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Friday, May 23, 2008



i also want to share the following video with you all on a lazy, i can't wait till 5pm so i can start the weekend kind of friday.

one of my favorite blogger friends maxie posted this video on her page earlier this week and i can't stop watching it an laughing out loud. kudos to finding it maxie darling. and if you don't read her blog, i hate so much, you should start!

i know every single one of you can relate to this video, some more than others......

but mom, don't worry i have NEVER been in a walk of shame situation. cough, cough. usually i'm the one who kicks people out. xoxo

UPDATE :: maxie just informed me of another awesome morning after hook-up video from the blog tied together with a smile - this is hilarious too!

have a great weekend all, and for those of you that want it - hope you share a bed with a stranger!!! haha

i kid, i kid.


  1. That video was hilarious. Once upon a time, I could totally relate. Heh.

    And New Kids on the Block...all my friends liked them, I never did. As a matter of fact, I've never liked any boy band. Must be genetic or something...

  2. Thanks for the link <3.

    That commercial was so good that I had to go buy the new amp. That's powerful advertising. :-)

  3. The thing I miss most about college is waking up super early the day after Halloween and watch people do the "Walk of Shame" in costume.

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  5. i LOVE that commercial.

    my best walk of shame was years ago in the FINANCIAL DISTRICT of nyc (while living in dc...) when i stumbled out onto the street to try to hail a cab to get me to the airport. except: no cabs around on a sunday morning in the financial district. a cop ended up pulling over to ask if i was ok (OMG THE SHAME) and radioed a cab down for me.

  6. Damn, that nERAJ is everywhere. Is it bad that I sort of dig that new NKOTB song?

    Um, gotta go.

  7. That video is indeed hilarious! Great way to start the weekend. Thanks!

  8. haha, those are great videos.

    i feel like ive seen the first, or a clip of it?, on tv before? hmm.

    have a great weekend lady!

  9. love the videos!! so clever!!

    can't wait for dinner tonight. hurry up and come home! :)

  10. Bahaha! You aren't kidding!!

    I saw that one on Tara's blog too, Oy Vey!

  11. Ok, first off, NKOTB? I loved them back in the day! How exciting!

    Also, those two videos just made my day. I love them both for their awkwardness and truth...

  12. OMG! New Kids are coming my way, too!
    I finally have retribution for missing them when I was 8!


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