jam packed

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i'm still exhausted from the long weekend of fun. good thing i had my camera with me the entire time because now i can just share my weekend with you all.

friday night i went to parallax with three of my besties (poo poo, muffin and georgia peach). we were celebrating poo poo almost tying the knot and let's just say we wanted her to go out with a bang. poo poo was really happy to be hanging out (see pic to the right). she even sneakily picked up the whole tab, such a brat! xoxo

after parallax we headed to
southside then stopped by sunset lounge and ended the night at ultra where we saw anderson and we got mad because he wouldn't take a picture with us. ever the diva.

at least the night ended with poo poo hearing a little chris brown because that was ALL she wanted to hear. the thing is no one wants to hear slow chris brown at 2am. i think she even made the dj get booed. ha.

on my whole block walk home i decided to drunk dial a few friends. don't people answer their phones at 3am anymore?! i think i'm getting old.

saturday i had to wake up super early to go have my first spray tanning experience. i was impressed. i mean basically i stood in front of a
nice european lady in my bra and underwear and had her airbrush me a nice golden brown. call me sexy.

since i was already on chagrin to get my tan (at
funke hair body and
soul), i decided to grab some breakfast/lunch at whole foods. there is something about making an awesome salad and sitting by yourself reading vanity fair watching people go by that is very relaxing and normal to me. it was wonderful.

saturday night i headed to canton to have dinner at fedeli downtown with my sissy, who was home from NYC, and some family friends. on the left see (my momma, jackie, the minister of culture's wife and julie). of course we had to call the minister of culture to rub it in that we were all out together. he didn't have it too bad though, he was at the indy 500.

so side note, julie is a body builder, for real. well maybe not for real for real but she is RIPPED! my mom decided to challenge her to an arm wrestling contest at the table. we are SO classy. good thing we had a private room.

check out those guns!! and the intense spectators.

after fedeli and the arm wrestling contest we headed to this craptastic bar called munson's pub. this place reminds me why i moved away from canton. talk about some trashy people but hey, we still had SO MUCH FUN!

biscuit and c-rossi met up with sissy and i and we may or may not have gotten in a fight on the dance floor. btw, who knew there was a dance called the cuban shuffle? oh the things you learn in canton.

as we were walking out to head home we spyed this b
eautiful animal print motorcycle in a hot red pick up. words can't even express the beauty of this bike. i would have paid good money to see the owner of this hot piece walk out while we were busy mocking.

i wish the owner saw this

then came sunday and the bringing on of the wedding season!!! my cousin steven married the wonderful ana in the epitome of a big fat greek wedding. this tends to happen when two greeks unite greektastic holy matrimony. take note tktc ; )

the crowns

the greek wedding dance - the BEST part of greek weddings is the dancing! OPA!

don't forget to throw money (aka - make it rain) on the bride and groom. sissy and cousin really got a laugh out of it apparently.

me (with natural looking spray tan right?) and my sissy!

the wedding was a huge success and it only reinforced to me what a gift family is. because at the end of the day they are what matters the most. but hell, it doesn't hurt that your family is AWESOME and so much fun to be around. bring on another shot of jack to the bride and groom!

i think we all were a bit hungover the next day to say the least, (even my mom).

on monday the family and i all went and saw the new
indiana jones movie. it was very entertaining but i was a bit surprised with all the sci-fi action. oh well, it is still worth seeing though.

on another movie note,
TONIGHT i am going to see SEX AND THE CITY!!!!! but wait you must be thinking, it doesn't come out till friday! well lucky me gets to go to the cleveland media premiere. boo-ya!

i'll write all about it tomorrow - but don't worry i won't post any spoilers.

hope everyone had as great a weekend too!


  1. LUCKY!!!! I want to see Sex and the City early! No fair. Have fun! Your weekend sounded fabulous and crazy fun.

  2. you did the spray tan! ive been wondering about that. looks like it turned out good!

    im so freakin jealous you are going to see satc tonight! cant wait to hear what you think!

  3. You and your sis are so cute! I too have been wondering about the spray tan experience... I will have to try it now! Can't WAIT to hear about SATC! How exciting!

  4. I've never been to a Greek wedding, but I can assume it's similar to a Jewish one--which IS fun! They're large, loud, and full of dancing. And the dancing is always the best part.

  5. I was at the Greek festival Sunday night and 100% angry I didn't see you there. I managed to stay out of the dancing - though I was honorary purse holder for the lady while she busted a jig. Opa!

  6. Man alive...I've got Greek in a week!!! And this time I'll be meeting Papa so heaven help me. Should I really bite off a big piece crazy and marry the man (whoa, I am not there yet), I will need to attend a practice Greek wedding first. OPA!

    In other news, I am chomping at the bit to see SATC. I already have my ticket in hand for Sunday. NO SPOILERS- Star ratings will do:)

  7. I have perma-tan. You guys should try it.

  8. looks like a fabulous weekend!

    and yay for satc, that is so exciting.

  9. Who doesn't love a wedding?

    Open bar, baby!

  10. I can't believe you made fun of my bike. I love that thing! I'm crying inside now...

  11. lex - please find a man and get married soon! I want to experience the OPA so bad!!! :)

  12. it was quite a fun weekend!

    could our mouths be any bigger in that picture of me and cousin!?!

    thanks for coming home and spending the weekend with me while i was home!

  13. I cant wait to spit on you!! Tosu!! Tosu!!

  14. It's actually the Cupid Shuffle- not the cuban shuffle

  15. I can't believe you guys got up in the truck to make fun of the motorcycle! hahaha

  16. OMG! If you post spoilers I will end you!

    hahaha okay, I won't. I'm so jealous though!

    You totally should have got on the motorcycle, that is the only thing that would make this post better!

  17. SO LUCKY about satc!!! i have a feeling it's not going to be stellar, but that's certainly not going to stop me from going :-)

    aww, what a great weekend, sounds like! i've done the generic spray tan, but not the kind where some lady actually manually does it! is that the airbrush tan method doohicky?

  18. I can't wait for the next round of Greek weddings from my family. :)

  19. I hear someone talks about shoes in the movie.


  20. so jealous you're seeing SATC early. gaaah.

  21. The wedding looked AWESOME and your family seems like so much fun! I've never seen arms like that on a girl ever! I'm SUPER jealous.

  22. Me loves your mother for arm wrestling SheRa! Goodness. Jules is ripped, that's fo-sho!

  23. Oh, that wedding looks like it was so much fun! And your spray-on tan looks good!


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