it's contest time!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

i have a confession to make, i hope you are all sitting down...

i did not come up with the title cleveland's a plum. i mentioned the origin of my blog's title on my first post but here's a refresher course.

cleveland's a plum was a tag line that was created in the late 1970's in order to reinvent the city of cleveland. it went, "new york may be the big apple, but cleveland's a plum!".

um, yeah.

the marketing campaign failed,
miserably. surprised? the campaign itself now only lives on through retro bumper stickers and tshirts. oh yeah, and my blog!

so since i was lucky enough to win not one, but two pay-it-forward blogger contests i need to make sure this contest makes one hell of a splash.

awhile ago trish ryan left me a comment pondering what she thought her city's fruit would be. interesting idea i thought, i'll go ahead and save that one for later.

now is later.

so have you figured out the contest yet?

this is
my version of the pay-it-forward contest (because you get an awesome prize), but with a twist.

to enter:
leave a comment stating what you think your city's fruit/vegetable/food/ice cream/etc, should be and why. if you live in cleveland already feel free to get creative.

i will choose two winners picked purely from what i think the best answers are and one winner that will be randomly drawn. also, if you aren't feeling that creative just leave a comment and you'll be entered into the random drawing.

the part that i like best about this contest is that you get to CHOOSE YOUR OWN PRIZE!!! and it's an awesome prize if i do say so myself...

the three winners will get their choice of the following two tshirts, "cleveland - you've gotta be tough" or "cleveland's a plum". the cool thing about these shirts is that the images are iron on decals so you will be able to choose the color, theme and size of your shirt!

did i sell you on entering yet?

option one: modeled by my lovely sissy! ironically she is wearing this shirt while in NYC. the shirt she is wearing actually gave me the idea for this blog oh so many moons ago.

work it sissy, way to show of the merchandise

option two: modeled by my roommate bird, she is SO tough. totally.

show me tough, get angry, get mad - you're in cleveland!

alright guys, the comments and contest are officially open for entries. no more lurking!! I'll announce the winners this upcoming tuesday or wednesday. go...

cleveland is a plum. what's your city?


  1. There is a long-standing myth that my town of Natick, Ma is home to a Twinkie factory (I think Family Guy is to blame here), so Twinkie Town seems the most obvious.

    Are multiple entries allowed? I like prizes.

  2. Los Angeles is a plum.

    Is that taken? If so I'll go Los Angeles is a silicon burrito.

    Looks so delicious, but is so fake.

  3. Canton is a Bittner! (I'm ignoring the obvious Canton is a Football.....but enshrinees are usually also treated to a Bittner at Taggart's) What more could anyone want but the best ice cream this side of the Mississippi (or maybe the whole USA) with the added special secret concoction of an ice cream, chocolate syrup and pecan mixture!

  4. Let's see... not like anyone knows what my town is like, but I'll go with BK Springs is like a Whopper. hahaha! Get it? BK? Burger King.

    And no, that's not the real name of my town. If I told you where I actually live you'd die laughing b/c the name is ridiculous. You can basically tell just from the name that it's so rural that there are no stop lights and barely any paved roads. yes. I'm very cool.

  5. Chicago is a big weiner!

    As in hotdog.

  6. Detroit is a pomegrante. A little bit seedy, but once you spend some time with it, absolutely delicious.

  7. PS, are you watching SVU in the background? That was a good one!

  8. hahaha...poo poo noticed the SVU....we new someone would!!

  9. Not feeling outrageously creative today. You can enter me in your random lazy contest. :-)

  10. I love your idea for a pay it forward contest.

    So, this is a long shot, but Chicago is the Wonder Bread capital, because it is also known as the White City (as in the book, Devil in the White City).

    Get it? White bread? White City? Yeah, I suck. But, I probably shouldn't win this contest anyway, especially since I won't be able to send you your gift until Monday. Gah!

  11. If New York is the Big Apple, then Poughkeepsie is a smaller apple. With no Thai restaurants. But that's not catchy.

    Poughkeepsie's a tomato! That you grew in your own backyard! (Or at least I hope to this summer.)

    I wish I could come up with something better, those shirts are really cool.

  12. Canal Fulton is a cow patty!

    This counts as food because of the patty. What else could you call a town where you step in cow poo at the spray and wash?

  13. Cleveland should be a kumquat it is closely resembling an orange but smaller. I feel Cleveland is the smaller version of every city. We are a force to be reckoned with. And I just like saying KUMQUAT!!!!!


    (do i get points for the fruity visual?)

    ocean-edged tropical honolulu is a li hing mui (salty plum powder) pineapple. (we put li hing mui on everything - popcorn, fruit, icee, martinis...local style yumm!)

    i don't what sort of fruit cleveland heights could be...i keep thinking of kumquats for some strange reason.

  15. I have to do some serious thinking about this. I live in STL and it's a really unhealthy city, if anything it would be a rack of ribs.

  16. Beard has one upped me once again.

    Curses for living in the same city!

  17. Cleveland is jalopeno, because a lot of hawt people live here.

    Sorry I am really off today!! You cant be 100% everyday!

  18. I can't resist a good contest.
    Ft. Lauderdale is most definitely a Habanero pepper.
    Bright and shinny on the outside, but, hot, dangerous and Mexican on the inside.

  19. What a clever idea! Too bad I don't have a clever answer to what should represent DC. But if I think of something I'll be back!

  20. Edmonton is a kiwi. You either love it, or hate it.

  21. Oooohh I love Tiff's. Hmmm. I live in Ventura County, CA - and I think I'd have to go with avocado... It has this tough, protective exterior but then is smooth and soft on the inside. And they grow all over the damn place, so yeah. New York;s the Big Apple, but Ventura's an Avocado. (Doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?)

  22. Pittsburgh is a Pierogi. Because we race them...

  23. Portland is an organic peach - organic for obvious reasons, and peach because people there are so sweet...but watch out for worms!

  24. New York is the Big Apple. I went with the retro approach.

  25. Seattle is a Grande Sugar free vanilla soy latte. Coffee for obvious reasons - and people are Picky when it comes to their coffee.

  26. Cleveland is a plum that never really gets ripe enough. It really tries but can never quite cut it in the end. I'm just thinking of the Cavs last year -- that's all.

  27. Broadview Heights is a pair of control top pantyhose.

  28. New York is a McGriddle.

    It's great, but not many people can stomach it.

  29. New York may be the Big Apple, but Des Moines is a grape. You can enjoy it dried, normal, or fermented!

    --really it's all I could come up with on short notice and here at work!

  30. Cleveland is your Drunk Uncle - sometimes it is a bit disheveled and scary but goddamn if it doesn't provide a little entertainment.

  31. Cleveland is an artichoke. Gross & weird to look at but the heart is the best part.


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