Tuesday, May 13, 2008

if there is such a thing as a foodie heaven i was in it at last nights FLAVORS of northeast ohio event sponsored by the american liver foundation ohio chapter.

talk about exclusivity. each of the 19 participating chefs were assigned to a table of 10 where they presented a six course meal of their choice right in front of the diners table. the event was held at the intercontinental hotel ballroom right next to oprah, yes that oprah, who was doing a speaking series right next door. no sighting though, le sigh.

anyways on the event. i was lucky enough to be given access to the vip
pre-party sponsored by bacardi with food from paladar latin kitchen, where i drank quite a few peach mojitos, very tasty.

i sampled a lobster latte from
crop bistro, this avacado ceviche in an ice cream cone contraption with POP ROCKS on top from chef's for hire, and a bloody mary mix filled syringe with shrimp from DANTE.

i also got to hangout with my blogger friend amelia (see picture!) from chef's widow and her oh so talented husband chef jonathan sawyer from bar cento and the soon to open greenhouse tavern.

the ballroom was immaculate. with each participating chef decorating their own table. my favorite table was chef doug katz's table from
fire food and drink. he even
brought in his own chairs and the centerpiece lit up!

my group sat at zach bruell's parallax table. if you read this blog at all you know my friends and i are huge fans. and chef bruell didn't disappoint when it came to the food and flavors. if anything though i wish he would have interacted more with the table like the other chefs seemed to be doing.

i was slow to taking pictures of the courses and by the time i was on my third glass of champagne i was like crap i haven't taken pictures of the plates! oh well, i'll just let you know that my favorite course was this phyllo dough crusted walleye with fennel confit and this creamy buttery delicious sauce that went straight to my thighs. oh wait, or was it the potato pancake with a berre blanc sauce and smoked salmon? maybe the grilled cheese served as an amous bouche? yeah, everything was awesome who am i kidding.

after the walleye course we had an amazing surf and turf sushi with lobster and beef tenderloin. um... yum! i DID take a picture of that.

after four different varieties of wine and champagne my favorite by far was the pinot blanc, first time i have ever had it. considering what a pinot noir fan i am one would think it would be a staple for me, well now it is!

from start to finish this event was amazing (minus the really overwhelming auctioneer), and hopefully i will be able to attend FLAVORS again next year and you should too!

although next year i will start fasting two days prior not just one day. seriously, i'm still stuffed.
good times!


  1. OH. MY. GOD. that is basically my HEAVEN, all in one night. how did you get tickets to this?! are they available to the general public..?

  2. wow! sounds like a wicked cool event! i wish i could go to one of these!

  3. Seriously? That sounds amazing. How is it you get access to all this VIP stuff? I wannabe on the A-list!

  4. Hanging out with LeBron, VIP at food events.

    Are you the mayor of Celeveland?

  5. ha! that's pretty awesome.

    i can imagine that some of the chefs weren't all that acclimated to dealing with "the crowd" being that cooking is usually done in the back surrounded by other chefs & cooks.

    maybe your chef was just shy?

  6. Yum. Sushi is my favorite. And if you had met Oprah I would have hopped the first flight to Cleaveland to hang with you. Seriously, you have the best karma. You are obviously doing lots of things right.

  7. My name is Ritchie Cunningham and this is my wife OOOOOOprah!!

  8. sounds like WAY too much fun and running around! but why would ANYONE want or care to see Oprah????

  9. Yum! Sounds divine. I like that word "divine" think I'm going to start using it more often.

  10. See. This is *exactly* why I can't (nee, don't) go to these things! I cannot be anywhere NEAR shellfish and fish products (Yes, stupid chefs, this includes putting anything that sounds like "Worcestershire sauce" on my meat).

    UGH. Let me know when the VIP non-fish eater table is set...

  11. That looks like a little piece of heaven in one evening. OK. I need to find the nearest one of those things to me and hit it up! It sounds awesome!

  12. Holy moley, that sounds unbelievable. I wish they did something like it in Denver. Who am I kidding? They probably do, I'm just not invited. Shucks.

  13. Oh, man. That sounds absolutely amazing. Wish I lived up that way, cuz I'd totally try and come next year :)

  14. What a little foodie you are!!

    Can't wait to move to CLEVELAND! (even though I'm way not important enough to go to exclusive events. still.)

  15. That's ten times already that somebody has said "that sounds (insert positive exclamation)!"

    Make that eleven, because I'm not gonna disagree.

  16. The Minister Of CultureMay 13, 2008 at 11:47 PM

    Maybe next year you should be accompanied by A high ranking authority on culture,a Minister perhaps?

  17. As Beav would say...
    I'm BORED!

    Love you Lexi Poo!!!

  18. Had the chance to meet Jonathan & Amelia and their adorable kids in my shop last weekend. They found my shop thanks to your blog. What a great family! Can't wait to try out Bar Cento soon and looking forward to the opening of Greenhouse Tavern.

    Wish I had scored an invitation to FLAVORS! I think grilled cheese in any form is a delicacy. Ah...the "amuse bouche" (I keep hearing Steven from a couple season's back on Top Chef saying this).

    Hey, by the way, we're having a trunk show this summer for the jewelry line from which your wax seal "A" necklace comes. Watch for an e-mail about it over the next several weeks.

  19. Oh man, that sounds like that best event ever! I'm so envious!

  20. wow - that really is heaven! I hope they do something similiar for next year so I can go.

  21. woa, now thats some fancy schmancy food!!! I might have been arrested trying to meet oprah. I'm kinda obsessed.

  22. Fancy Shmancy! I am green with envy - I want an amazing chef to make a 6 course meal for me. At least I can live vicariously through you!


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