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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

apparently i'm on a tell the world wide web all about my embarrassing run ins kick.

why stop now?!?!

let's embarrass me more!

so on the same evening where i practiced my piano skills last weekend another story was brought up around the dinner table that just needs to shared...

one of my mom's sisters lives in hawaii - hilo to be exact, on the big island.

when i was 11 years old my mom, sissy and i decided to go visit my aunt and uncle in hawaii. talk about a fun trip right?

we were going to be spending three whole weeks visiting the 50th state and one of those weeks would include my 12th birthday.

the most exciting thing about this 12th birthday was that i was finally going to be able to get my ears pierced. my mom had a rule, no ear piercings till age 12 and no body piercings till age 13. (joking about the 13 btw)

so on july 2nd 1992, the night before we left the big island for a couple of days in honolulu, my thea (aunt in greek) paulette pierced my ears.

and no there wasn't a kiosk in a suburban mall anywhere in sight.

we pierced my ears the old fashioned way. with an ice cube and a sewing needle at the kitchen table just like my aunt had done to my cousins before me. it's kind of a tradition.

so here i am finally a women with pierced ears on my 12th birthday. i thought i was the coolest girl in the world.

but was i really a "women"?

[boys, this is where it might get freakishly awkward for you to read. so please, continue!]

after we got settled in our hotel in honolulu i was ready to tackle all of the fun touristy things that my now 12 year old self was missing while spending her time on the not so touristy big island. bring on waikiki beach!

time to get into my bathing suit and head to the beach.

uh oh.

bloody hell! (pun completely intended)

looked like i not only was i a women in the sense of having my ears pierced but i was now a real women.

i pull my mom into the hotel bathroom, tell her that i think i started my period and ask her what i should do.

of course my mom was being the good mother and talking me through it all, but i was freaking out because i was in hawaii. "how was i supposed to wear a BATHING SUIT?", i pleaded. i just wanted to go to the beach!

right about now is where my mom becomes ridiculous.

after hearing my concerns about going into the ocean she tells me that i should be cautious because sharks are attracted to blood!

immediately she starts laughing hysterically reassuring me that she was just joking.

yeah, well my 12 year old self didn't take that joke very well.

picture me in honolulu completely mortified and thinking that if i step foot in the water i'm going to be shark bait. picture me sitting on the beach alone while my mom and sister frolicked in the pacific ocean.

thankfully this story has a happy ending.

i got over my fear and owned the waves. who's scared of aunt flo? not this girl.

i love my 12 year old self.

p.s. do you get the title of this post now ? always carefree?!?! man, i crack my self up.


  1. haha nice thea stephh =]

  2. haha I so knew this was going to be about your period once I read the title. And your mom is hilarious for telling you that sharks are attracted to blood. I <3 that.

  3. Mine was right before my first camping trip ever - With my dad - not my mom. Ugh.

  4. I just totally stole this topic for my own post...Hope you don't mind, imitation being the most sincere form of flattery and all. :)

  5. always carefree- i love it!

    what a story. haha!

    didnt it KILL to have your ears pierced that way?!?!

  6. Everyone knows that sharks prefer ear piercing blood to menstrual blood, anyway.

    oh, wait...

  7. I was also 12 when I "matured." I was babysitting for a couple kids in my neighborhood. I had to rummage through the cabinets in their house to find something to use. (Found a giant pad, nice).

    I had to tell my mother, of course, because I refused to wear pads and needed "help" about tampons. (Thankfully, I guess, my mother was quite open with this sort of talk).

    I would hate that openness soon after with my mother during the next holiday when ALL the aunts (and uncles) knew and continued to tease me about it. WTF?

    Gosh, it was absolutely mortifying! No wonder I had personality issues growing up!

  8. You're a brave soul, Alexa. And tell Stepho its not sharks you have to worry about, it's bears. Bears can smell the menstruation.

  9. You poor thing! What awful timing. At least you got over the fear. I mean, I would have forced myself to as well. You were in Hawaii!!

  10. I do not remember telling Alexa that about the sharks at all! It doesn't sound very motherly of me. I guess I did if it left that impression on her.

    My sister pierced her own ears and mine the old fashion way. It hurts waaay less than the gun.

    You are sooo clever with the title.

  11. hmmmm....i always thought that sharks on your period thing was true. I know, I've been following that rule my whole life. Why tempt fate?

    Although, I cant imagine the first time being in hawaii. ugh. good for you not letting it stop you

  12. I didn't read the rest because you told me not to, so I made up my own ending.

    You pulled your pants down and realized, yes you were a woman.

    The end.

  13. i think i had to wait until 13 to get my ears pierced. all i know is that it was WAY LATER than any other girl in my class and i thought my mom was SO MEAN for making me wait so long.

    then i promptly passed out right next to piercing pagoda once it was over. highly embarassing.

  14. Clever title :) I think I would have been afraid to go into the ocean too. I remember I got mine in the summer. I was so freaked out about tampons so I wore pads. I really wanted to go swimming but who swims with a diaper in their suit? My cousin tried explaining to me how to use a tampon and I think I freaked out even more.

    Needless to say the first summer with Aunt Flo wasn't a particularly fun one. I've since gotten over my fear in case you're wondering haha!

  15. I think as a young woman the first period is when all our most embarrassing moments start to rear their ugly little heads. From that point on it's all down hill from there. LOL!

  16. I love this post for 3 reasons. The amazing foreshadowing, the awesome puns, and your mom's
    Hi-larious joke. Just amazing overall.

  17. You and your body have impeccable timing, my dear! Great story!

  18. I just got my ears pierced last November. :)

    But I'm still waiting to become a woman. :(

  19. I was going to write about this!

  20. ALL I can think of is Anchor Man:

    "The bears can smell the menstruation!"

  21. OMG! I can't believe that you went in the water after that. You poor thing!

    It is funny, now. I wouldn't have laughed then though.

    Don't ever do that to your daughter!!!

  22. The Minister Of CultureMay 22, 2008 at 11:20 PM

    I'm not touching this with ten foot pole,it's out of my comfort level.I am a day behind please go back and check out my comment on Billy!


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