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Sunday, May 4, 2008

...when did desperate housewives start to suck so bad? it weird if i rent a tv for the summer? i mean my current roommate is taking hers and the roommate that is moving in in september just bought a huge brand new flat screen so i only need a tv for june through august. is this normal, do people actually rent things?

... that i hope that the cavs game on saturday vs the celtics gets scheduled as a night game, poo poo is getting married june 14th! and we had such a wonderful time at her shower today. much i love the backspin channel 43 on sirius radio. it's like old school hip hop night everyday.

...swooning over my new shoes, but annoyed that they were 25% off on zappos when i just looked. too bad i bought them at saks.


...wondering why i've been so sensitive these past few weeks. normally i'm a bad ass, but recently i've been a ball of emotions.

...not looking forward to having to be at work at 6:15am. that is an ungodly hour and no one should be awake that early.

...that i can't stop thinking/reading about christopher mccandless

...should i take these sunglasses back? i bought them in black this weekend but i'm not sure about them.


...gary coleman on divorce court?!?! PLEASE.

...that although i am so excited for poo poo's wedding i'm mad/sad that i don't have a date.

...about the fire alarm in my building going off at 7:30am saturday morning. and if there ever was a real fire i would never leave the building because i will simply go on the roof and a helicopter will come and rescue me with one of those rope ladder things. yup.

...why isn't rob and big coming back for another season? i'm going to miss them

...i really need to clean my room and change the light bulb in my closet

...that i may officially have grown out of watching the real world hollywood. well not really i will never stop whatching, but this season is the first time i am looking at the cast like they are all kids. and Brianna, seriously you need to put some clothes on - you look like a street walker. i need to find doctors in cleveland. it is no longer logistically smart for me to keep going to the canton doctors that i have had all my life.

...that i shouldn't have drank a coke zero this close to bedtime especially when i have to get up at the ass crack of dawn. i can't wait to finish reading "he loves me, he loves me not" by trish ryan. check it out for yourself too!

...tomorrow is cinco de mayo. i have always used a vacation day for cinco because drinking tequila on a patio is one of my all time favorite things to do. but i can't this year because well, vacation days with my job aren't all that abundant.

...that my roommate bird needs to give me some sort of alert when she has a boy sleepover. because i did not like it that while i was standing in the hall this morning in my bra and underwear a random boy got to see the alexa show for free. awesome

...that i can't wait to give away tshirts for my first ever blog contest! don't forget to leave a comment to enter. go, go now : )


  1. I'm sad about rob and big too... why did big have to go have a baby?! Sad times.

  2. ooh love the shoes!

    And you can totally rent a TV! Rent a Center. We've rented huge flatscreens for big games before.

  3. Love those shoes - you have good taste.

    No one should be up at 6:15 in the morning. Really? Because I am normally up over an hour earlier than that. Ahhh, the joys of having a dog and working in the suburbs!

    I think you should rent the TV for the summer (corporate rental places do that all the time). You might be surprised it's less expensive than you'd think.

  4. I've been without a TV for years, and it's great. If you want to save the money, you can just use your computer to catch up on all the things you missed. And in the meantime, you can go outside and enjoy the summer while it's here.

    But yeah, the rental places are pretty reasonable.

    After reading "Into the Wild" I couldn't stop thinking about it, either. But the most extreme thing I did was get rid of my TV...

  5. Early morning fire alarms suck hard. A screeching siren at 6:30 on a Sunday morning is a horrible way to wake up. The only way it could be worse?

    Finding out your building is actually on fire.

  6. I like the sunglasses! And yes, people do rent things. Or maybe you could find a cheap used TV on Craigslist?

  7. Those shoes are super cute! Although I have a TV, I've found that 99% of what I watch I can find online, sans commercials. Hooray! We sold our extra TV on CL though, so I second Jess's idea if you really want one.

  8. love the real world. reminds me of my early 20s. one. big. freaking. mess!

    I agree, I love how when brianna says im gonna put shorts on, what she really means is a g string.

  9. I seriously stopped watching Desperate Housewives a looooong time ago. Just can't get with it.

  10. Dude - you crack me up! Love it! Sara & Lappe have an extra TV since their consolidation - I would check it out!

  11. People rent Tvs all the time. Also I would like tickets to the Alexa show. As long as there is some kind of song and dance routine.

  12. Before I read your post today I couldn't care less about Christopher McCandless, now I'm completely intrigued by his story. I will have to read the book before I can watch the movie...I'm funny like that.

  13. maxie :: babies shmaybes

    tiff :: thanks! i like them too, currently wearing them actually. yeah i'm thinking i'm gonna look into this whole renting thing for sure

    nilsa :: thanks, i think i have good taste too, but obviously i'm a bit partial. and i'm spoiled with my wake up times i mean i'm at work by 8:30 and my commute is only like 6 minutes. so i just get up by 7:30 at the earliest. getting up today at 5am. not so fun.

    noelle :: i've contemplated the no tv thing. it really is feasible now with the internet. but i really really like to watch the today show while im getting ready in the morning. hmmm.

    blogginjason :: please tell me your building has never been on actual fire!

    jess :: thanks! i didn't even think about CL! going now.

    tia :: thanks! i do have a tv in my bedroom. this may just work.

    mon :: i know right? i get that she is a stripper but girl your not on stage ALL THE TIME!

    deutlich :: i actually did too, but last night i just had it on for the sake of being on and it totally reiterated the fact as to why i stopped watching it. i do like brothers and sisters though.

    dr wild :: sara and lappe to the rescue!

    rs27 :: i'll charge you a real cheap ticket price to the alexa show cause i like you. and i song and dance routine will obviously be to the song of the weekend...

    dolce :: you have to read the book. i read it awhile a ago and just saw the movie this weekend. whoa is all i can say. totally intrigued me again.

  14. Not having a date to the wedding means you're free to meet boys!

  15. I've only seen one episode of Desperate Housewives. I'm okay with that.

  16. You make me smile. Using a vacay day from work for Cinco de Mayo is an excellent idea! I may have to pull that one out next year because drinking 'ritas outdoors is one of my fave pasttimes.

    What are you doing to celebrate?

  17. You will be my and "nameless's" third of course! I wouldn't have it any other way! Because you know who you do start seriously dating someone he'll have to pass our test because we will practically be dating him too! :)

    KEEP THE SHOES! They are adorable and you can just TELL they are comfortable!

    Come to the House of Cues with us for Cinco de Mayo!

    Lappe and Sara do have a TV, but it's one of the big deep ones so I'm not sure you are willing to downgrade.

    I'm wondering why we got Mariocart because "nameless" won't stop playing! Not even to answer his phone!

  18. They really are kids aren't they?

    Does this mean I'm in the contest? If I win do I have to do anything? I hope not.

  19. I LOVE those shoes!!! And that's it ;)

  20. This is probably not the right forum to dive into details, but yes, my building was definitely on fire. And my parents were visiting my from out of town. It's a pretty good story. :)

  21. mmm shoes. looove.

    And I still watch DH but it's out of oblication now. Gew, Marc Cherry.

  22. oh man, I'm just reading this now....aren't you glad you met him face to face last night? What should the alert be???


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