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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

first off, thank you to the whole 31 people that entered my little version of the pay-it-forward contest!

it was so funny reading all the answers and obviously it was a tough decision - or maybe it wasn't and i'm just being polite. i guess you'll never know.

anyways on to the winners.

first place goes to
TIFF formerly(?) of truth bombs. congrats girl! even though you're a tigers fan i still love ya and just had to choose your answer. it was hands down the best entry...

"Detroit is a pomegranate. A little bit seedy, but once you spend some time with it, absolutely delicious."

second place which is just as cool as first place but not is
RS27 of your beard is good. congrats dude! even though i don't know your name and simply call you beard you're still awesome and so was your entry...

"Los Angeles is a plum.

Is that taken? If so I'll go Los Angeles is a silicon burrito.

Looks so delicious, but is so fake."

now on to the random winner. i wrote all the participants sans tiff and beard which looked like this...

note surviving myself is the sole entry in pink... somehow it fits. ha.

next, in order to be fair, i camera videoed my choosing of the random winner. and to be even be MORE fair i ended up letting my roommate bird do the picking.

watch and see if you are the winner! or you can just watch and hear me squeal like a girl at the end. which is equally just as hilarious.

it was ironic that narm from white collared red-neck, (or "harm" as bird called him due to my awesome handwriting), won because he was semi close to being a winner with this response of...

"Cleveland is your Drunk Uncle - sometimes it is a bit disheveled and scary but goddamn if it doesn't provide a little entertainment."

...but the panel decided that due to his already living in cleveland he could drive his ass over to where i'm going to buy the t-shirts and buy one for himself.

but instead, the karma police had his name chosen and now he gets a t-shirt too! and i have no idea if narm actually will be excited to win like i oh so excitedly exclaimed at the end of the video.

so winners, just email me - lexy0702 at aol com, with which t-shirt option you want and the size and color (any color) you want the shirt to be made on. oh yeah and your mailing address, duh.

although narm, i think i can run to your apartment building from my apartment without stopping. read: it's REALLY close to my apartment. we'll figure something out.

anyways i'm off like a prom dress, thanks again for all your participation!


  1. These are all amazing. And I wish I had entered, though I would not have come up with ANYTHING near those answers about the BR.

    Congrats to the winners!

  2. Hehehe the winners are awesome! LOVE them all!

  3. I just did a victory lap around the office and received two bribes for the shirt. And I think instead of running from apt to apt we should discuss colors over beers downtown.

    Thanks for the shirt and the constant entertainment!

  4. So this is now the 4th blog contest I've lost today. Seriously, why is today drawing day among everyone in my RSS feed? Oh well. I really should have come up with something better for Poughkeepsie. Maybe I will later, and reward myself with ice cream: a prize that can't be mailed.

  5. I gotta admit - your version of a pay it forward contest rocks. The entries were fab. And I, too, thought Detroit is a Pomegranate was by far the winner!

  6. BTW, your contest prize was dropped in the mail yesterday. The pokey mail should arrive sometime late this week or early next week. Keep your eyes peeled!

  7. i couldn't think of ANYTHING good to enter, especially not after seeing how good the entries were! congrats, tiff - yours was BRILLIANT!

  8. awesome! I never win anything!! Maybe I should make a tshirt slogan of my own.

    thanks alexa :) emailing you now..

  9. I just high fived some 16 year old kid after I found out I won. He then called me "weird". Suck it kid.

    Is tie dye an option?

  10. Fun! And that pomegranate answer is completely priceless.

  11. Dang, I should have tried harder. I freaking hate losing!

  12. Drunk Uncle? Or Drunk older aunt with a long, slim cigarette hanging out of her mouth -- that too.

    I am one of the people who is trying to bribe him for the shirt.

  13. That drunk uncle comment is hilarious! If only I could be that witty.

  14. AUGH, I thought I entered!

    I swear I don't know where my head is at!!

  15. surviving myself is pink, haha! Its like when Homer should up to work in a pink shirt and was quickly institutionalized.

  16. I am sad I was so damn uncreative the day I saw this post. I would have been like "my city is a tomato, because everyone things it's a veggie when it's a fruit." And that makes no sense at all.

  17. ep - i wish you would have entered too! i would have loved to send you a shirt

    addy - me too!

    narm - we will totally have a drink for the t-shirt transaction. debauchery may arise.

    noelle - ice cream is the best prize EVER

    nilsa - thank you! and i can't wait for my package : )

    al-dog - i just like to call you al-dog

    surviving - because your special!! see email i sent you.

    tiff - your answer rocked! hence the prize ; )

    rs27 - tie dye is not an option BUT splatter paint is.

    jess - i want to eat a pomegranate right now

    mon - don't worry there will be more contests!

    allison - im guessing YOU are that fabulous aunt you speak of

    megkathleen - you are witty! duh!

    tipp - next time next time

    dan mega - he's oh so special

    princess - you say tomato, i saw tomat-oh. yada yada yada

  18. the video of you picking a winner is HILARIOUS!! You really took some thought into how you were going to rig that contest!

  19. congrats to the winners! very good choices!


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