damn you number 7 plastic

Thursday, May 15, 2008

dear makers of number 7 plastic ::

WHY, did you have to go and make this plastic bad for us?

WHY, did you force me to stop using my favorite UD and CLE+ pride nalgene

WHY, does my nalgene bottle sit empty and all alone yearning to be fill with the
wondrousness that is H20 and be drank from?

WHY, do i now have to do more dishes because i use more glasses now?

i know some people, er, A LOT of people are still drinking out of their bottles. i did for awhile too.

i was thinking, no stupid plastic can make ME sick. i'm invincible!

but i noticed myself subconsciously not using your number 7 plastic product as much.

i noticed my nalgene being left in my car instead of being used everyday. what am i going to take to the gym with me now? if i pass out at the gym due to dehydration it is all your fault!

so, makers of plastic no. 7 bottles, can you hurry up and make plastic no. 7 - 2.0 so that i can buy another water bottle?


alexa "loves H20" (insert last name)

p.s. for proof, look how sad my empty water bottle looks...


  1. ah! i miss my nalgenes too!

    and one of my best friends went to dayton as well. she lovedddd it. i always meant to come visit her.

  2. 1. UD PRIDE!! What what!?

    2. I also had a pink Nalgene (sans UD, unfortunately). I was putting off buying a new waterbottle when I left it at a nice restaurant in Dayton. (I called the next day and they were all, 'Wha-ha? Why would we save a waterbottle we found here? Obviously, they didn't REALIZE how awesome a Nalgene could be!!!) So then I got a metal waterbottle from NPR. It's NOT #7 and great!!!

  3. This is why I don't use water bottles.

    I bring a canteen everywhere.

  4. OK. What the hell?

    I just bought a greenie nalgene because I was told refilling my water bottles was b.a.d.

    What CAN I use? My hands under the kitchen faucet?

  5. Yes, my bottle has been retired. tear.. I'm taking a picture of it and putting on my blog. Thanks for the idea.

  6. I JUST realized my water bottle is a number 7 plastic.. but honestly? I hadn't really used it because it was made in China.

    and we alllll know how many things have been recalled that came from there.. and I'm squicked by it, so.. yeah.


  7. I just heard another story that maybe it's isn't so bad as once thought. I would like to go on thinking that I'm invincible, please.

  8. you have to get one of the ultra cool Sigg bottles - they are the best.

    I say "ultra cool" because I have one.

  9. I don't buy all that bad for you stuff. Seriously, the human race has been alive far too long to be worried. I use to eat my ice cream cone when it fell in the dirt. THE DIRT! I'd also eat food that fell on the kitchen floor, that my mom used CHEMICALS to clean.

    I say, throw caution to the wind and use your water bottle! Be a rebel!

  10. That photo made me shed a single tear *sniff*

  11. ugh, i keep meaning to check mine. hopefully i wont die before then.

  12. Is the component in #7 plastic the reason Nalgene bottles never smell?
    Even when you leave a left over protein shake in it before you realize it's sitting in the backseat of the car for over a week?

    I hope this isn't just me.

  13. Yea, you need a metal water bottle now... it's so wierd, but it keeps it cold!

  14. I hear ya on that one! Though, I must admit, I really do adore my Rubbermaid #5 water bottle, which I fondly refer to as the adult sippy cup.

  15. Maybe it's for the best. I heard a report on NPR the other day that drinking 8 glasses of water a day isn't any healthier for you!

  16. UD! My sister and my best friend graduated from there, so I feel like I had a dual experience with UD and Otterbein as my colleges. But for some reason, I don't claim Kent State. Yeah Ohio girls!

  17. If this won't make you sick, something else will. I swear, we'll all die of cancer or some horrific disease before we're all 40, if we're not careful. I'm going to keep my Nalgene and use it anyway. It's like a part of me.

  18. Nalgene has bhp free #7 bottles now. Also, the number 7 designation only relates to the content of the plastic. It means the content doesn't fit in the #2 1-6 catagories. Nalgene is safe again!

    Here is a link to the chart:


    And a link to Nalgene:



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