to bjackn and he quickly replies:

"i don't think anyone doubts that you've had that address since 1994. you know what else happened in 1994? grunge. i haven't worn a flannel shirt or listened to a Nirvana album for 13 years, and you're still rocking an aol account. do you still use AOL cd's to log on to the internet and visit chat rooms? and is that thru your phone line, too?"

bjackn - 1
alexa's aol account - 0

point taken.

i also got the point when he then preceded to send me a gmail invitation. i'm thinking about it buddy, i just may need a few days, er, months to say goodbye to lexy0702. don't wo
rry, you'll be the first to get an email from my new address if i ever take the plunge.

until then, me and my email address are going to be rocking it retro style like it is 1994.
also, here's a public service announcement from bjackn - this spring there will be a kickball league in ak-rowdy (akron). games will be played on thursday evenings and play begins may 1st. whole teams can sign up as well as individuals. if you're interested in participating and kicking some balls with bjackn you should check out the kickball ohio website for more information.

i played on Scene's kickball team when i worked there and the best part was getting to take pictures like the following. this was our kicking position. hot huh?

grab your balls, we are playing kickball!


  1. my favorite nickname for aol is A-O-Hell


    with that said, if you like your email account, who's to say you should change it?

    on the other hand.. gmail can totally integrate your aol account and you wouldn't actually *have* to delete it.. just fwd all your emails to your gmail account..


  2. Kickball was the only sport in high school I was actually good at - or at least told myself I was!

  3. autoforward, son!

    anyhoo, re: "the best part [about kickball was] getting to take pictures" you obviously didn't try and design team logos. i spent all friday and sunday afternoon doing this. it was great. thanks for spreading the word.

  4. Lex - i still have my aol account too since um - maybe 1996. I am keeping it, even though all that goes there is spam and the occasional random email from someone I haven't talked to in years. Oh yeah - and when filling things out that I really don't want to give my school email. It works. I think I am gonna get a gmail account when I have to grow up & be professional (luckily not yet ;) ) but until then, I'll stick with just aol

  5. Wow. That's a pretty long relationship with AOL. I had an e-mail address with them for a LONG time (but not as long as you) and had a really hard time switching over because switching e-mail addys IS a hassle. But the end product is amazing.

    Also, kickball?! So. Jealous. If I were there, I would definitely be in!

  6. I agree that getting a new email address blows. I've kept my old one, but still try to update things slowly as I go with my new one.

  7. I still have my yahoo account--my first "real" email address. I use it for craigslist and other iffy services, but professionally I use my gmail address: hgrande. It's so clean, no random numbers or proclaimations for my love of dance, art or the backstreet boys. I love it.

    At the time, Yahoo! really didn't have much more to offer than Yahoo! messenger, and gmail had all these new, exciting features.

    But it was tough to give up holliberry13--I'd had it since I was 12 and thought if I stuck a "13" at the end people would think I was that much more mature.

    No judgement passed on lexy0702, but when you're ready, gmail will be there for you. It will also have gchat and good reader and a boatload of amazing services @aol can only dream of. ;)

  8. first of all gmail ROCKS. (and we can be gchat friends yay!)

    moving on.

    if you REALLY want to, you can keep your aol account for personal use and gmail for blogging use. that's what i do. i have a yahoo account i've been using forever but it has part of my last name in it so i didn't want to use it for blogging, hence the gmail account. but my parents, friends, etc. still send me email there.

    then you don't have to give it up! :)

    and did you REALLY call akron, ak-rowdy?! hilarious.

  9. Your doctor will not be happy you are not wearing your hand brace anymore!! But it looks like you got some motion back!!

  10. I switched from AOL to gmail two years ago, and I never looked back. Except for once a month when I check my AOL account. I keep it open for times when I don't want to give away my email address, but I have to. Like on Match.com, or my credit card company and what not.

    And as far as kickball goes, be careful, never try and kick the ball with the bottom of your foot. Very bad things can happen, take it from me.

  11. what's so wrong with aol? nothing that i've noticed. I too think changing is a hassle and actually there are a few things i like better about aol, but i guess you have to have kids to realize them.

  12. duetlich - this auto-forward thing is so new to me, nice tip ma'lady

    michelle - seriously thought i would be WAY better at kickball then i ended up being. for some reason i think it was easier when we were younger

    bjackn - those logos rocked!

    dr wild - yeah i might just keep the darn thing too!

    ep - come and join the team!

    jenn - slow and steady wins the race!

    surviving - i know i know. i'm starting to realize that now!

    holly - hilarious that you upped the age to 13! haha

    michelle - you will totally be my gchat buddy!!!! also, ak-rowdy, REPRESENT!

    noelle - i'm thinking i'm going to stick with what you are doing with your email. also, kicking the ball with the bottom of your foot?!? hilarious

  13. I still have an aol account. People need to back off on the old school style!

  14. You should change email addresses. Like maybe to something @ gmail . com so that I don't have to log onto aim to talk to you, lol


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